If you’re looking to boost your TBR for Pride Month with some LGBTQ+ fiction, this is the place to stock up. From rom-coms to thrillers and everything in between, here are the perfect fiction picks to read during Pride Month and beyond!

The Celebrants by Steven Rowley

A group of friends are reuniting for a decades old pact in which they throw each other living “funerals” to celebrate life and show how much they mean to one another. So in Big Sur, Jordan, Jordy, Naomi, Craig, and Marielle are there to celebrate, but this reunion is much different as Jordan is holding back a secret that could change everything.

Such Pretty Flowers by K.L. Cerra

The last Holly heard from her brother, Dane, before he was found dead in his girlfriend’s townhouse was “Get it out of me.” The police ruled Dane’s death as a suicide brought on by psychosis, but Holly thinks something else happened and that his girlfriend, Maura, was involved. Now, Holly is stalking Maura in hopes she will slip and reveal something. But now Holly is fixated on Maura and finds herself attracted to the one woman she shouldn’t trust.

Best Men by Sidney Karger

Max Moody thought his life was going according to plan, including his friendship with Paige. Paige and Max grew up together and is the perfect best friend for a gay man like Max to have, until she announces her engagement and wants Max to be her man of honor. Max always believed he would be the one to get married first, but then he meets Paige’s fiancé, Austin, and his very handsome younger brother, Chasten. Although Max and Chasten have zero in common, a romantic spark ignites between the two men during all of the wedding festivities.

The Late Americans by Brandon Taylor

A group of lovers and friends in Iowa City are about to experience an explosive year of self-discovery. Among these friends are Seamus, a poet; Ivan, a dancer turned banker who dabbles in amateur porn; Fatima, a workaholic whose work gets in the way of her relationships; and Noah, the sex-magnet. As each member in the group prepares for an uncertain future, they travel to a cabin so they can say goodbye to their former lives and start new, only to be forever changed.

Seeing Strangers by Sebastian Plata

Greg Kelly is married to handsome Spanish-born, Cristian, has a successful job, an immaculate apartment, and an open marriage that allows him to sleep with whomever he wants in NYC. But, Greg and Cristian’s open marriage is about to close as they have hired a surrogate and the two agreed that once the baby arrives, the flings on the side stop. With one last summer to go wild, Greg finds himself in an anxiety-ridden position when an old hookup comes back into his life and refuses to let him go.

Your Driver is Waiting by Priya Guns

Damani is struggling after her father died on the job at a fast-food restaurant. Now, Damani lives paycheck to paycheck driving for an app while also trying to take care of her mother. When her next passenger, Jolene, enters her car, the chemistry is instant between the two women. The only thing is that Damani has never dated anyone with money before, let alone a white girl with money. As the romance gets more intense, Jolene does something unforgivable that sparks a disastrous chain of events.

Homebodies by Tembe Denton-Hurst

Mickey Hayward is a writer with a successful media job and a devoted girlfriend, far removed from the messy life she left behind in Maryland. Then, Mickey finds she’s being replaced at work and in a fit of rage, writes a letter detailing the racism and sexism she’s gone through as a Black woman in media. Mickey’s letter is met with silence causing her to return to her hometown where she is tempted by her old life and an old flame. Just as Mickey is questioning where she belongs and what she wants, a media scandal causes her letter to be front and center in the public eye.

Rent Boy by Gary Indiana

1981 New York City and everyone wants to be at the Emerson Club, a hotspot for celebrities. Everyone that is, except for Danny, who just works there to put himself through architecture school. Danny also turns tricks on the side and when he’s not working, he records the transactions in his life in gruesome detail. When Danny falls for a fellow rent boy, Chip, he is about to learn how to turn his body into cash in more than one way.

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