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Emily Henry fans are basking in good news lately as even more exciting updates are coming from the rom-com queen of summer reads. As readers eagerly await the release of Happy Place, her forthcoming novel, Henry shared news about another fan favorite.

Book Lovers is on its way to the big screen!

The producers at Tango are attached to the 2022 bestseller with Girls writer Sarah Heyward on board for the adaptation.

Book Lovers is just one of the many beloved Emily Henry books of recent years making its way to Hollywood. People We Meet On Vacation is also being turned into a movie and it seems likely more of these bingeable novels from the #1 New York Times bestseller are destined for adaptation.

In Book Lovers, we find Nora, a literary agent living in the city, colliding with brooding book editor Charlie during a summer vacation that lands them both in North Carolina. Unfortunately, a love of literature is just about the only common ground the two share. As they constantly encounter one another throughout their trip, both are forced to confront the fiction folded into their world view.

In an exclusive interview with She Reads, Emily Henry shared what she loved about writing Book Lovers (and now what audiences can get excited to see on screen):

“I set out secretly thinking of this book as my own homage to You’ve Got Mail, and specifically a bit of a hat tip to Parker Posey’s character. But looking back, I’m really amazed how much more of my love of that movie seeped into the book. The publishing industry, the quaint bookstores, the love for New York, the enemies-to-lovers, and the flirting over email.”

As fans await news about the cast, readers can tide themselves over by diving into Henry’s book recommendations as well as her much-anticipated 2023 release, Happy Place.

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