We, as readers, count on the love and friendship of characters to entangle us into a good book and Kristin Hannah is one the best at creating these relationships. Her writing is more than enticing and takes us through decades of friendships and love that is not only fun and heart-breaking but real and compassionate. If you haven’t read Kristin Hannah, and even if you have, these quotes will give you a glimpse into the worlds that have captured many hearts and minds and inspire you, all in the same.

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Best Quotes from The Nightingale

“If I have learned anything in this long life of mine, it is this: in love, we find out who we want to be; in war, we find out who we are.”

“Wounds heal. Love lasts. We remain.”

“I always thought it was what I wanted: to be loved and admired. Now I think perhaps I’d like to be known.”

“Perhaps that’s why I find myself looking backward. The past has a clarity I can no longer see in the present.”

“‘You’re not alone, and you’re not the one in charge,’ Mother said gently. ‘Ask for help when you need it, and give help when you can. I think that is how we serve God—and each other and ourselves—in times as dark as these.’”

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

“Ask for help when you need it, and give help when you can.”

“If there’s one thing I never do, it’s stop.”

“With all the risks they were taking, love was probably the most dangerous choice of all.”

“Don’t think about who they are. Think about who you are and what sacrifices you can live with and what will break you.”

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Best Quotes from The Four Winds

“Courage is fear you ignore.”

“It wasn’t the fear that mattered in life. It was the choices made when you were afraid. You were brave because of your fear, not in spite of it.”

“Love is what remains when everything else is gone.”

“Books had always been her solace; novels gave her the space to be bold, brave, beautiful, if only in her own imagination.”

“Don’t worry about dying, Elsa. Worry about not living. Be brave.”

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Best Quotes from Firefly Lane

“That was the thing about best friends. Like sisters and mothers, they could piss you off and make you cry and break your heart, but in the end, when the chips were down, they were there, making you laugh even in your darkest hours. ”

“To make real friends you have to put yourself out there. Sometimes people will let you down, but you can’t let that stop you. If you get hurt, you just pick yourself up, dust off your feelings, and try again.”

“Sometimes being a good friend means saying nothing.”

“One thing I can tell you for sure is this: we only regret what we don’t do in life.”

“Thoughts – even fears – were airy things, formless until you made them solid with your voice and once given that weight, they could crush you.”

“Of course you can fall in love. You just have to let yourself. They don’t call it falling for nothing.”

“What good did it do to light the world on fire if she had to watch the glow alone?”

“Popularity means people think they know you.”

​​“It’s never good to sit around and wait for someone or something to change your life.”

“Drama, she’d learned, was like good punctuation: it underscored your point.”

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Best Quotes from The Great Alone

“A thing can be true and not the truth,”

“Love and fear. The most destructive forces on earth. Fear had turned her inside out, love had made her stupid.”

“Home was a state of mind, the peace that came from being who you were and living an honest life.”

“In the silence, Leni wondered if one person could ever really save another, or if it was the kind of thing you had to do for yourself.”

“… like all fairy tales, theirs was filled with thickets and dark places and broken dreams, and runaway girls.”