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Brie Larson

If you’ve ever scrolled through Brie Larson’s Instagram feed, you’d know that she is a bookworm at heart. Many of her book selections are powerful reads that comment on the way society works as a whole, so she’s a great celebrity to follow if you’re looking for book recommendations that pack a punch. This is what Brie Larson reads.

Autobiography of Red by Anne Carson

Brie Larson loves this book by Anne Carson. She says, “This book has every single one of the best words in the absolute best order.” This fictional piece of writing is filled with poetry and prose and takes inspiration from ancient myths to put together a touching coming-of-age story.

You Play the Girl: On Playboy Bunnies, Stepford Wives, Train Wrecks, & Other Mixed Messages by Carina Chocano

At only halfway through this book, Brie Larson found herself completely hooked. This non-fiction title provides a highly thought-provoking argument about why women are the way they are and how mixed messages from society can completely change the life of a female.

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

Reni Eddo-Lodge never expected that a single blog post would turn into an entire book, but in 2017 she released a non-fiction book that would become a beloved read for many. This book discusses the connections between class and race along with other important issues about our world. It’s a favorite of Brie’s and one everyone should read.

The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock

Originally published in 1990, this recommendation from Brie Larson talks about the ways in which women are shaped by toxic masculinity and what their true place in the world is. Feminists will love this intriguing read that goes back in time to discuss myths, fairy tales, ancient symbolism and goddesses. Feminine values of the western culture are also explored.

Daybook: The Journal of an Artist by Anne Truitt

Anne Truitt spent seven years journaling her thoughts in the hopes of discovering what shaped her life and her art. She recollects her childhood and shares advice from other artists all while trying to express her own vision in this beautiful and personal portrait of an artist.

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Ashley Johnson

Ashley has always been a writer at heart, receiving a diary from her mother at a very young age. Supportive book-buying parents influenced her love of literature and storytelling as she grew up. Her love for songwriting led the way to creating short stories and the start of her own blog where she documented her life as a college student. A fan of dark plot lines, Ashley picked up Stephen King’s It and never looked back. When she is not working on her first novel or new story ideas, Ashley can be found curled up with her rescue chihuahuas or exploring breathtaking locations throughout the US.

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