Do you like a dash of spooky with your thrillers? If you’re looking for thrills and chills that include supernatural elements to add that extra level of terror, these stories are goosebumps guarantees that will make it hard to fall asleep at night. Reader beware, these stories include scares!

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The Outsider by Stephen King

When a young boy is found murdered in the woods, little league coach Terry Maitland is arrested for the crime. While there’s a large amount of evidence that puts Terry at the crime scene, there’s also evidence showing Terry over a hundred miles away. While the police believe they have their only suspect in custody, the question remains how could Terry be two places at the same time?

The Bright Lands by John Fram

Joel Whitley is returning to his conservative hometown of Bentley for the first time in a decade after fleeing the small town to live his life as a gay man in New York. But this is no happy reunion. Joel’s younger brother, Dylan, has gone missing. When Joel returns to Bentley, he is reunited with Starsha Clark, who is reminded of her own brother’s disappearance and now works as a sheriff deputy. When rumors swirl of Dylan’s disappearance, Joel and Starsha team up to not only find Dylan, but take on a group of men who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried.

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

Galaxy “Alex” Sterns had dropped out of high school and ended up with the wrong crowd after becoming involved in the dealings of her drug-dealer boyfriend, only to be the sole survivor of a mass murder. In the hospital, Alex is given the chance to go to Yale and monitor the secret societies on the campus. Then, it becomes clear that even though supernatural elements are around every corner in campus, someone has proven they are capable of murder when a young woman is found dead.

Hidden Pictures by Jason Rekulak

Fresh out of rehab, Mallory Quinn has just taken a job babysitting five-year-old Teddy Maxwell. Teddy’s parents, Ted and Caroline, are great to work for and Mallory loves watching Teddy. Mallory begins to notice that Teddy loves to draw in a sketchbook, but one day she finds something extremely disturbing. Teddy has drawn a picture of a man in a forest dragging a dead woman’s body. A dead woman who resembles a cold case murder victim. Was this something Teddy imagined, or does he know something about this case?

Decimate by Christopher Rice

When they were young, Claire Huntley and her brother Poe, were on a late-night hike in Montana when they were knocked off their feet by a blinding light that left them no memory as to what happened. Fourteen years later, Claire is still wrecked with anxiety over that night and is trying to mend her relationship with Poe, who is now an addict. After a plane crash with Poe on board, Claire is reunited with her estranged father to investigate the paranormal force that changed their lives forever.

Just Like Home by Sarah Gailey

Vera is returning to her estranged mother’s home to finally confront her past. Not only is this the home she grew up in, but also where her serial killer father buried his victims. When Vera arrives, she finds an artist living in the guest house and begins to find mysterious notes in her father’s handwriting that reveal some sinister secrets.

The Chill by Scott Carson

During the 20th century in upstate New York, a town was destroyed near the Chilewaukee reservoir. Manhattan politicians stated this was for the best, bringing water to millions of people downstate. While most families were forced from t heir land, some neve left. A hundred years later, an inspector hired to oversee the dam witnesses something terrifying. Beneath the water, a dark prophecy still remains and sacrifices are to be made.

Cover of The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James

In 1982, Viv takes a job a the Sun Down Motel to make some extra cash so she can move to New York City, only to realize the motel is haunted. Shortly after she begins, Viv mysteriously disappears. In 2017, Viv’s niece Carly visits the motel where her aunt vanished years ago in hope she will get the answers to what really happened to her. After getting a job at the motel, Carly finds herself in the same situation Viv was in right before she disappeared. Will Carly find out what really happened to Viv before she’s the next to disappear?

Cover of The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris

Nella Rogers is a young editorial assistant who is sick of the microaggressions that come with being the only Black employee at Wagner Books. But, all of that and more is about to change when Hazel begins working right next to Nella. Soon, a series of strange events turn Hazel into the office star and Nella begins to receive notes telling her to leave her job immediately. Nella doesn’t want to believe Hazel could be responsible for these notes—but soon finds that it’s more than just her job that is in danger.

Cover of Layla by Colleen Hoover

Layla by Colleen Hoover

After meeting Layla, Leeds knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. After an attack almost kills Layla, the two escape to a bed-and-breakfast for Layla to recover, but Layla begins to act strangely once the two arrive. Feeling lost from her strange behavior, Leeds begins to confide in a stranger named Willow and soon finds himself in a deadly love triangle that could ruin all three of their lives if Leeds doesn’t choose the right woman.

Cover of The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

In 1908, the town of West Hall, Vermont was shocked when Sara Harrison Shea was found dead in a field months after the death of her daughter. Now, in present day, nineteen-year-old Ruthie calls Sara’s farmhouse home with her mother and sister as the family lives off the grid. When Ruthie’s mom Alice disappears, Ruthie is desperate to find out what happened to her mother, and in her search she finds Sara’s old diary. As Ruthie dives deeper into Sara’s past and the events that led to her mysterious death, Ruthie fears that if she doesn’t find her mother quickly, history may repeat itself.

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Cover of The Whisper Man by Alex North

The Whisper Man by Alex North

Tom Kennedy and his son Jake have just moved to Featherbank after the sudden death of Tom’s wife in hopes of a fresh start. Upon arrival, Tom learns that this town has a dark history, in which a serial killer named Frank Carter kidnapped and murdered five people from Featherbank twenty years ago. Dubbed “The Whisper Man”, Carter would lure his victims out of their homes by whispering at their windows at night. When a young boy vanishes from town, rumors swirl Carter had an accomplice and soon enough, Jake begins to hear whispers at his window.

Cover of The Return by Rachel Harrison

The Return by Rachel Harrison

Elise’s best friend Julie has been missing for almost two years, but Elise still believes she will return. When Julie does return two years to the day she went missing—with no memory of what’s happened to her—Elise and two other friends, Molly and Mae, decide to have a reunion at a remote inn. Upon their arrival, Elise notices that Julie is nothing like the woman she used to be and she begins to wonder if the Julie that is with them now is someone—or something—completely different.

Cover of Bone Music by Christopher Rice

Bone Music by Christopher Rice

Charlotte Rowe was raised by a pair of serial killers for the first seven years of her life after the two murdered her mother and were determined to turn Charlotte into a monster. Even though she was rescued, Charlotte endured pressure as her real father exploited her story, until Charlotte was able to flee and live the life she wanted to, leaving her past behind her. When a corporation secretly doses Charlotte with an experimental drug, she is experiencing a superpower that is amplified by anger and fear. Using her new power, Charlotte makes the decision to fight the evil forces that once shattered her life by avenging a serial killer.

Cover of The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

The Only Good Indians by Stephen Graham Jones

The consequences of a deadly event that took place in their youth is coming back in a haunting and terrifying manner for four Native American men and their families. Believing the past was left behind, they now find themselves being attacked by an entity with nothing but revenge on its mind that blend with culture and traditions they thought they had left behind that erupts in violence.