Spring reading season has arrived! Hopefully you have a little sunshine and some time to grab a book and head outdoors. From gorgeous new historical fiction to heart-warming romances, this March offers a ton of can’t-miss titles from long-time favorite authors of BookSparks CEO, Crystal Patriarche. And if your weather is still a little chilly, she also has some TV recommendations you can snuggle up with this month.

Anita De Monte Laughs Last

Anita de Monte Laughs Last by Xochitl Gonzalez

Recently chosen as Reese’s book club pick, this artsy novel is everywhere! When a budding artists dies, leaving a mystery behind, her name obscures into the history books. But when a new art student stumbles upon her legacy and recognizes similarities between the forgotten, Anita, and herself, she must examine her world among the privileged college class.

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Take Two Birdie Maxwell

Take Two, Birdie Maxwell by Allison Winn Scotch

Birdie is an A-list actress on the wrong side of a reputation-ruining viral video. When she flees to her hometown, somewhere no one will think to look, she hatches a plan to stage her very own rom-com and regain favor. When she discovers an unsigned note from an ex she sets off on adventure to find him, with her hometown BFF’s brother in tow to document the journey. Both are destined to discover if happy ending exist or if they are only manufactured in a Hollywood studio.

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In a Not So Perfect World

In a Not So Perfect World by Neely Tubati Alexander

Sloane is committed to landing her dream job as a video game designer at the top gaming company. She’s even gone so far as to promise she won’t get involved with anyone romantically so her head is 100% in the game. Charlie is her annoyingly attractive across-the-hall neighbor. He’s recently been dump and has two non-refundable tickets to the tropics. So they strike up a deal. Sloane will go with in order to have a quiet work space away from her freshly engaged ex and Charlie gets to pretend he’s moved on by posting suggestive photo to social media. In this forced proximity, beach vacay rom-com, sparks and rum punches will fly, no matter how much the two of them try to resist.

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Memory Piece

Memory Piece by Lisa Ko

Spanning from the 1980s, pre-digital world and looking toward 2040 Memory Piece centers on three friends who bond as teens facing a shared sense of alienation. As one they grow, their wistful dreams of youth muddy with the realities of the world. One is a performance artist, another works in the tech field and the third is an activist. As each grow and change with the world, art, tech and friendship swirl in dazzling, interwoven tales of womanhood and progress.

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The Great Divide

The Great Divide by Cristina Henriquez

Set during the construction of the Panama Canal, this “Read with Jenna” book club pick is a story of people impacted by one of the most historic engineering endeavors in modern history. From a local digger whose family opposes the development in Panama, to a teenage stowaway from Barbados and a doctor attempting to eliminate malaria, these strangers stories become an interlocking tapestry of loyalty, ambition and sacrifice.

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This Could be Us

This Could Be Us by Kennedy Ryan

Soledad has her whole life planned out. She is a fixer, a domestic goddess, and a hostess with the mostest. But there’s something she couldn’t plan for: the man she thought would be her forever burning both their lives to the ground. As she keeps herself and her daughter afloat, she begins to discover a more authentic version of herself rising from the ashes. When an unlikely man enters the picture she has to decide if she can trust him–or herself–with love.

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She Watches

As much as we’d all love to spend sun-up to sun-down reading, there’s also days where we just need something fun on TV to settle into. Here’s what Crystal Patriarche is tuning into this month.


Loving: The Regime with Kate Winslet

In a collapsing authoritarian society in Europe, the quirky and vicious ruler, Chancellor Elena Vernham, has grown paranoid and over reliant on a soldier as her lone companion. As the country fractures, her dictates and demands get increasingly violent and volatile while her empire burns down around her.

Excited about: A Gentleman in Moscow & The Idea of You

This month there are two more highly anticipated adaptations hitting the spring scene. From the multi-million copy selling Amor Towles to a beloved romance, you can catch these book-to-screen stories as well.


A Gentleman in Moscow with Ewan McGregor

Based on the bestselling novel of the same name, this story follows the life of a banished aristocrat following the Bolshevik revolution. Sentenced to a life of house arrest in a hotel attic across the street from the Kremlin, Count Alexander Rostov begins to see the world through a different lens. Starring a perfectly mustachioed Ewan McGregor this story is rich with history and emotional depth as well as hilarity. You can catch it on Showtime/Paramount+.


The Idea of You with Anne Hathaway

When Solène goes to a concert with her daughter, she hopes only to get closer to her only child after the divorce. Instead, an encounter with the band’s attractive and captivating lead singer, Hayes, throws her into a life she didn’t expect. A swirling romance with a 20-year age gap is equal parts heart-wrenching and sexy as they navigate a romance in the press.