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This fall is packed with the releases of swoon-worthy love stories. With everything from new novels by Nicholas Sparks and Selena Montgomery (aka Stacey Abrams) to a debut by well-known bookstagrammer Chip Pons, you won’t want to miss these fall romances!

Long Past Summer by Noué Kirwan (August 2)

Mikaela Marchand is a successful lawyer living in New York and being considered for a promotion. But her past small-town life in Georgia isn’t so far behind. An old photo of her and her former best friend Julie has landed on the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine and is being advertised all over the city. When Julie files a lawsuit against the magazine, Michaela takes on the case as its defense lawyer. She must now confront Julie for the first time in years and work closely with the photographer, who happens to be an old flame and Julie’s ex-husband. With her relationships and her job on the line, Mikaela has no room for error. But Julie’s jealousy just made her job a lot more complicated…

You & I, Rewritten by Chip Pons (August 23)

When a beautifully written manuscript lands on Will Cowen’s desk, he’s determined to make it his big break. Recently promoted at one of New York’s most renowned publishing houses, Will is looking for a win – especially after embarrassing himself in front of Graham Austin, the stern and seriously gorgeous heir to the publishing empire. But when the author ghosts him at an important event, Will starts to lose hope. He seeks comfort at an open bar and finds it in the unlikeliest of people: Graham Austin. As Graham begins to lower his guard, a spark ignites an epic romance between the two. But while his author makes progress with his manuscript, Will learns that there is no running from his past. Is there a chance in rewriting it?

Rules of Engagement by Selena Montgomery (September 6)

When Dr. Raleigh Foster, an operative for a secret intelligence organization, is asked to infiltrate terrorist group Scimitar, she doesn’t hesitate. Neither does her partner, Adam Grayson, who’s assigned to pose as her lover for the undercover operation. Scimitar stole lethal environmental technology and killed Adam’s best friend during a botched mission. Initially, Adam suspected that Raleigh may have also been involved in his friend’s death, but as they grow closer, he begins to trust Raleigh – and desire her. With their lives on the line, the two agents must now untangle the complicated web of secrets behind Scimitar while navigating their growing feelings for one another.

The Boy With the Bookstore by Sarah Echavarre Smith (September 6)

When Joelle Prima learned that she would have to temporarily combine her Filipino bakery with Max Boyson’s bookstore due to a massive renovation taking place in their building, she was optimistic. For a long time, she fostered a crush on Max from a distance, and this was her chance to finally get to know him. But Joelle quickly realized that the prince she built up in her head was no more than a toad. One with a short temper and a tendency to steal pastries from her display case. So when Max begins to soften and Joelle senses heat between them, she’s thrown. But then they discover the real reason behind the renovation, and the two must work together to keep their businesses afloat, while their feelings are put to the test.

Dreamland by Nicholas Sparks (September 20)

There was a time when Colby Mills felt he was destined for a career in music, until a tragedy obliterated that dream. But when presented with the opportunity to play a gig at a bar in Florida, Colby accepts, desperate for break from his duties at the farm. That’s when he meets aspiring musician Morgan Lee, who plans to move to Nashville and become a star. Their romantic and musical connection is undeniable. Meanwhile, Beverly, the mother of a six-year-old boy, flees an abusive husband, desperately trying to create a quiet life for herself and her child. Over the course of a week, fate will draw Colby, Morgan, and Beverly together, forcing them to decide what they want for their futures and how to face their pasts.

Something in the Heir by Suzanne Enoch (September 20)

Emmeline and William Pershing have been happily married for eight years. Emmeline has helped William advance his career with her hostess and planning skills, and although William may sometimes yearn for more from the woman he married, he can’t complain. But when Emmeline’s grandfather, the Duke of Welshire, invites them to his birthday celebration and insists they bring their two angelic children, William is shocked to find out his wife invented two heirs to satisfy the agreement for living at Winnover. William and Emmeline team up to find two children that can play the part, and end up with George and Rose, the two most disruptive orphans in Britain. As they navigate this chaotic challenge, William and Emmeline begin to discover new possibilities for their love and their life together.

Where We Begin and End by Jane Igharo (September 27)

It has been twelve years since Dunni said goodbye to her high school boyfriend, Obinna, and left Nigeria to attend college in America. Now, working as a geneticist and engaged to a man she doesn’t love, Dunni returns to Nigeria for a friend’s wedding and runs into Obinna. She rediscovers him as a sophisticated, self-assured man, and quickly realizes her feelings for him never disappeared. As they get to know each other all over again, Dunni can’t help but think of the future they planned when they were younger. But when secrets are spilled and the consequences of their past resurface, Dunni is forced to question whether she should let go of the love they shared, once and for all.

Mistakes Were Made by Meryl Wilsner (October 11)

Cassie Klein was not looking for a one-night stand when she went to an off-campus bar to escape her school’s Family Weekend. But after buying a drink for a stranger, things quickly heat up and Cassie ends up spending the night with a hot older woman. A woman who, she discovers the next morning at breakfast, happens to be her friend’s mom. Erin Bennett also didn’t plan for this to happen. She agreed to come to Family Weekend for one reason and one reason only: To get closer to her daughter. She didn’t know Cassie was a student. But as they spend more time together, Erin and Cassie develop real feelings for one another, and soon they must decide whether being honest about their relationship is worth the risk.

A Cosmic Kind of Love by Samantha Young (October 18)

After taking on a wedding project and receiving party-inspiration material, event planner Hallie Goodman stumbles on a collection of videos from the bride’s ex-boyfriend, Christopher Ortiz. Hallie can’t help but watch them all, marveling at the cute, funny astronaut on her screen. Soon after, Hallie starts composing emails and sending her own video diaries to his discontinued NASA email address, believing he’ll never see them. But when a friend in NASA’s IT department forwards him the messages, Christopher becomes hooked with her sense of humor and pink hair. Even separated by screens, Hallie and Chris start falling for each other. But will their complicated pasts stand in the way of true love?

Built to Last by Erin Hahn (October 18)

Former child star Shelby Springfield has spent the last decade trying to erase her past like the imperfections on the vintage furniture she restores. But it’s hard to forget her meltdown and her public breakup with ex co-star Lyle Jessup when it was documented for the world to see. It’s also hard to forget Cameron Riggs, her other co-star and childhood sweetheart. When Lyle proposes they reunite to work on a home renovation show, all three see the benefits: Cameron can finally put down roots after years of chasing stories around the world, Shelby can prove that she’s more than a party girl, and a jealous Lyle can stir the pot in the spotlight once more…

Partners in Crime by Alisha Rai (October 18)

Mira Patel’s got everything she wants except a stable romantic relationship. Even her matchmaker is struggling to find someone right for her. Naveen Desai, the first match Mira rejected, has been too busy keeping his sick grandfather’s law firm running to consider romance again. So when Mira re-enters his life to settle her aunt’s affairs, he doesn’t expect to be so intrigued by her and all her secrets. Suddenly, she and Naveen find themselves running through Las Vegas to escape thieves and crime bosses while trying to fix the mess her family made. When she’s forced to confront her past, Mira begins to realize that she’s not alone, and that the trust and understanding she spent so long looking for might be right under her nose.

The Rewind by Allison Winn Scotch (November 1)

After their breakup, Frankie and Ezra promised to never speak to each other again. A decade later, on New Year’s Eve, they reunite for the first time at a friend’s wedding in New England. Both have moved on with their lives and forged new relationships, but anxiously anticipate seeing each after so long apart. When they wake up in the same bed the following morning, they have no recollection of what happened. To make matters worse, they discover Ezra’s grandmother’s diamond on Frankie’s finger. Now the two of them must work together to figure out what happened the night before, and to answer the question: Did they make a mistake letting each other go ten years earlier?

The Banned Bookshop of Maggie Banks by Shauna Robinson (November 1)

Maggie Banks moved to Bell River with the intention of saving her best friend’s struggling bookstore, but quickly learned that it’s not easy to sell books in a town with a looming literary society that prohibits the sale of anything written in this century. When a series of complications arise and threaten the future of the bookstore, Maggie is forced to get creative. She starts an underground book club, where readers gather to celebrate books they truly love. But keeping the club under wraps and avoiding the literary society proves to be a difficult challenge, especially after Maggie discovers a town secret that could change everything.

Pride and Protest by Nikki Payne (November 15)

DJ Liza B. is determined to save her neighborhood from the lifeless developer putting up expensive condos on every street corner. But when she organizes a protest at a corporate event, she comes face-to-face with the undeniably attractive CEO, and their chemistry is irrefutable. Dorsey thinks Liza’s protests are more of an inconvenience than a threat. As an adopted child raised in a rich white family, he knows what it’s like to feel like a fraud. But after a viral meme of her protest emerges on the Internet, Dorsey and Liza must navigate the spotlight, re-examine their values, and come to terms with their feelings for one another.

The Gentleman’s Book of Vices by Jess Everlee (November 29)

In London, in 1883, Charlie Price is soon to marry a woman he can’t love and store away his carefully curated explicit novel collection forever. But before he commits to his new life, he’s determined to meet his favorite author, Miles Montague, in person. Miles has been writing erotic novels under a secret penname and using the royalties to keep his bookstore running. So when a handsome young man appears, Miles is shocked to find that Charlie is his biggest fan and is willing to keep his secret safe. Soon after they meet, Charlie and Miles begin a passionate affair the likes of which Miles has only every written about. But if they truly want to be together, Miles must let go of his past, and Charlie must take control of his future.