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Ali Hazelwood is the author of many beloved rom-coms, including The Love Hypothesis and Love on the Brain. Her books always feature strong female leads, swoony love interests, and a variety of our favorite tropes. Hazelwood’s latest book is out this summer and if you’ve already got it on your TBR, we have some more recommendations for you.

Love, Theoretically

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood

Elsie Hannaway has enough on her plate. She spends her days teaching, trying to earn tenure and her off days offering her services as the perfect fake girlfriend. Balancing her life would be manageable if not for rival physicist Jack Smith. While his reputation seeks to implode Elsie’s dream career, that longing gaze threatens all her ideas around love.

To the Stars and Back by Camilla Isley

Christian Slade is Hollywood’s sexiest bachelor, and America’s favorite heartthrob. But off screen, he struggles letting anyone in. It seems that all the women who want to date him just want a piece of his glamorous life. Then he meets Lana. She’s a sweet, smart, and beautiful rocket scientist. Better yet, she has no idea who he is. But what happens when she finds out?

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Single mom Jess Davis has stayed away from the dating scene for years, but when a new DNA-based matchmaking company starts receiving buzz, the reliability of numbers and data intrigues her. Her cynical side reappears, however, when the test gives her a 98 percent match with the company’s founder, Dr. River Peña. Jess already knows River and there is no way he’s her soulmate. The company offers to pay Jess to spend some time with River to increase publicity for their test, and as a single mom barely making ends meet, it’s an offer Jess can’t refuse. But as she spends more time with River, she starts to see a completely different side to him.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek who has a close encounter with death. Tired of being “boring”, Chloe creates a list of seven directives to help her experience new things. But she’s no good at breaking the rules or being bad, so she enlists the help of her neighbor, Red Morgan. Red is a sexy handyman with a motorcycle and tattoos. He’s exactly who Chloe needs to help guide her in her rebellion. However, she soon starts to learn more about Red’s tough exterior, and why he’s hiding the real guy underneath.

Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Darcy is tired of her brother trying to play matchmaker. The latest blind date he set her up on was a disaster, but she lies and tells him it was great. Elle is an astrologer who dreams of finding her soulmate. She’s confident it’s not Darcy who is way too analytical and skeptical for Elle. So imagine her surprise when Darcy’s brother casually mentions to Elle how happy he is that she hit it off with his sister. Darcy begs Elle to go along with it and she agrees, but only if Darcy also helps Elle navigate her family during the holidays. As the fake relationship progresses, they both start to develop real feelings which begs the question: do opposites really attract?

A Brush With Love by Mazey Eddings

While waiting for placement into a top oral surgery residency program, Harper meets Dan. Dan is a first-year dental student struggling to keep up with a family legacy. Although he’s falling for her, Harper wants zero distractions, so the two decide to stick to being friends. But as time passes, Harper’s feelings start to change. She has no problems with blood and gore, but the concept of falling in love terrifies her. Harper can’t risk undoing everything she has carefully built up, but she also can’t imagine saying goodbye to Dan.

If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane

The fake relationship was just a way to give both Laurie and Jamie a leg up at their law firm. Laurie is humiliated after her long-term boyfriend, and co-worker, breaks up with her and soon announces that his new girlfriend is pregnant. Jamie needs a respectable relationship to impress their bosses. They play the fauxmance out on social media with strategic photos and dates. It was perfect and it was working. But the lines between fiction and reality slowly start to blur. What happens then?

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai

Rhiannon changed the digital dating game with her app, but in real life she’s cynical about love. She focuses on her career and the occasional hookup. She’s taken by surprise when the seemingly sweet, ex-football player Samson Lima woos her one magical night. But after that one night, he disappears. Months later, Samson reappears, and he’s working with one of Rhiannon’s business rivals. He swears he won’t mess up their second chance, but she’s unsure if this is worth the risk. A physical relationship is one thing, but giving away her heart is entirely different.

Some Kind of Magic by Mary Ann Marlowe

When biochemist Eden Sinclair leaves the lab one night, she spritzes a new scent on herself not knowing that it is designed to enhance pheromones. She also doesn’t know that the guy she meets later that night is Adam Copeland—international rock god. By the time she learns the truth, Eden has already spent an incredible night with Adam. Suddenly she’s dating a celebrity instead of going on disastrous dates set up by her mother. But she can’t bear to tell Adam that his attraction to her might just be a result of science. She has to ditch the perfume and find out if the feelings between them really are mutual.