If you’re looking for something fast paced and immersive this fall that you can binge, look no further. These YA thrillers, suspense, and mysteries will have you cozied up like you’re reading your favorite horror movie right in time for spooky season!

Your Lonely Nights Are Over

Your Lonely Nights Are Over by Adam Sass 9/12

Dearie and Cole are best friends who are inseparable, so naturally when something happens at Stone Grove High School, the two unlikable friends are blamed. While the two believe they can take on whatever they face as long as they’re together, they were not expecting the infamous Mr. Sandman – a serial killer who’s never been caught – to emerge from retirement and target their Queer Club. Now, Dearie and Cole must not only take down a killer but protect the members of the Queer Club before more bodies drop.

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How to Find a Missing Girl

How to Find a Missing Girl by Victoria Wlosok 9/19

It’s been a year since cheerleader Stella Blackthorn disappeared and her younger sister, Iris, began her own investigation that resulted in no answers about Stella and a warning from the police that if Iris keeps it up, meddling with an investigation will have legal consequences once she’s eighteen. A year later, Iris is shocked when her ex-girlfriend, Heather, goes missing right after she releases an episode of her true crime podcast about Stella. Although a detective is watching her every move and she turns eighteen in less than a month, Iris is determined more than ever to get answers about Stella and Heather.

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The Forest Demands Its Due

The Forest Demands Its Due by Kosoko Jackson 10/3

Not only does the Regent Academy in Vermont have a reputation, but the woods surrounding it does as well. Douglas Jones is a Regent Academy student who just wants to forget about the school until a student is murdered. To make the situation worse, the only people who remember the student ever existing are Douglas and the groundskeeper’s son, Everett. When Douglas tries to get to the bottom of the school’s dark past, he awakens a horrific creature in the forest.

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And Don't Look Back

And Don’t Look Back by Rebecca Barrow 10/3

Harlow Ford has spent her whole life on the run from her mother trying to escape something Harlow doesn’t even know she believes in. When Harlow and her mother are on the run, they get into a car accident that leaves Harlow’s mother dead. Before she dies, Harlow’s mother tells her to never stop running and leaves her with thirty-thousand dollars in cash, life insurance documents, and fake IDs. With these documents, Harlow finds a picture of her mother as a teenager with two other girls and the deed to a house she’s never heard of along with newspaper clippings about the disappearance of Harlow’s grandmother. Now, Harlow must decide between finally getting answers about her mother’s past or to keep running like her mother asked.

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Hatchet Girls

Hatchet Girls by Diana Rodriguez Wallach 10/10

Everyone believes Mariella Morse when she claims her boyfriend, Vik Gomez, murdered her rich parents with an ax. Vik was caught standing over their bodies with blood on his hands and no memories about anything that happened that night. Vik’s sister, Tessa, knows her brother and swears he is innocent. Tessa blames herself as it’s her mistakes that caused their family to move to Fall River in the first place. Now, Tessa must get to the bottom of what happened that night and prove to everyone that her brother is innocent.

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No One Left But You

No One Left But You by Tash McAdam 11/7

Max has recently come out as trans, making school more difficult than ever. His summer romance, Danny, is bullying him and all Max wants to do is graduate. When the popular new It Girl, Gloss, moves to town, no one can understand why she is so drawn to Max. Later, it’s all fun and games for Max and Gloss until someone gets killed at a party and all signs point toward Gloss.

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Only She Came Back

Only She Came Back by Margot Harrison 11/14

When Kiri Dunsmore emerges from the desert wearing her boyfriend’s sweatshirt, she is covered in blood and believes that her boyfriend, survival guru Callum Massey is dead. Callum is a successful YouTuber, so his case gets nationwide attention and Kiri is the prime suspect. Sam is a true-crime junkie from Kiri’s hometown who is obsessed with the case, especially since she knows Kiri. Sam reaches out to Kiri and as Kiri begins to confide in Sam, Sam finds there’s much more to the story than anyone knows.

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