If you fell in love with the light-hearted humor that Kimmy Schmidt is known for, then you will love these five comedies!

Less by Andrew Sean Greer

On the verge of turning 50 and with his career as a novelist failing, Less decides to skip town after receiving an invitation to his ex-boyfriend’s wedding. Less ends up traveling the world attending cockamamie events plagued with comedic misadventures.

Go Ask Ali: Half-Baked Advice (and Free Lemonade) by Ali Wentworth

Ali’s third book is once again hilarious, thoughtful and unique. With her characteristic wit and charm, Ali shares the events that led her to where she is with hilarious candor. In Go Ask Ali, she gives readers tips and advice to handle everything from the most mundane to insane situations in life-based on her experiences.

Surprise Me by Sophie Kinsella

Dan and Sylvie have by all standards a perfect life, then one day someone tells them that they could be together for another 68 years and they panic. The two set out on a hilarious adventure, which they call Project Surprise Me, in an attempt to bring spontaneity into their marriage.

The Glitch by Elisabeth Cohen

Shelley Stone had it all together as a wife, mom, and CEO who lived life meticulously planned out. Then one day she meets a young woman also named Shelley Stone who has the exact same scar on her shoulder as she does. Is the pressure finally getting to her head or is there something bigger going on?

The Baby Plan by Kate Rorick

Three women all in very different life situations discover they are pregnant and must navigate the complicated world of modern pregnancy. These women will have readers cry-laughing as they take on everything from crazy gender reveal parties, judgment and social media mishaps.