Embark on a literary journey filled with wanderlust, passion, and thrilling escapades with these fictional books that blend the excitement of travel with elements of romance and adventure. From epic quests with enchanting views to whirlwind romances in exotic locations, these tales will transport you to captivating worlds where love and adventure intertwine. Get ready to be swept away by these captivating stories that will ignite your imagination and leave you longing for both adventure and romance.

My Goodbye Girl

My Goodbye Girl by Anna Gomez

When Tessa Talman, a romantic author, meets the practical scientist Simon Fremont, their contrasting lives ignite an intriguing attraction. As they embark on a long-distance relationship, their encounters span the globe, but their differing priorities create a rift. Simon yearns for stability, while Tessa revels in her newfound success. As Tessa ponders the true path to happiness, a heartbreaking event unexpectedly separates them, forcing her to confront the power of love and the pain of letting go to forge her own happily ever after.

It happened one summer

It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey

Piper Bellinger, known for her wild reputation and constant paparazzi attention, is abruptly cut off by her stepfather and sent to run her late father’s dive bar in a small Washington town with her sister. Determined to prove herself, Piper clashes with Brendan, a grumpy sea captain who doubts her ability to adapt. Despite their differences, an undeniable attraction grows between them, forcing Piper to confront her true desires and question the glamorous but empty life she left behind in LA, while Brendan and the town of Westport hold the key to her heart.

Island Affair

Island Affair by Priscilla Oliveras

Sara Vance, a recovering influencer battling an eating disorder, enlists the help of Luis Navarro, a strong and reliable Cuban firefighter, to pose as her adoring fiancé during a family vacation in Florida. As they navigate the laidback charm of Key West, their fake relationship begins to feel real, with shared secrets, intimate moments, and the allure of genuine connection. However, when the vacation ends and Sara must return home, they must confront whether their blossoming romance can withstand the distance and the truth.

You Exist Too Much by Zaina Arafat

In Zaina Arafat’s debut novel, set in Bethlehem and the United States, a Palestinian-American girl grapples with the judgment of others after a confrontational incident in her youth. When she comes out as queer to her mother, her mother’s response compounds her feelings of shame. Through a series of vignettes spanning the Middle East and America, the protagonist navigates her journey from a blushing teenager to a sought-after DJ and aspiring writer, exploring reckless romantic encounters and grappling with her own destructive impulses. This captivating narrative delves into the complexities of cultural, religious, and sexual identities, unveiling the intense longings for both love and a sense of belonging.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

In this memoir-like novel, the author takes readers on a heartfelt journey through Italy, India, and Indonesia as she seeks self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Through her experiences with food, spirituality, and love, readers are immersed in a tale of personal growth and exploration.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

Olive Torres, the unlucky twin, finds herself reluctantly spending her sister’s wedding day with Ethan Thomas, her nemesis. When the wedding party falls ill except for Olive and Ethan, they seize the opportunity for a free honeymoon in Maui. As they pretend to be a happily married couple, Olive discovers that pretending to be lucky might just make her feel genuinely fortunate.

Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory

When Vivian Forest joins her daughter on a work trip to England, she never expects to feel an instant attraction to the charming private secretary, Malcolm Hudson. As their flirtatious banter turns into a passionate affair during the holiday season, they both agree to end it once New Year’s Day arrives. However, as the days count down, they begin to question whether they can truly let go of their intense connection.

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Blending romance, science fiction, and time travel, this captivating novel follows the unconventional love story of Henry and Clare. Henry has a genetic disorder that causes him to involuntarily time travel, which complicates their relationship as they navigate their intertwined lives across different periods and locations.

A Trip of One’s Own by Kate Willis

When travel journalist Kate Wills finds herself unexpectedly divorced and starting over, her jet-setting adventures take on a new meaning as she navigates the world alone. Seeking inspiration, she delves into the stories of remarkable female travelers throughout history, discovering their trailblazing journeys that shattered societal expectations. With a blend of humor and heartfelt moments, A Trip of One’s Own is a captivating armchair travel read that ignites wanderlust and encourages aspiring solo female travelers to embrace their own explorations.

Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno Garcia

Amidst the vibrant Jazz Age, Casiopea Tun, a young woman confined to cleaning her grandfather’s house, yearns for a life of her own. Her fortunes change when she opens a mysterious wooden box, unleashing the spirit of the Mayan god of death, who seeks her aid in reclaiming his throne. With her life hanging in the balance, Casiopea embarks on a thrilling cross-country journey, from the lush jungles of Yucatán to the dazzling metropolis of Mexico City, delving into the depths of the Mayan underworld to fulfill her destiny.