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Looking for a job can be hard work on its own, especially in today’s high-speed world. Even though we are taught in school that having a career is the next logical step, oftentimes we don’t learn how to make that happen. Whether you’re looking for your first job or a seasoned worker that wants to make a change, these books are for you.

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Surviving the Job Search by Jane Snipes

In over thirty years of recruiting, Jane has seen it all when it comes to the job market. While there are many sources of advice on the best way to land your dream job, a lot of the advice only contains pieces of the puzzle instead of looking at the big picture. If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels on your job search, you are not alone. This book will break things down step by step, offering expert insight on what hiring managers are looking for and how to position yourself in the best possible light. From résumé tips to interview dos and don’ts, you’ll get a wealth of knowledge that will help you be your best self.

The Mind of an Entrepreneur by Wendy Muhammad

Wendy was struggling to make it as a real estate agent and couldn’t figure out why. She was experienced, a hard worker and intelligent, yet things just weren’t clicking. After years of frustration, she took a step back to evaluate her situation. As a woman, she already felt that she had to work twice as hard to prove herself, but as an African American female, it was twice as hard. She began to strategize and take an honest look at how marginalized individuals have a different experience and what she could do to help close the gap. She’ll teach you invaluable lessons that you’d never learn in a classroom.

How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile by Brenda Bernstein

Technology is constantly changing, and as a job seeker, it’s important to stay up on the trends. LinkedIn has become one of the top ways to look for work, connect with colleagues, and network. Gone are the days where having an impressive résumé is enough; it’s crucial to have a professional online presence. Brenda will go over common mistakes as well as highlight tips for creating a stellar profile. From keywords and messaging to layout and platform features, this book has it all. Whether you already have an account or are brand new to the site, these tips and tricks are for all job hunters.

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Your Guide To A Stand Out Modern Resume by Rebecca Morgan

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a look at your résumé, it might be time to give it a facelift. Oftentimes, they can be outdated, unoriginal, or even downright boring. Rebecca Morgan is here to help with her guide on ‘unborifying’ your résumé, transforming it from plain to powerful. Common mistakes include falling into the trap of one-size-fits-all and not making every job unique. Overuse of frequent phrases and generic job descriptions also have a way of causing résumés to end up in the ‘no’ pile. With this guide, you’ll be able to revamp your résumé and stand out from the crowd.

Crush Your Career by Dee Ann Turner

Through Dee Ann’s extensive experience working in Human Resources and job coaching, she has gained a wealth of information to share with interviewees everywhere. Many people have a job but feel stuck in a dead-end career, while others are just starting and clueless about the hiring process. She will provide real-world advice on how to find the right job, tips for acing the interview, and ensuring success during the first 90-day period. Beyond that, she’ll deep dive into how to have a fulfilling career and give guidance on making a change if you’re unsatisfied in your current role.

The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo 

Landing a management role right out of college seems like a dream come true, but if you’ve never led a team before, it can feel more like a nightmare. When Julie Zhuo became a manager at twenty-five years old, she felt like a fish out of water and had to learn very quickly how to manage people, handle unexpected situations, and much more all with confidence she didn’t have. Now that she’s experienced what it takes to manage from the ground up, she wants to share all her secrets to success with you. This guidebook will give you the skills to become the best manager you can be with self-assurance and poise.

The Empowered Job Search by Lauren Weinstein

The Empowered Job Search takes a unique approach when it comes to looking for a job and staying satisfied with it. Tapping into Buddhist philosophies and encouraging peaceful communication are just a couple of examples that illustrate the positive vibes inside of this book. Instead of starting with the résumé, Lauren leads with the importance of discovering your true self. She wants you to feel empowered in your career and develop the skills you need to be successful. Exploring the human side of things will make you more authentic in your search as well as your work.

INTERVIEW with DESIRE and GET HIRED! by Denise Wilkerson 

Looking for a job can be a job in itself. If you feel stuck in the weeds of monotony, this book is for you. Many times, we don’t know our worth, and for that reason, we sell ourselves short when interviewing. You’ll learn how to sell yourself, create confidence, and show your potential employer that you would make an incredible asset to the team. Using a six-step approach, Denise will break down the best strategies for creating the work-life that you desire. With a bit of humor mixed into these simple strategies, you’ll be sure to find your way out of the job-hunting maze in no time.

Women of Color in Tech by Susanne Tedrick

As a minority in the tech industry, Susanne noticed a huge need to show women that it’s not just a man’s world. A common misconception is that tech jobs are mainly coding positions and that the daily tasks are boring. As a Black woman in the tech industry, she wants to bust the myths and show a different side of the coin. Since technology is the wave of the future and here to stay, why not explore a stable career that can fun be as well as diverse? She draws comparisons on how your current skills can translate to tech and advises on how to create relationships to get your foot in the door to stay.

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Power Moves by Lauren McGoodwin

With the workforce filled with millennials, it’s a whole new ball game. There’s a fresh set of norms that affect communication, relationships, and the ability to relate. A lot of women in this age group have worked hard to get a place that they are proud of, yet still feel unsatisfied in the workplace. This book sheds some light on common dilemmas millennials face, such as unrealistic ideas of the ‘dream job,’ comparison culture, and how to combat negative self-talk. Born out of the influential website, Career Contessa, this book helps in building action plans and provides tools to create the life you want.

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