Romance involving at least one very wealthy person (be they CEO, celebrity or whatnot) is amongst our favorite themes. So, given it’s Pride Month, we’re shining a spotlight on 10 LGBT romances involving the mega rich. All of the below can be found on Radish, a reading app filled with all different types of romance stories. You can download the app from the iOS or Google Play store if you don’t already have it.

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Addicted to the CEO by Bui

Alexander has always been good at fixing things – which is why a job in the IT department of Ivanov Enterprises is the perfect fit for him. But when he finds himself in an unlikely romance with Christian Ivanov – as in, the billionaire CEO – Alexander realizes that fixing things is not always easy. Namely, fixing Christian’s heart.

The Anatomy of Love by Amelia LeFay

Max is a conservative talk show host keeping his love life a secret. Wesley is an aspiring chef sharing his bed. And Jane is their new maid, just struggling to stay afloat. Soon, a different kind of love story emerges; three people, each with feelings for the other people in the triangle. Can they make it work?

Anything But Ordinary by Madelynne Ellis

Kara’s menage-a-trois with Ric and Zach has been a secret for a while, but when their secret fling becomes public, the three must face the future. Their chemistry is only eclipsed by the feelings between them, but can Kara convince Ric and Zach that they must admit their feelings for each other so the three can become one?

The Billionaire’s Bid by Autumn and Ashley

As the result of a smart alec prank by his best friend, Carter Wicker decides to put his virginity up for sale. Ethan – said best friend – is horrified and wants to stop Carter from making the biggest mistake of his life. Ethan’s got the money to pay for Carter to take himself off the market – but will the unspoken feelings between them mess things up….or result in Ethan truly taking Carter’s virginity?

The Billionaire’s Desire  by Autumn and Ashley

Shepherd Marlowe has been through it. Betrayed and forsaken by those he loves most, he’s given up on love, let alone kindness. Wesley Lee wants romance. He wants it madly, badly and unapologetically….and hasn’t found one. When their paths cross, one would think they might be perfect suited for each other. But the path to coupledom is anything but simple with these two.

Endearments by Jack Harbon

Fresh out of college, Kit lands the opportunity of a lifetime – as an assistant to Roman Li, a titan in the advertising industry. Roman’s handsome, but infuriating, demanding – and has an eye for Kit. Soon, business is mixing with pleasure and Kit realizes his job description of catering to Roman’s every need has taken on a whole new meaning.

Her Duchess by Sveta

Violet is an heiress who’s lived a life of luxury, but faces a dark family secret. Claire lives a modest life, but finds herself thrust down a surprising path she never expected. The two women collide and passion soon explodes – but can people from two totally different worlds really make it work?

Hers for the Night by H.L. Logan

Melany’s always been focused on her career, using women for distraction and one-night flings. But when Kendra – a drummer with big dreams and a bigger heart – catches Melany’s attention, she doesn’t want history to repeat itself. Melany falls for Kendra – hard. But can she change her ways and convince Kendra that she’s ready for love?

Seduction en Pointe by Gemma Snow

When TV star Nicco Castillo finds his boyfriend in bed with another man, he has a full-on Hollywood meltdown. Desperate for damage control, his producers send him to recuperate in Paris. There, he meets ballet instructor Isabella La Croix and quickly becomes drawn into her world of decadent desires.

The Sinners in Love Series by Amy Johnson

Wild child Lucas Jordan is hot and kinky, so when he receives an invitation to an exclusive BDSM club, he accepts. Enter Michael Landon, the club’s handsome owner. Michael introduces Lucas to a dark and enticing world he never knew existed. But as Lucas submits himself to Michael sexually, will he allow himself the ultimate vulnerability – feelings?

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