Is there really anything better than a summer day spent at the beach with the season’s hottest new books? Get ready for your upcoming trip to the beach with these 10 reads, perfect for time spent lounging in the sun. These are the best beach reads of 2019.

The Enlightenment of Bees by Rachel Linden

At only 26, Mia thinks she has her entire life mapped out. But everything changes when her boyfriend decides he needs space. She and her roommate decide to embark on a humanitarian trip around the world where they meet some memorable new friends and visit places they never imagined. Just as Mia feels as if she’s begun a new phase of her life, she’ll need to decide if she wants to follow her passions or return to her old life.

If I’m Being Honest by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

Cameron Bright is known to be a mean girl at her high school. But it isn’t until her crush Andrew rejects her that she tries to change her ways in order to win his affection. She’ll start by trying to make amends with Brendan, a boy whose social life she once ruined. When she starts falling for Brendan, Cameron is surprised that maybe they have a true connection.

The Escape Room by Megan Goldin

Four Wall Street superstars are put to the ultimate test in The Escape Room. The competitive colleagues agree to a team bonding activity and start their escape room mission trapped together in an elevator. As the challenge starts to bring out the terrible secrets each of them possess, they’ll have to band together if they all want to get out alive.

The Islanders by Meg Mitchell Moore

Anthony, Joy and Lu are all facing their own life crisis when they meet one summer on Block Island. Despite their difficult circumstances in life, they find strength in one another and face their biggest fears in a span of 12 weeks. By the end of summer, they’ll have to make big changes in their lives – changes that can greatly affect their futures.

Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner

Emma Mapson is ready for another uneventful summer working at The American Hotel in Sag Harbor when everything changes. With her daughter inheriting a large and beautiful estate, Emma will have to defend her against powerful art patron Bea who believes she deserved the wealthy inheritance. With something this important on the line, Bea will do whatever it takes to get control of the estate and when it’s all said and done, Bea, Emma and her daughter Penny will stumble upon a puzzle that will severely impact all of their lives.

Going Dutch by James Gregor

Richard is frustrated by the local gay dating scene and the writer’s block he faces. So when his classmate Anne offers to help write his papers in return for mere friendship, Richard agrees. As the two develop a new and powerful friendship, Richard will find that he needs Anne in his life. But when a new romance threatens that, he’ll have to make a decision about his future that will impact everyone involved.

The Starter Wife by Nina Laurin

Claire’s husband’s first wife supposedly died and yet the authorities never found her body and the case remains a mystery. She is shocked when she gets a phone call from the woman thought to be dead. Is Colleen really alive and if so, what does she want from Claire?

Sky Queen by Judy Kundert

Katherine loves her life as a Chicago-based stewardess but also wonders about her Native American roots. When she embarks on a journey, Katherine is hopeful of the adventure ahead of her. By the end of her mission to find herself and her true identity, she realizes that what she needs may be a complete change of scenery and a new career.

Devotion by Madeline Stevens

Ella is desperate for money and a new life when a wealthy married couple from the Upper East Side hire her to be their nanny. Suddenly given everything she had wished for she becomes enamored by the promise of this new life. But Ella admires her new boss Lonnie a bit too much and as she digs through Lonnie’s life, she becomes obsessed with the woman. Craving to live the life of her employers, Ella realizes she may never come back from her obsession and the need to be someone she’s not.

Waiting at Hayden’s by Riley Costello

True love and connection are at the center of this interactive novel. When lovers Charli and Jack went their separate ways after graduation, they promised to reunite at their favorite restaurant five years later. With the promised reunion on the horizon, the two wonder what lies ahead for them. Simultaneously, Gianna, the owner of Charli and Jack’s favorite restaurant, will begin to question her own relationship due to the passion she remembers the young couple had when they were regulars five years ago.

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