“Beach reads” are all the rage right now, and at this point, you’ve seen list after list showcasing the summer’s hottest books. Here’s a look at some upcoming titles that might not be on your radar, but you’ll definitely want to check them out! 

Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman

Netflix has already acquired the film rights to this story… need I say more?! Before you argue that you’re sick of thrillers, this character-driven novel is so much more than that. Upon arriving at college, Malin immediately forms a close group of friends. Fast forward to graduation four years later and secrets and betrayal become a catalyst for murder. What will Malin do to keep the truth hidden, and who will suffer the consequences?

The Arrangement by Robyn Harding

What would you do with a few extra thousand dollars a month? Natalie is a broke college student who decides to find herself a sugar daddy in order to help pay the bills. When she meets Gabe, everything seems perfect – until she realizes he’ll never leave his family for her. When he ends their relationship, Natalie goes off the rails, her behavior escalating to the point where Gabe takes action. Whose body is found outside Gabe’s apartment… and who is responsible for the murder?

We Came Here to Forget by Andrea Dunlop

If we’re judging a book by its cover, we give this one a 10/10. Aspiring Olympic skier Katie is at the top of her game and seemingly unstoppable. When a secret about her sister threatens to destroy everything she and her family have built, she flees the country. Arriving in Argentina and adopting a new identity as Liz, she begins to build a new life. Told in past and present chapters, the reader understands everything Katie had to lose and follows Liz as she tries to move on after the dust settles.

That’s What Frenemies Are For by Sophie Littlefield and Lauren Gershell

If juicy drama is your thing, look no further! Instead of socializing in the Hamptons all summer, Julia is stuck in NYC and looking for any and all attempts to stay relevant. She befriends an up-and-coming spin instructor, Tatum, knowing that she’s discovered the next fitness star. However, her plan doesn’t exactly turn out as expected. Even worse, her husband is arrested for fraud. Soon, the already fragile life Julia has been desperately trying to balance is spiraling out of control… can she save what’s left of it?  

Girls Like Us by Cristina Alger

Returning home after her father’s death, FBI agent Nell Flynn is asked to assist with a recent homicide case. As she investigates the deaths, she begins to realize that her father, who was a prominent detective, might’ve been involved, and she suspects that those closest to him are covering it up. As she delves deeper into the case, she wonders if it’s connected to her mother’s unsolved cold-case murder. Fans of The Banker’s Wife will be sure to love this follow-up novel.

Home for Erring and Outcast Girls by Julie Kibler

In the early 1900s, the Berachah Home for the Redemption and Protection of Erring Girls is designed to be a safe haven for the women and children society has turned their backs on – addicts, prostitutes and unwed mothers are included in this group. Lizzie and Mattie meet at this home, and despite their differences, find a lot of similarities in their situations. Flash forward 100 years later, librarian Cate Sutton accidentally discovers their cemeteries and begins to research their history. Is Cate connected with these women, and what will it mean for her outlook on life?

Meet Me in Monaco: A Novel of Grace Kelly’s Royal Wedding by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

This glamorous historical fiction story is the essence of summer vibes. After a chance encounter in Cannes dodging persistent photographer James Henderson, boutique owner Sophie and the infamous Grace Kelly become inseparable. The novel chronicles the next 30 years of James, Sophie and Grace’s lives as they navigate friendship, love and loss.

The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger

There’s no limit to what a parent will do for their child… is there? Set in a fictional town, The Gifted School highlights four families and what happens to them when a new school for gifted children opens in their community. From cutthroat competition to neighborhood drama, the story shows how far parents will go to put their children ahead. It’s been compared to Big Little Lies… enough said.

Never Look Back by Alison Gaylin

Fans of the Serial podcast should definitely check this one out. When crime podcast producer Quentin Garrison contacts columnist Robin Diamond, she’s shocked to learn it’s because he believes Robin’s mother was involved with murders that occurred back in the 1970s. As Robin begins to investigate this claim, she becomes increasingly alarmed and starts to question everything she knows. This is one you won’t be able to put down!

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