Another beautiful cover to reveal? Don’t mind if we do! She Writes Press memoir writer Deborah Burns has given She Reads the honor of revealing the cover of her 2019 memoir, Saturday’s Child: A Daughter’s Memoir, and we have fallen for the beautiful and retro-inspired cover. Set to release on April 9, 2019, here’s your first chance to get a look at the non-fiction read.

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More about the book from Amazon:

In vivid, lyrical prose, Saturday’s Child tells the story of Deborah’s eccentric upbringing and her quest in midlife, long after her parents’ death, to uncover the truth about her mother and their complex relationship. No longer under the spell of her maternal goddess, but still caught in a wrenching cycle of love and longing, Deborah must finally confront the reality of her mother’s legacy – and finally claim her own.

Advance praise for Saturday’s Child:

“A fascinating mother-daughter bond loaded with the realities of perfection, perception, identity, and the choices we make. An intergenerational story for the ages.” ―Rochelle Weinstein, USA Today best-selling author of Somebody’s Daughter

“A beautifully written love letter to a fascinating mother. I was immediately drawn in by both the prose and the mysteries at the heart of this unique mother-daughter relationship.” ―Andrea Jarrell, author of National Book Critics Circle Award-nominee I’m the One Who Got Away

“A universal tale of family and the quest for belonging; of reconciling the secrets we keep with the desire for truth; and of discovering that the unconditional love we all crave from others can ultimately be found inside ourselves.” ―Holly C. Corbett, author of The Lost Girls 

Pre-order Saturday’s Child: A Daughter’s Memoir now!