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Believe it or not, 2022 is almost at a close. Fall is approaching, and the one silver lining we can look forward to, besides pumpkin spice lattes, is the arrival of a new crop of Young Adult books. The YA releases will hit the shelves soon, allowing us to fall in love with new mysteries, romances, fantasies, and coming-of-age stories. Go ahead, lose yourself in any of the options below. We’ll join you.

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Kingdom of the Feared by Kerri Maniscalco

When Emilia discovers her twin sister Vittoria is alive, she’s shocked beyond belief. Yet Emilia will have to put this new source of information on hold if she wants to continue with her plans of seducing and claiming the Prince of Wrath. He’s so close that she could just reach out and grab him—his body, mind and soul. Meanwhile, a high-ranking House of Greed member dies, and all fingers point to Vittoria as the killer, making her an enemy of the Seven Circles. To uncover who her sister truly is, Emilia and Wrath will play a sinister game that’s sinfully fueled and bound to uncover everything that’s cooking in their world of witches, demons, and their most deceitful foe: the Feared.

The Restless Dark by Erica Waters

In this unpredictable tale of survival, mistrust and vengeance, there is no stopping the spread of darkness. The Cloudkiss Killer is meant to be dead, and a true-crime podcast in Cloudkiss Canyon wants his bones. They’ll even host a contest to do so. Lucy, a last-known survivalist and almost-victim, is among the interested parties. Together she’ll join forces in the nightmarish fog with ​​Carolina, a true-crime fan, and Maggie, a psychology student. But with everyone having their own motives and wanting their own set of answers, the girls will soon realize more than bones are hiding in the darkness.


Reader, I Murdered Him by Betsy Cornwell

As a child, Adele grew up wandering in the shadows. Whether it was backstage at her mother’s Parisian dance halls or in the gloomy haunted rooms at her father’s manor, she couldn’t sit still. Her parent’s sending her away to boarding school in London, she thought, should give her the chance to step away from the darkness and into the light. But this new world proves to be just as devious, and after a violent assault, she looks to a young roguish con woman for help. They seek to protect the women around them by taking justice into their own hands, all the while growing their own budding romance. 

Blood Like Fate by Liselle Sambury

Book two of the Blood like Magic series finds Voya Thomas at the end of her trials, which makes her a full-fledged witch. The cost she had to pay to get there was a hefty one: her grandmother is gone, the hate from her cousins is visceral, and her family doesn’t trust that she can lead them. To make matters worse, Voya can’t stop thinking about the billionaire Justin Tremblay’s son Luc. It’s too bad Luc assumes Voya killed his father, and he wants nothing to do with her. If she could just get answers from her ancestors, then all would be well—except they, too, ignore her calls. Could anything else add to the struggle that is Voya’s life? How about a dark and deadly vision that spells out the end of her Toronto witch line?

Love in the Age of Dragons by Fatima R. Henson

Two years ago, dragons took over the earth: a wormhole opened and the dragons that entered burned cities to the ground. With everything in ruins and the entire world seeking shelter, seventeen-year-old Ayanna Grace found her own space in an abandoned subway system. The young Black girl lives there with an extensive underground community, where medicine runs short, uprisings happen regularly, and everyone hides out from a dragon attack. The intimate world around her is also coming to shatter. She’s torn between two young men—a newcomer and an old friend—and her mentor’s heart is slowly failing. Since there’s no rescue from above, Ayanna will have to get creative to save those that she loves.

Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn

Bree wants answers for her mother’s death. To get them, she infiltrates a secret society descended from King Arthur’s knights, known as the Legendborn Order. During the process, she discovers that she has her own ancestral power, which turns her into someone entirely different: a medium, a bloodcrafter, a scion. But her new gifts have others worried, wanting to keep her safe—even if that means forcing her to stay put when her boyfriend gets kidnapped by enemy demons once war breaks out. The Order will do anything to prevent the war from going further and hide it from citizens, and Bree must take a stance to save her city and the ones she holds dear.

The Poison Season by Mara Rutherford

Leelo lives on Endla, where there’s a blood-thirsty Forest and a poisonous lake that deters outsiders from seeking to destroy them. She’s spent her entire existence coexisting within the borders of her community, but as much as she cares for everyone there, she can’t help resenting them for their heinous rules. Rules like the one threatening to kick her brother out if he doesn’t gain the magic of the enchanted song that’s vital to Endla. When Leelo spots an outsider moment away from drowning in the lake, she makes a split decision that will betray everyone she loves—but that will shape her life and journey.

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Seton Girls by Charlene Thomas

 At Seton Academic High, the girls are known to save the day. They’re also responsible for the football team’s thirteen-year conference winning streak; or so everyone says. The Seton girls are valuable, even if they come with a bit of mystery or secrets that people can’t quite put their fingers on. When quarterback and younger brother to a Seton star strive to win the glory of a state championship, he’ll do anything to make it, even if it means pushing beyond the limits imagined. But if the truth about the Seton girls falls into the wrong hands, everyone at Seton High might not make it out unscathed.

Monarch Rising by Harper Glenn

The day Jo Monarch has been preparing for is finally here: the one that will allow her to leave her life in the Ashes behind. She’s putting all of her hopes on the Line Up, which will allow her to move across the mountains and into a rich future. Her first step was to be picked, the next is to impress the New Georgia Reps during the night’s Gala. While doing so, she encounters Cove Wells, the damaged stepson of one of the Reps who only wants to use love as a tool, which also includes breaking Jo’s heart. But a fire and a riot interrupt Jo’s plan for the Gala, and she’ll have an important decision to make: walk away from her future or let her entire community go up in flames and remain in the past.

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Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales

To a minor European country, Maya’s ex-boyfriend, Jordy, is the charming younger brother-in-law to the crown prince. But to her, he’s still the jerk and manipulative liar that cheated on her and broke her heart in the process. What’s worse, she can’t escape him, seeing as how his face seems to be everywhere. Skye Kaplan thought she knew Jordy like Maya did, but he too pulled his tricks and lies, ghosting her in the process. So, when Maya and Skye meet by chance on a Second Chance Romance, they find four other women who just so happen to be Jordy’s exes. Their task, compete for Jordy’s attention on national television. Maya only wants to expose him for who he truly is while Skye wants to rekindle the love she knew was there. What they get is more than they both intended.