If you’re a self-certified book nerd like us, you know just how popular books have become on Instagram. Whether you call them book bloggers or bookstagrammers one thing is for certain: there are some incredibly creative book influencers on the platform. Because new accounts pop up every day, it can be hard to keep up with who you should be following. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to bring you 15 amazing bookstagrammers you need to be following in 2020.


Alyxandria has a truly unique approach to #bookstagram and we are obsessed. Using some photo editing magic, this book lover creates photos that will inspire you to try something new with your own photos.


Liv Taylor is a bookstagrammer we’ve loved for a long while. With a loyal following and an enviable Instagram feed, @pureaders is a reader who knows what it takes to create a beautiful book photo.


Another bookstagrammer with some serious creative energy, Ashton takes her love for art and photography and turns it into book photos worth resharing. Also a writer, Ashton’s down-to-earth approach to Instagram is refreshing and fun.


Not only do we love Kippen’s cozy book photos, but we also love her cat who appears in many of her posts. If you love flat lays and reading in bed, you’ll find yourself entranced with Kippen’s feed.


Anthony is not only a fabulous bookstagrammer but also works at one of our favorite bookstores in New York, Books Are Magic. This creative influencer blends casual photos of books out in the wild with fun photos of their cat and their impressive collection of fun book totes.


New York-based bookstagrammer Giselle loves nothing more than a great book and traveling the world. Her Instagram profile masterfully combines bright and colorful lifestyle shots with gorgeous book photos. If you love photos with a good reading at brunch moment, you’ll adore Giselle’s feed.


Is there anything more impressive than Steph’s book-inspired pies? This amazing baker and book lover is committed when it comes to creating sweet treats that resemble her most recent reads. Once you start scrolling through her feed, you won’t be able to stop.


This Scotland-based bookstagrammer creates beautiful images that will have you swooning. Warm tones and bright whites make Alyssa’s profile one you’ll want to follow immediately. If you’re looking for a book influencer who loves a good romance or women’s fiction novel, you’ll adore Alyssa.


Charlotte-based book blogger Ashley knows what it takes to create a stunning Instagram feed. With a great taste in wine and books, Ashley gives her followers a plethora of amazing book recommendations and swoon-worthy photos.


One thing is for sure: Abby Kincer’s feed is pure #goals. The perfect blend of brightness, contrast and color, Abby’s pictures are beautiful and include thoughtful reviews. No matter your favorite genre, Abby reads a little bit of everything and we can’t get enough of her feed.


If you’re a fan of Friends, you will absolutely love Nada’s Instagram. Based in Abu Dhabi, Nada has a self-professed reading addiction and features her Friends memorabilia alongside her latest book recs. With a home that houses all kinds of books, we’re envious of her amazing photos and her incredible book storage.


Diana’s feed is the perfect mix of books, coffee and dogs. A specialist in diverse reads, Diana is a go-to for the best reads written by authors from all backgrounds and experiences. Top all of this off with the fact that she uses a beautiful cool-toned preset on her photos and you have a recipe for a follow-worthy bookstagram account.


Oscar’s bookstagram is unlike any other. Reading a wide variety of books, Oscar’s reviews are always candid and authentic. If you’re looking for a larger than life book blogger who always keeps it real, you’ll adore Oscar.


This bookstagrammer and YouTube personality gives off nothing but positive vibes in her inventive Instagram photos. Adding insightful quotes, warm presets and fun doodles to her photos, Elizabeth recommends some of the best new books and gets to know her followers through personal posts where she talks about beauty, fashion and her family.


Lupita is our go-to influencer for all things books and brews. With a wide range of book selections and amazing diverse titles, Lupita only recommends the best of the best in her vibrant and beautiful photos.


If you love to travel and books, Cindy will be your new go-to bookstagrammer. Taking photos in exotic and beautiful places, Cindy’s feed is one we admire greatly. Even better? Her book recs range from brand new releases to classics that we love reading over and over again.

Which bookstagrammers do you think deserve a follow? Leave a comment down below and let us know!