Insanely attractive people are sexy, no? Insanely attractive people with BILLIONS are sexier. This is just the way things are; the law of the universe, if you will. Alas, loving a billionaire is a fantasy for most of us – but that’s what good stories are for. So grab your Monopoly board, throw the money on the bed, roll around and then read these six Sexy-with-a-capital-S billionaire romances.

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The Boss by Abigail Barnette

Woman meets man on a night out. Woman and man have mind-blowing, amazing sex. Man helps woman explore dominance and submission, opening her up to a whole new world. Woman starts new job and realizes man is her new boss – and a billionaire. That’s the situation Sophie and Neil find themselves in. If you thought 50 Shades of Grey was hot, we advise you to turn on your A/C before starting Chapter One of The Boss.

His Wicked Games by Ember Casey

Lily Frazer will do anything to save her family’s arts center. Calder Cunningham, a mysterious billionaire, offers to provide the funds to do so. However, Calder won’t give over the money unless Lily plays a game with him. A very sexy game. What starts is a game of cat and mouse that neither is prepared for.

Filthy Rich Alpha by Virna DePaul

Cara Michal tried to keep her life simple; working on Wall Street to pay for her brother’s medical bills was a lot of pressure, so there wasn’t time for any other complications. Particularly of the romantic kind. Enter Branden Duke, the new CEO of the company. He’s rich, powerful and knee-shakingly sexy. And he finds Cara irresistible. Question is: can Cara resist him? Or is her perfectly controlled world about to be shattered?

Society X by LP Dover

Rule #1: no names. Rule #2: no exchanging of numbers. Rule #3: everyone must remain anonymous. Those are the requirements of The Dark Room, where pleasure is the order of business for the wealthy. For Parker and Mia, the Dark Room is a haven of escape that lets them find out who they really are. But when they form a connection, they know they might need to break the rules. But are they prepared for the cost?

Brand Brothers by Maureen Smith

Lena Morrison is an escort, but only in the truest sense of the word: she acts as a companion to rich and powerful men for parties and functions. She provides wit and charm, but never sex; it’s not on the table. When mega-rich Roderick Brand hires her, he finds himself enchanted by her brains and beauty. He wants more. Lena has always refused to mix business with pleasure, but this time is different. The question is: will it be the biggest mistake of her life?

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