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Romance is in the air … and coming to your bookshelves very soon. I have taken it upon myself to let you in on the most anticipated romance novels coming out this fall. Curl up with a good book this cuffing season because the heat and passion these books are giving off will keep you warm on those crisp and chilly autumn nights!

Bombshell by Sarah MacLean

Available August 24, 2021

Lady Sesily Talbot has a reputation, and she loves being London’s brightest scandal. No one even notices anymore when she lures gentlemen into the dark gardens beyond Mayfair ballroom. Well, no one except Caleb Calhoun. He has spent years trying not to notice his best friend’s sister, but there is just something about the way Sesily looks at him and the way she talks to him. Plus, someone has to make sure Sesily doesn’t get into any trouble, but who is going to keep Caleb out of trouble?

The Name Curse by Brooke Burroughs

Available August 31, 2021

Bernie didn’t want to go on a hike through Alaska, but her friends and family were becoming very concerned about her after her father dies. So, she agrees to go. Matthew, on the other hand, needs inspiration for a new project and needs this hike to process the reappearance of his absent father. It’s safe to say the two don’t initially get along, in fact it is annoyance at first sight. Yet, they find they have a lot to learn from one another about family and life, and maybe even love.

Portrait of a Scotsman by Evie Dunmore

Available September 7, 2021

Hattie Greenfield is a London banking heiress and has somehow found herself at the altar with Lucian Lakstone, a darkly attractive financier. He finds her bewitching but is driven by a desire for revenge. She finds him to be murky and the end of her ambitions. Yet, a sudden journey to Scotland might paint everything in a different light for the young artist. She might still be able to win everything but is it worth losing her heart.

The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

Available September 14, 2021

Scientists require proof, which is why Olive Smith doesn’t believe in lasting romantic relationships. In a strategy to convince her best friend that she is dating, Olive kisses the first man she sees, Professor Adam Carlsen. Somehow, the young hotshot professor agrees to a fake relationship. After Olive’s career almost imploding and the unyielding support from Adam, the two might realize that their experiment is close to combustion.

A Lot Like Adios by Alexis Daria

Available September 14, 2021

Childhood friends Michelle Amato and Gabriel Aguilar haven’t seen each other after an awkward departure thirteen years ago. Michelle is currently running a freelance business as a graphic designer after burning out from corporate life and couldn’t be more confused when she is brought on to spearhead a marketing campaign for Gabriel’s newest location of his successful celebrity gym. The two attempt to work together while trying to ignore their resurfacing feelings for each other but will they be able to fix their past mistakes before Gabe decides to leave

When Sparks Fly by Helena Hunting

Available September 21, 2021

Avery Spark is living her best life, and with everything going on in her life the last thing she’s thinking about is dating. She’d much rather hang out with her roommate and best friend, Declan McCormick. However, everything changes when Declan puts a one-night stand ahead of a promise he made to Avery and she end up in a car accident. Declan feels responsible and is determined to make it up to her by taking care of her in her time of healing. They’ll learn the spark between them might be hard to ignore, but even harder to prepare for the consequences it brings.

On Location by Sarah Smith

Available September 21, 2021

After spending years working her way up the ranks, Alia Dunn’s dream project of producing a TV series about Utah’s national parks in honor of her late apong is approved by her network executives. She’s excited until she finds out that she is working with Drew Irons, the guy who ghosted her after a first date she personally thought was wonderful. As their bickering and tension on set build, they soon realize that they are falling for each other. When the host of the show jeopardizes her show, Alia and Drew must work together to save her project and fight for their relationship.

Under the Whispering Door by TJ Klune

Available September 21, 2021

Wallace might be dead. He suspects he might be when a reaper comes to collect him from his own funeral. He feels it’s a for-sure thing when Hugo, the owner of a peculiar tea shop, offers to help him cross over. He has one week to cross over, but Wallace is going to live the life he wasn’t ready to leave behind … in seven days.

The Matzah Ball by Jean Meltzer

Available September 28, 2021

Rachel Rubenstein-Goldblatt is a nice Jewish girl with a shameful secret: she loves Christmas. It was has inspired her to write Christmas romance novels for over a decade, but her hidden career is almost torturous as her chronic illness has always kept the kind of love she writes about out of reach. When Rachel is demanded to write a Hanukkah romance novel, her inspiration suddenly runs dry. She is determined to find her muse at the Matzah Ball, even if it means working with her archenemy, Jacob Greenberg. Yet, the holiday season tends to bring people together in ways they never expect.

The Sweetest Remedy by Jane Igharo

Available September 28, 2021

Hannah Bailey has never known her father, the Nigerian entrepreneur who had a brief relationship with her white mother. Because of this, Hannah has always felt uncertain about part of her identity. When her father dies, she is invited to Nigeria and finds that she has more to gain than she thought. Hannah is soon shaped by secrets that unfold, a culture she never thought she would understand or appreciate, and a man who steals her heart and helps her to see herself in a new light.

After Perfect by Maan Gabriel

Available October 5, 2021

Gabriella Stevens is content living as a devoted, 36-year-old housewife—just as her traditional Filipino mother has always told her to do—when, after sixteen years of marriage and twenty years together, he tells her he wants a divorce. Gabby finds herself single for the first time since she was a teenager, and decides to go back to school, get her first real job, and face unfamiliar reality with determination. But when she unexpectedly falls in love with her mysterious but utterly beautiful creative writing professor, Colt, she learns he is battling demons of his own: a tragic past that may have made him incapable of love. Is Gabby destined for another heartbreak—or will her connection with Colt be what unbreaks her?

Love, Chai, and Other Four Letter Words by Annika Sharma

Available October 5, 2021

Kiran is the good daughter, the one who picked up the pieces when her sister disobeyed the family and brought shame upon their name. Kiran would not make the same mistakes. Nash never had a family, his parents were absent from his life growing up and now he turns away from love and family. But what happens when they stop listening to other people’s wants and traditions for them, and Kiran and Nash follow their hearts?

Payback’s a Witch by Lana Harper

Available October 5, 2021

Emmy Harlow is a witch, but her self-imposed exile from Thistle Grove has made her power fade a little bit. When a spellcasting tournament that her family serves as arbiters for approaches, Emmy finds that tradition has a stronger pull than she thought. It’ll be nice though, she’ll do her familial duty, spend time with her best friend, and then go back to her exile. However, Emmy’s plans change when she finds out that the destroyer of dreams and breaker of hearts Gareth Blackmoore has charmed and broken the heart of her best friend, Linden, and Talia Avramov. Revenge is on the mind of the two girls, but Talia seems to be the only thing on Emmy’s mind.

A Certain Appeal by Vanessa King

Available November 2, 2021

In this retelling of Pride and Prejudice, Liz Bennet is an executive assistant by day and stage kitten by night in New York. Love is the last thing on her mind when she locks eyes with Will Darcy in the Meryton burlesque club. Their spark is undeniable and irresistible. A horrible first impression might be overlooked for some passion. However, Liz will have to decide if she should trust her heart or a charming stranger when Meryton’s fate is put in jeopardy.

The Single’s Table by Sara Desai

Available November 16, 2021

It started with a deal. Former military security specialist, Jay Dayal, promises to introduce celebrity-obsessed Zara Patel to his celebrity clients in exchange for her match-making skills. Neither of them could have guessed that the wedding season they’re stuck in would be just the right setting for their own perfect matching. Will they be able to realize what’s in front of them before it’s too late?

Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships by Sarah Grunder Ruiz

Available November 23, 2021

All Jo Walker needs is her bucket list of thirty things before thirty, and her nieces to help push her to finish the bucket list. Jo has almost everything completed, but the death of her nephew turns her life upside down and her list falls by the wayside. The remaining eight items seem impossible to complete in twelve weeks, but Jo takes on the challenge. Yet, when she completes item five on the list, kiss a stranger, she meets Alex Hayes and all bets are off as she must learn to quit playing it safe with her heart.

Couples Wanted by Briana Cole

Available November 30, 2021

Newlyweds Bridget and Roman are determined to keep their relationship exciting. So, when they meet married swingers Corinne and Patrick, they are instantly drawn to their luxurious promise of friendship. Until Corinne and Patrick start to become possessive and demand more than Bridget and Roman can give. Spun into a web of secrets and nightmares, the couple will be pushed to their breaking point. Can their love survive?