10 Books like Big Little Lies

books like big little lies

What’s not to love about Liane Moriarty’s New York Times bestseller Big Little Lies? With plenty of dark secrets, successful women and small-town drama, it is easy to see why this novel has become a favorite on bookshelves across the globe. If you’re looking for more drama and suspense now that the HBO series has wrapped, these books like Big Little Lies will remind you why you love this female-focused story so much.

It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

Three women with a complicated bond must find compassion for each other in order to uncover the truth when one of them dies under strange circumstances. As secrets are revealed, suspicions about the husband begin to dissolve and the devious women are looked at more closely.

Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

When a private jet crashes into the ocean, only two people survive, marking the accident a tragedy – but is it? With a new promise of fame and money to the survivors, the possibility of sabotage and a sinister plan is at the heart of this novel.

Pretty Guilty Women by Gina LaManna

When Ginger, Kate, Emily and Lulu attend a friend’s wedding, it’s only a matter of time before something goes horribly wrong. When a man shows up dead, the four women all confess to the murder, leaving everyone around them to question why they would all admit to committing the same crime. This suspenseful new release will remind you of your favorite Monterey ladies.

Gridley Girls by Meredith First

In order to move on with their lives, three women must face the dark secrets of their past. Now back together for Anne’s wedding, betrayals from high school are brought to the surface as the childhood friends find a way to make it past teenage heartbreak.

Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

A family full of secrets and expectations is thrown into chaos when the favorite child’s body is found in a nearby lake. Throwing all caution to the wind, each family member takes strides to get justice for Lydia, unknowingly causing the tightly-wound family to succumb to their possible demise.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

On a plush cruise in the North Sea, everything seems exquisite until dark skies roll in and Lo is thrown into the middle of things when she witnesses a woman being thrown off the ship. When everyone on the cruise goes on with their trip like nothing has happened, Lo must be the one to ask the tough questions.

Lost You by Haylen Beck

Having previously been down on her luck, single mother Libby has finally caught a break and is taking a vacation with her young son, Ethan. But when Ethan walks into an elevator by himself and gets taken by a stranger, Libby is suddenly desperate to get her son back. Through the search, Libby learns that Ethan has been seen with a woman who identifies herself as the boy’s mother. As the story unfolds, readers are forced to ask who the real mother is and what lengths these women will go to in order to claim Ethan as their own?

Appetite by Sheila Grinell

When Jenn returns home from a year in India her parents are surprised to find she brought a guru home with her. More surprising still is that she intends to marry him. Will Jenn find the support she craves or will she have to reevaluate her values? Will her parents convince her that marrying her intended would be a huge mistake before it’s too late?

Let Me Lie by Clare Mackintosh

After both of her parents commit suicide, Anna is left to contemplate why they made the fateful decision. Now a mother herself, she can’t help but begin looking into the dark secrets her parents were keeping and as she gets closer to the truth, she’ll find that someone out there doesn’t want her to know all the details.

Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman

Frances Bloom knows everyone’s dirty laundry whether she likes it or not. Being a carpool mom for years has exposed her to the secrets of the other mothers around her and as she watches the lives of the other carpool families, she vows to never be a part of the drama. But when the truth about a shocking affair comes to light, Frances will find that she has no choice but to get involved.

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