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If you are a fan of Casey McQuiston, then you’ll love this list of books we’ve rounded up. From unexpected romance to LGBTQ love stories, these ten titles will bring on all the feels. So grab your favorite beverage, snuggly blanket, and get ready to read!

The Key to You and Me by Jaye Robin Brown

To get over her ex-girlfriend, Piper Kitts is spending the summer with her grandma to clear her head. Unfortunately, Piper has always been afraid to learn how to drive, and her grandmother thinks this is the perfect time for her to learn. She hires a local girl named Kat to teach her, thinking this will be just the distraction Piper needs. Kat has always thought that she liked girls but was never sure that she would find love in her small town in North Carolina. But when she meets Piper, she can’t help but crush on her. As sparks fly, their summer starts to heat up in the best possible way.

The (Un)Popular Vote by Jasper Sanchez

Mark has learned a lot about politics from his dad, the Congressman. Even though his father still likes to pretend that Mark is a girl, he has vowed to keep his past covered up. But when Mark sees a scandalous candidate running for student body president, he can’t help but want to put a stop to it. The only way is to run against him, even though he is new in town, and nobody knows anything about him. He decides to dive right in, creating a crazy campaign and even beginning a new relationship along the way. But when someone starts snooping around in Mark’s past, he’s faced with a new set of challenges.

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales

Ollie found the perfect summer fling in Will, but all good things come to an end. So, when summer was over and Will cut off communication, that was that. But when Ollie’s family moves to another state, he can’t believe his luck to be in the same school as Will. However, this version of Will is completely different than the one he met in the summer. This guy is a jock, a jerk, and in the closet. Ollie tries his best to move on, but Will keeps randomly showing up wherever he is. The more they try to avoid each other, the harder it becomes. Can they find a way to work it out or is it best to leave the past behind?

I Kissed a Girl by Jennet Alexander

Lilah Silver has been trying to climb the ladder of stardom for a while but has been stuck on the middle rung for as long as she can remember. Noa Birnbaum is an amazing makeup artist but can’t seem to make her way into the union. When Lilah starts to confide in Noa, she sees it as an opportunity to not only help her but to finally get to know her crush. As these two become closer and start devising plans to make all of their wildest dreams come true, they quickly realize that the long hours and lack of sleep are taking a toll. Surviving the spotlight is proving to be much harder than either of them imagined.

If the Shoe Fits by Julie Murphy

Plus-sized woman, Cindy has a hard time finding clothes she loves, but when it comes to shoes, there’s no problem. As a recent college graduate, Cindy has nothing to show for it besides her shoe collection, so she moves in with her stepmom until she can figure things out. As a producer of a dating show, her stepmom is in a panic one day when she needs a last-minute contestant and convinces Cindy to join the cast. Because she looks different than the average cast member, she gains popularity overnight and becomes the poster girl for body positivity. But the bigger question is, will she find love along the way?

The Right Side of Reckless by Whitney D. Grandison

Guillermo Lozano is a reformed bad boy starting a new life in a different town. While working at the community center, he meets Regan London and strikes up an immediate friendship. She is worn out from trying to be a good girl all of the time and staying in a relationship just to please those around her. Guillermo is a breath of fresh air for her and seems to understand her in a way that nobody else can. As friendship turns into more, her parents strongly disapprove and will do everything in their power to send Guillermo back to where he came from. But Regan’s heart has other plans for him.

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Cade Elgin is all business, especially when it comes to the sex toy store, she has recently inherited. Along with the store came Selena Mathis, her co-owner who is just as carefree as she is cute. However, there’s one thing that she does take seriously, and that’s her vow of celibacy so that she can focus on making the store the best it can be. But there is just something about straight-laced Cade that makes her heart race, and she is second-guessing her promise to herself. While the profits of the shop are down, these two must find a way to put their personal feelings aside so that their store can thrive.

The Billboard by V.E. Suárez

Lillian was always scared of her popular actress girlfriend cheating on her, but when it was with her own best friend, she was devastated. She knew the only way to get over her was to never talk to her again walk away for good. Two years later, their paths cross when Dana scores the lead role in Lillian’s new screenplay. Once they lock eyes, all of the old feelings and emotions come flooding back, despite their sordid past. As they begin to work together and get to know each other again, past secrets are revealed that could change the course of their relationship forever.

Out of Character by Annabeth Albert

Jasper is ready to step out of the shadows and stand in the spotlight for once. Although he’s wanting to put his high school experience behind him, his former best friend, and secret crush Milo has other plans. Once a high school jock, now Milo is stuck in a rut and going nowhere in life. He turns to Jasper to help him out of his funk, but Jasper is skeptical about falling into old feelings. He agrees to help him in return for his assistance with the upcoming children’s hospital charity, and Milo complies. But as they are working together, they realize that this reunion might just be the start of a new relationship.

The Charm Offensive by Alison Cochrun

Dev Deshpande is good at creating love stories on television, but not so good at making them come true in his own life. When Charlie Winshaw is cast as the bachelor looking for love on Ever After, he is quick to disappoint by appearing awkward and disinterested on camera. Dev tries his best to mentor Charlie and get him to open up to the ladies that are vying for his heart. However, the more they talk, the more it seems that the true chemistry is between the two of them, off-camera. With this new development, will the show go on as planned or will there be a secret reveal that nobody was expecting?