At long last, it is here. As we watch Carson walk back up the walkway to Downton Abbey, you can hear the theme song playing. Fans of the series have waited long enough to see the castle revisited and catch up with old friends Mary, Edith, Branson and the rest of the stellar cast. Listed below are a few tales that will keep the elegance and royalty a-go, long after the movie is over. Raise your glass to this phenomenal series and enjoy these books like Downton Abbey.

While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by Wendy Wax

A group of friends gathers each week to watch Downton Abbey. Through the charm and wisdom of the show, they are all living their lives while creating lasting friendships that will help them survive the triumphs and tragedies of life.

Downton Abbey: The Film Companion by Emma Marriott

This film companion book is a stunning photographic coffee table read that visits the sets, costumes and beautiful scenery that make the Downton film what it is. In-depth interviews and how the film was made make this book a must-read for any fan of the hit TV show.

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle by The Countess of Carnarvon

Written by the current owner of Highclere Castle, the home of Downton Abbey, Lady Fiona Carnarvon tells the story of the real-life Cora Crawley – Lady Almina. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey is the story of a strong and brave woman who was married off at a young age and moved into Highclere Castle to do great and ambitious things. Just like Cora!

The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson

In an idyllic town, a beautiful Latin teacher is welcomed while residents brace themselves for an upcoming war. The different classes, the town folk and the tight-knit feel of this small town create characters and a setting that is both quaint and complex.

Below Stairs: The Classic Kitchen Maid’s Memoir by Margaret Powell

Below Stairs is a beautiful memoir by kitchen maid, Margaret Powell, as she tells about her time in the exquisite and beautiful homes in England. This book inspired Downton Abbey and is reminiscent of a story that Mrs. Patmore would tell.

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