Some big names and big titles are coming for horror fans for the remainder of 2023. From Stephen King to crime fiction author Jo Nesbo, these horror novels will haunt you, chill you, and possibly sink their fangs into you. If you’re a horror junkie looking to fill your TBR for the rest of the year, here are some of the hottest horror stories coming to you this year:

The Salt Grows Heavy by Cassandra Khaw (5/2)

This is far from The Little Mermaid, the tale of a mermaid who ends up marrying a prince. These mermaids have teeth. The daughters of the mermaid have burned the kingdom and the mermaid is on the run with a mysterious plague doctor. After finding a village of ageless children in the snow covered forest, the two must work with the dangerous parts of the elements in order to survive.

Graveyard of Lost Children by Katrina Monroe (5/9)

At only four months old, Olivia Dahl’s mother believed she was a changeling and the only way to get her baby back was to trade her with a “dead woman”, resulting in Olivia almost being murdered. Now, as an adult, Olivia is preparing to be a mother herself. Though this should be a happy time, Olivia is haunted by a black-haired woman and Olivia feels her body deteriorating making her wonder if history is going to repeat itself.

Maeve Fly by CJ Leede (6/6)

Maeve Fly works as an ice princess at the happiest place in the world during the day. At night, Maeve spends her time in dive bars imitating her favorite devious literary heroes. Gideon Green, Maeve’s brother’s best friend, has just moved to town and with that, something dark and disturbing is awakened within Maeve. A new Maeve is about to emerge and she’s more dangerous than ever.

Everything the Darkness Eats by Eric LaRocca (6/6)

A small town in Connecticut is being haunted by a string of disappearances. During this time, a grieving widow with a dark secret is being seduced into dark magic by a mysterious older man named Heart Crowley. Local law enforcement is searching for who is responsible for these disappearances and have just discovered that something dark and sinister is brewing in this idyllic town. Something that could completely destroy what is known as Henley’s Edge.

Dead Eleven by Jimmy Juliano (6/27)

Willow Stone just found the words Clifford Island wrote on the floor of her dead son’s bedroom only to discover it’s a tiny island in Wisconsin that she’s never heard of. After arriving on the island, Willow finds that this place is stuck in a specific day in 1994 in which everything down to their fashion, technology, and watching the OJ Simpson chase on the news every night is on a loop of this particular day. Lily Becker is a high school student who’s lived on Clifford Island her whole life and she’s had enough of their rules. Just as Willow goes missing, Willow’s brother, Harper, arrives looking for his sister and finds that this island has more secrets than anyone could’ve ever predicted.

Burn the Negative by Josh Winning (7/11)

In the 90s, Laura Warren starred in a horror movie that was believed to be cursed. Now she is in L.A. to visit the set of the remake when she witnesses a man commit suicide. In the movie, Laura played the little girl who warned people about the Needle Man coming to kill them. That was nothing compared to the real horror that caused eight members of the cast and crew to die in similar ways as the on-screen deaths occurred in the movie. Now Laura is on the run with her sister and a psychic hoping to put the curse to bed for good, if she can escape the Needle Man.

Dead of Winter by Darcy Coates (7/11)

In hopes of leaving her past behind her, Christa has just joined a tour group that is planning a trip into the snowy Rocky Mountains. When a brutal snow storm forces the group to take shelter in an abandoned cabin, Christa finds they may not be as safe as they thought they would be. A tour guide has gone missing only to have their head discovered, impaled on a tree. It’s not too long before Christa realizes she’s trapped with eight strangers and one of them is a cold blooded killer.

Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (7/18)

Montserrat is a sound editor who feels like she’s left out of the film industry due to the boys club running the film industry in the 90s. Montserrat has also been in love with her best friend and fading soap opera actor, Tristan. Tristan tells Montserrat about his neighbor, none other than Abel Urueta, a cult horror director who believes he is cursed. Abel believes that if Montserrat and Tristan help him film a missing scene from an unreleased movie, he could finish the film and lift the curse.

Camp Damascus by Chuck Tingle (7/18)

Camp Damascus is a gay conversion camp that is nestled up in the mountains of Neverton, Montana, a God-fearing place with an immaculate reputation. Although the conversion camp claims it is the most effective, something sinister is brewing up in the mountains. The secret behind this camp could drag you straight to hell.

Looking Glass Sound by Catriona Ward (8/8)

Wilder Harlow is writing the last book he will ever write, but it isn’t all fiction. This is the story of Wilder’s youth the summer a killer tormented the small New England town he lived in and the series of events that bonded him with his friends Nat and Harper. Wilder is revisiting the town to spark memories from his past, only to question if his memories are correct. Then Wilder begins to see a dark-haired woman by the water that no one else seems to notice.

Mister Magic by Kiersten White (8/8)

Thirty years ago, popular children’s program Mister Magic had an accident that caused production to shut down for good. Although it’s been decades since the show last aired, generations have kept the cult classic alive. Five surviving castmates, known as the Circle of Friends, have nothing but memories of the show and have just reunited unexpectedly in the remote desert filming compound. With the reunion, the group finds themselves remembering Mister Magic and find they hold the answers as to what really happened thirty years ago just as they start to suspect this set up is a trap.

The Handyman Method by Nick Cutter and Andrew F. Sullivan (8/8)

A young family has just relocated to an unfinished development community. While this appears to be a fresh start, they find a mysterious online DIY instructor is delivering dark subliminal messages about how to handle any issue that may arrive in your new home. They are about to find that something dark and sinister is lurking beneath the concrete.

Bride of the Tornado by James Kennedy (8/15)

In a small Midwest town, adults talk about Tornado Day and our high school sophomore and narrator hears everything. Tornado Day, she learns, is the day a group of tornadoes come and destroy everything. The only hope at saving this small town is a teen boy dubbed the tornado killer. While our narrator works with him to save everything, she learns the adults are hiding information about where the tornadoes came from and the tornado killer’s true identity.

Vampires of El Norte by Isabel Canas (8/29)

In 1840s Mexico, Nena is a rancher’s daughter who not only is dealing with the Anglo settlers from the north threatening her family, but something terrifying that stalks the ranch at night, leaving behind men drained of their blood. Nena believes in this evil entity as it attacked her years ago. Nestor believes Nena is dead and has been moving between different ranches to escape his grief. When the U.S. attacks Mexico in 1846, Nena and Nestor are reunited as the two must put their resentment for one another aside in order to fight whatever evil is lurking at night.

Holly by Stephen King (9/5)

Holly Gibney, of Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers, and The Outsider, is back! A woman named Penny Dahl has just contacted the Finders Keepers detective agency in hopes they can find her missing daughter, but Holly isn’t sure she can take on the case. Her partner, Peter, has Covid, her mother has recently died, and Holly is supposed to be on leave. But Holly can’t turn down this case and finds that Bonnie Dahl disappeared by two professors who seem to have it all together on the outside but in their basement lies just what Holly needs to solve this missing persons case.

The September House by Carissa Orlando (9/5)

Margaret and her husband Hal feel like they’ve hit the lottery when they get a large Victorian house for a great price. Then, they find out why. Every September, the walls drop blood, ghosts of the former residents appear, and they just know something is lurking in the basement. But they wanted this house and Margaret isn’t leaving. After four years of terror, Hal leaves just as their daughter, Katherine, arrives. But Hal isn’t answering their calls and Katherine is determined to find her father. As September begins, Katherine and Margaret find that in order to find Hal, they need to uncover the secrets the house is holding onto.

The Night House by Jo Nesbo (10/3)

Following the tragic death of his parents in a house fire, fourteen-year-old Richard now must live with his aunt and uncle in a remote town called Ballantyne. Shortly after his arrival, Tom, a local boy goes missing and Richard – the new outcast – is everyone’s main suspect. No one believes Richard when he tells them a phone booth by the edge of the woods sucked Tom through the receiver. A girl named Karen believes Richard is telling the truth and pushes him to spark his own investigation. When another classmate disappears, Richard finds himself not only trying to prove his innocence but stop this evil force from taking more children.


Phantom by Helen Power (10/10)

Roz is a struggling artist who is trying to dodge her unstable ex and just looking for her big break. When a stranger offers her a million dollars and safety from her ex, the only thing they ask for in return is her left hand. With the promise of safety and the opportunity to not be stressed over money, Roz agrees. Shortly after the amputation, Roz begins to experience phantom limb pain and finds herself in an experimental drug trial. The trial gives Roz a side effect in which she has a psychic connection to the missing hand and discovers that a dormant serial killer called the Phantom Strangler is using her hand to kill.