Books and YouTube? Sign us up! If you thought you loved seeing readers post gorgeous photos of their latest reads on Instagram, you’ll die for these entertaining Booktubers. These are the best Booktubers you should be subscribed to in 2019.

Christine Riccio

As both a Booktuber and author, Christine Riccio wears many hats. Known as polandbananasBOOKS on YouTube, Riccio does everything from judging books on their plots to making bookmarks and talking about her own experience as a writer. Any readers with aspirations of becoming writers will love her quirky content.

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India Hill Brown

If you love book hauls, India will be your go-to girl! Known as BooksAndBigHair on YouTube and Instagram, India is an avid reader who picks up books in a wide variety of genres. Another reader-turned-author, India offers advice to her viewers on finding a literary agent, copyediting her book and more. She’s a great source for both writers and readers on YouTube.

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Jesse the Reader

Looking for a relatable reader? We’ve found your perfect match in Jesse the Reader. Along with book recommendations, Jesse uploads videos that every reader will relate to. From odd book opinions to Facetuning book covers and even an interview with Michelle Obama (we’re majorly jealous), Jesse has a video for every kind of reader.

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Emma Green

Emma Green, aka MissEmmaReadsALot, started her YouTube channel exclusively covering books but has since moved into the lifestyle/vlogging space a bit more. With her lovable personality and quality content, watching Emma’s videos is a quick way to add a bit of fun and positivity to your day.

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Kat O’Keefe

Another BookTuber who can check “meeting Michelle Obama” off her bucket list is Kat O’Keefe, otherwise known as Katytastic online. Not afraid to be herself, Kat’s content is 100 percent authentic and we love the variety of videos she offers audiences. From her own writing advice to makeup tips and tricks and video series dedicated to books, she’s a jack of all trades.

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When it comes to staying on top of monthly reading lists, Rincey is the queen. Providing her subscribers with recaps about the books she reads every month, she’s always in the know about the newest and best books. In addition to her book videos, Rincey also sprinkles in cooking videos, Q&As and behind-the-scenes footage, creating a truly unforgettable YouTube channel.

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Avid reading vlogger Regan is a master at her craft. Just by looking at her feed, it’s clear that Regan reads a lot. In addition to her own book recommendations and monthly book roundups, she participates in popular video trends as well as coming up with inventive ideas like talking about the ugliest books she owns. If you didn’t love her enough already, she even made her boyfriend put together his own #TBR pile – talk about couple goals.

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Sasha Alsberg

It’s safe to say Sasha is one of the biggest Booktubers out there and we are obsessed with her giant book hauls (and unhauls) and feel-good book content. Like a few of her fellow book influencers, Sasha writes books of her own as well and takes the time to talk to her followers about it. While she loves herself a good fantasy novel, she’s also a fan of YA novels and other popular reads. Did we mention she’s a #1 New York Times bestselling author? Incredible!

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Robby Reads

Robby has one of the most impressive bookshelves we’ve ever seen and his fun videos and amazing book picks make him one of the best to be following on YouTube. In addition to talking about the many books he reads, Robby also vlogs with his family and even does tours of his glorious bookshelves. While he’s a YA reader at heart, Robby is always up for reading the latest book people are buzzing about.

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Ariel Bissett

Ariel isn’t afraid of a super niche read. Being completely open and honest on her YouTube channel, Ariel has to be one of the best book influencers to follow. From her strong opinions on pre-ordering books to her enlightening documentary about poetry on social media, Ariel is the kind of content creator who gets her viewers to care about the things she cares about.

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Caz is the brilliant mind behind the platform Little Book Owl and creates content for all kinds of readers. Always keeping her subscribers up to date on what she’s reading, she keeps her channel fresh with creative ideas like “First Sentence Charades” and weekly reading vlogs.

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