Each month, BookSparks founder Crystal Patriarche is reading and bingeing some of the best new books and shows that need to be on your radar. As we gear up for summer, make sure you don’t miss out on these spring releases!

Camp Zero

Camp Zero by Michelle Min Sterling

A Jenna Bush Hager Book Club pick, Camp Zero is a must-read dystopian fiction novel of the season. In the near-future, a woman has arrived at a Canadian outpost called “Camp Zero.” It’s supposed to be a chance to restart in a climate displaced world, but Rose, as she’s known, isn’t there for a fresh start. She’s on a mission to spy on the architect in charge. Hidden among the “Blooms,” a group of women hired to entertain the men, she gains access to her target, but nothing is as it seems.

Romantic Comedy

Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld

Chosen by Reese Witherspoon for her book club, Romantic Comedy is the perfect blend of light summer read mixed with Sittenfeld’s trademark character exploration. Sally Milz is a sketch comedy writer for a live late night show. She’s happily settled with her successful career and occasional hookups. But when an A-list celebrity guest stars and sparks fly, Sally is both intrigued and intimidated. It’s one thing for a middle-aged man to date outside their supposed league, but what about women? For fans of 30 Rock and SNL, this book puts out familiar vibes, but with Sittenfeld’s keen observation and sharp wit, you’ll get incredible depth and a story that sticks with you for a while.

Happy Place

Happy Place by Emily Henry

How could we leave April without mentioning summer read sensation Emily Henry? As all (yes, all) of her books get optioned for film, the void of waiting for adaptations can be filled with her latest release. Happy Place follows Harriet and Wyn, the golden couple. They’ve been perfect for each other since college. Until now. They broke up, but haven’t told their close-knit friends because the annual trip to Maine is looming. Surely than can get through one last getaway without their friends finding out. Right?

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry by Disha Bose

We all know them. Those picture perfect Instagram women. But what happens when one of them gets killed? Ciara had the ideal life, but now her discontent best friend, the outcast and the men in their lives all seem to have something to gain from her death. Part murder mystery, part social commentary, this debut digs into an array of complicated connections that turned deadly.

A living remedy

A Living Remedy by Nicole Chung

From bestselling author of All You Can Ever Know, Nicole Chung’s memoir brings some much needed recent history to life. In this fresh portrayal, she examines her father’s unexpected passing and her mother’s cancer diagnosis amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Through her personal lens, she delivers a much-needed critique of middle class America, the failing healthcare system and a daughter’s grief.

If we're being honest

If We’re Being Honest by Cat Shook

Who doesn’t love a good family reunion? When the Williams’ lose their patriarch, the family assembles for the funeral. But an unexpected eulogy delivered by their grandfather’s best friend sends the gathered cousins into a tailspin. Each dealing with their own personal dramas and the chaos of being reunited, the family processes their grief and copes with their lives while dealing with the one another.


Adelaide by Genevieve Wheeler

For anyone who has ever felt they are bearing the burden of love, Adelaide is a charming, heart-filled debut. Adelaide would like to think she’s living the perfect life. As a young, American woman living in London, she meets Rory, handsome and charming, but perhaps a little unavailable. The relationship feels like it has the makings of everything she is looking for, but when Rory suffers a personal tragedy, Adelaide’s attempt to hold him together begins to take its toll. Contemplative and compassionate, Genevieve Wheeler explores young love, the cost of caring and mental health in this fresh new novel.


Homecoming by Kate Morton

In 1959, a murder shook a small Australian town to its core. Decades later, a journalist is floundering and in need of a good story. When she is called home to Sydney to care for her ill grandmother, she begins to explore old keepsakes and finds a connection to her family and the midcentury murder. As she digs deeper, secrets are unlocked and the power of love is tested.

Sisters of the lost nation

Sisters of the Lost Nation by Nick Medina

Anna Horn’s life on the reservation is plagued with many inescapable hardships. She’s bullied at school, troubled by the entitled casino visitors, and haunted by an entity dead set on consuming her whole. When women begin to go missing from the tribe, including her sister, Anna’s only goal is solving the mystery. Blending thriller elements and myth, Sisters of the Lost Nation is a bright debut that will keep you guessing and immerse you all at once.

The cuban heiress

The Cuban Heiress by Chanel Cleeton

Aboard the SS Morro Castle, a cruise from New York to Havana, secrets abound and two women’s lives collide. For heiress Catherine Dohan, the truth is something she can no longer hide from. For Elena Palacio, revenge is the only thing on her mind. When the two thrust together aboard the ship the past will erupt. Inspired by the true story of the SS Morro Castle, this suspense at sea will keep readers guessing.

Yours Truly

Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez

Abby Jimenez is a master of hilarious books with heart, and her latest does not disappoint. Dr. Briana Ortiz has enough going on. She’s finalizing her divorce. Her brother needs a kidney transplant. Oh, and she’s pretty sure Dr. Jacob Maddox is going to nab her promotion right out from under her. But when the seemingly terrible Dr. Maddox starts writing her letters, he begins to seem not so terrible at all. As the pieces of Briana’s life begin to knit back together, she’ll have to decide if she can handle Jacob’s offer, one she can’t afford to refuse.

The Wager

The Wager by David Grann

David Grann has taken the narrative nonfiction world by storm once again. As we await the Apple TV+ adaptation of Killers of the Flower Moon (directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio), Grann’s most recent release is spellbinding. The Wager follows the story of a shipwrecked crew in 1742. Two years after setting sail, an emaciated crew arrives on the shores of Brazil with a daring story of survival. But soon after, a crew of three also makes anchor and they tell a different story. One of mutiny and betrayal. As the competing stories collide in court, the stakes are deadly. The crew found guilty will hang.


We all need book breaks. For those moments where you just need to binge, make sure you don’t miss these hot new releases.

Beef on Netflix

When a road rage incident brings a failing handyman and an unfulfilled entrepreneur into each others’ lives, the ensuing interaction is one that can’t be missed. Starring comedian Ali Wong and The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun, this hilarious and heart-wrenching story is one worth setting your weekend aside for.

The Last Thing He Told Me on Apple TV+

Based on the bestselling novel by Laura Dave, The Last Thing He Told Me is a thriller filled with love and compassion. When Hannah’s husband disappears without a trace leaving her with his teenager daughter and a note that reads “Protect her” she is determined to find him and unlock what happened. Caught in a financial crime and so much more, Hannah has to figure out what happened and how she can honor her husband’s request.

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Succession on HBOMAX

The final season of this epic family drama has arrived and you won’t want to miss the headline-causing twists and turns. If you haven’t gotten into this series, now is the time as it puts a wrap on the ruthless and compulsively watchable Roy’s.