As we patiently wait for the follow-up to Sara Holland’s New York Times bestseller, Everless, to hit shelves on December 31st,  we’re keeping ourselves occupied with this beautiful new cover for the YA novel. Bustle released the dark and compelling book cover along with an exciting excerpt from the first chapter and its sure to remind you of why you loved the first novel so much.

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“Time is currency in the kingdom of Sempera, which is why the rich aristocracy are able to live for centuries, while the poor bleed to pay for their bread. Determined to do whatever it took to save her dying father’s life, Jules Ember risked everything by going back to Everless, the palatial estate of the Gerlings’ where they used to be servants, to earn more time for him. But now that she knows the truth about her incredible ability to manipulate time, and the link to the ancient myth that has defined her kingdom and its bloody history, will Jules be able to defeat the evil that has dominated her home for centuries? Can the Alchemist overcome the Sorceress once and for all?”