Each month, BookSparks founder Crystal Patriarche shares what she reads so you can grab the books that need to be on your radar. As we had into fall, these are the books everyone should be cozying up with this month!

Main Character Energy

Main Character Energy by Jamie Varon

Poppy has all but given up on her dream of being an author. The only one who still believes in her is her aunt. When she suddenly passes, she’s surprised one last time by her aunt with a trip to her villa in the French Riviera. And an opportunity. If Poppy can finish her book in six months, she will inherit the villa. Clouded with grief, doubt and romantic challenges, Poppy fights to live up to her loved one’s final challenge to take the life she deserves.

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Asking for a Friend

Asking for a Friend by Kerry Clare

Is friendship truly forever? When Clara and Jess meet in college, their inseparable bond seems capable of any test. However, when they are torn apart by tragedy, the strength of their friendship is tested. Over the course of two decades, with marriage, anxiety, motherhood and all other tests of adulthood placed between them, they must decide if their relationship can stand the test of time.

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Ride or Die

Ride or Die by Jarie Bolander

When Jarie is challenged to fill the role of caregiver rather than provider in his home, he finds the shift not only jarring, but devoid of information and support. His wife’s terminal diagnosis is one that demands more of him than he’s ever had to give. In this heart-filled memoir he not only chronicles her journey, but his own in the hopes that other men who find themselves in this position can benefit.

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Champion of Fate

Champion of Fate by Kendare Blake

From #1 New York Times bestselling fantasy author Kendare Blake comes a new series. Reed has been raised by the Aristene, an elite order of female warriors tasked with forging heroes. It is her destiny to lead her first hero to victory, but when her assignment puts her at odds with the only family she’s ever known, she must choose. Remain loyal to the Aristene or guide her irritating and intriguing hero Hestion to glory.

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Wellness by Nathan Hill

When Jack and Elizabeth meet in the 90s, their passion for making it in the art world pulls them together. Fast forward twenty years and they are married and trying to make it in the challenging climate of today. From polyamorous suitors to social media fights to a mindfulness group that operates more like a cult, Jack and Elizabeth must fight to preserve their love in the chaos of modern day and while reconciling past dreams and childhood trauma.

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Land of Milk and Honey by C Pam Zhang

In world decaying and dying, fine dining has all but disappeared. So when a chef gets the chance to serve an elite class at a secluded location surrounded by clean air and lush ingredients that can be found nowhere else, her appetite is awakened in more ways than one. Playing with questions of class, creativity and the power of ones own desire this book fuels a love of food and an exploration of decadence in a time of decline.

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Bright Young Women

Bright Young Women by Jessica Knoll

In 1978, a massacre at a sorority house ignites a nation. The horrific events leaves survivor and star witness Pamela forever changed. On the other side of the country, Tina believes the act committed by a man dubbed the “All-American Sex Killer” is the same attacker responsible for her missing friend. Now the two young women join forces to unravel the truth and find justice.

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Happiness Falls by Angie Kim

When her brother and father go missing, Mia isn’t terribly concerned. Surely there is an explanation that makes sense. But when only her sibling Eugene returns from a walk in the park, covered in blood, Mia is faced with nothing but questions. Her brother suffers from a rare condition that keeps him from being able to speak and the unfurling mystery leaves them searching for their beloved father and confronted with questions the family would prefer not to have surfaced. This fast-paced investigation of love, family, culture and secrets explores dynamics that run deep and speak to the core of humanity.

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Things We Left Behind

Things We Left Behind by Lucy Score

In the third book of the series that went viral on TikTok, Lucy Score brings us back into her unforgettable Knockemout-set story. This time following Lucian and Sloane. In a can’t-miss enemies-to-lovers tale Lucian, a rich mogul seeking to obliterate his father’s abusive legacy and small-town librarian Sloane share little in common. A secret and mutual disdain is about all that exists between them until Lucian is confronted with an uncomfortable truth: he can’t walk away from Sloan

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Meet Cute Series: Kerri

Stories on the go just got a whole lot better. If you’re a podcast listener or audiobook fan who also loves romance, then you need to check out Meet Cute. Their beautifully produced story series are an epic collection of audio-based stories. Their recent release, Kerri features two best friends, Kerri and Mark. Mark is convinced he can help Kerri find a connection if she hands the reigns over to him. Kerri isn’t so sure and bets Mark that if he can’t find her love, he has to ask his girlfriend to move in with him. That is, if their chemistry doesn’t get in the way.

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