These YouTube book reviewers share fun, passionate video reviews of their favorite books. We love seeing into their reading spaces, looking over their bookshelves and hearing what they think. These are just a few of the best booktubers of 2020. We’ve included their Instagram links, too, if you’d like to follow them on both platforms.

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Aissata Amadou

While she’s only 19 years old, Aissata is putting out content that looks like a professional with years of experience produced it. In addition to book recommendations and reading vlogs, she also produces fashion content such as her West African clothing haul. We love the variety of topics this booktuber shares.

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Starlah Reads

Starlah’s content is just as diverse as she is. This Queer and multiracial booktuber puts out videos spanning manga unboxing to sci-fi and fantasy to classic book TBR videos. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Anyone looking for entertainment or actual advice and review will find a home with Starlah’s channel.

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Ghost Reader

Ghost Reader is an aspiring writer who produces videos once a week. He is a classic booktuber, and does giveaways, reading challenges, and of course, book reviews. A must-watch for the best booktubers of 2020.

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Darling Desi

Desi’s content is as colorful as her bright orange hair. Fall in love with the cute aesthetic of her videos but stay for the book hauls, and her Jane Austen content. 

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Books Are My Social Life

Saajid’s big smile is contagious and his energy radiates over all the way from his home in Trinidad. He focuses on reading books that reflect his experience as a Muslim living in the Caribbean. His content consists of hauls and funny vlogs, such as what annoys him as a reader!

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Monica Kim

Watching Monica’s channel feels like you’re stepping into a magical universe. Her colorful and cute background matches her content about whimsical books. Monica is Korean and can be found vlogging her Korean skincare routine or participating in Koreadathon. 

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Irish Reader

As the name suggests, Kevin is a Queer booktuber posting content from Ireland. He shares classic booktube videos such as his TBR but he also puts out creative content such as reading notoriously “bad books” for the first time or even producing a video in Irish!

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The Artisan Geek

Seji’s content involves a lot of manga reviews and hauls but she also posts the traditional book review or reading challenge video. She even has fun content such as her roller skating in a bat costume video that included a read-a-thon announcement. She is from the UK and uses her channel for advocacy such as promoting the use of local bookshops.

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Yogi With a Book

Jocelyn is a Cuban American booktuber posting videos from New York City. Her videos are all close-captioned and she posts many videos related to her Latina heritage. Much of her TBR spans mythology, magic, and folklore.

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Christopher’s Book Club

Christopher is a new booktuber, he started his channel in May 2020. He is from the UK and so far his content has been book tags and his Autumn/ Winter TBR. He also posts book reviews to his Instagram!

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