Bestselling and inspiring author Elizabeth Gilbert recently revealed the cover of her next book City of Girls on her Instagram and we are obsessed with the pops of color and touch of texture. We may have to wait until June 2019 for the release of the beauty but at least we have the cover to hold us over until then!

Los Angeles Times recently revealed more information about the new book:

“The novel follows Vivian Morris, a young woman who’s been expelled from Vassar College and goes to live in Manhattan with her aunt, a theater owner. Vivian encounters a series of bohemian actors and writers before becoming embroiled in a professional scandal.”

Editor in Chief of Riverhead, Sarah McGrath couldn’t contain her excitement when sharing about the book: “I fully suspected that this would be a delectable, immersive book. What I didn’t know was that it would make me laugh out loud and underline passage after passage with its wisdom, that it would make me nod knowingly and also ultimately cry, from emotional connection. It’s a loving, knowing book. It’s a novel about finding liberation, about being yourself and fighting for what you need in order to find real happiness.”

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