Last fall, Freida McFadden took readers by storm with her novel The Housemaid. Bookstores had copies flying off the shelves, it was featured all over social media, and readers everywhere were declaring this the must-read book for fans of binge-worthy, popcorn thrillers. Since then, McFadden has released the sequel to The Housemaid, The Housemaid’s Secrets and her readers have eagerly scooped that up along with her most recent release, The Coworker. If you’re someone who’s already flown through all the thrillers that Freida McFadden has out and you’re anxious for her next release, check out these recommendations for all of the “Freida Readahs.”

A Fatal Affair

A Fatal Affair by A.R. Torre

Nora Kemp is an actress who is in love with two men who just happen to be brothers. While Hugh Iverson is a fellow actor who provides Nora the security in a relationship, his twin brother, Trent, is the typical Hollywood bad boy who brings that danger and excitement to Nora’s life. When Trent and another woman are found dead, the investigation points toward a murder-suicide, but other factors include the theory of a serial killer, a missing woman and her son, and Hugh’s staff. Now, it’s up to two detectives to put all the pieces together and solve the case.

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The Drowning Woman

The Drowning Woman by Robyn Harding

After her restaurant fails, Lee finds herself living on the streets of Seattle, where she parks her car at a secluded area of the beach. One morning, Lee finds a woman throw herself into the ocean. When Lee saves the woman, Hazel, she informs Lee that she was trying to drown herself to escape an abusive marriage. The next morning, Hazel finds Lee and the two develop an unlikely friendship only for Hazel to ask Lee to help her disappear. As the two get closer to executing their plan, Lee finds that Hazel might not be as honest as she thought she was.

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The Other Mistress

The Other Mistress by Shanora Williams

Adira is a self-made millionaire who has only the best for her and her husband, Gabriel. The only thing that Adira doesn’t have is Gabriel’s undivided attention as Gabriel is cheating on Adira with not one, but two women. When one of the women, Jocelyn, contacts Adira to get revenge, Adira is more than curious. The plan is for Adira to befriend the other other woman, Julianna, under a false identity and sabotage her relationship with Gabriel. As the plan sets in, things go awry when Julianna finds out who Adira really is and Jocelyn is pressuring Adira to even more extreme measures.

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The Perfect Child

The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

Hannah and Christopher are a married nurse and surgeon with everything they could ever want, except a child. When an abandoned six-year-old named Janie turns up at the hospital, Christopher convinces Hannah to take her home as their own. Although she’s still a child, Janie has issues that cause her to act out and direct her rage at Hannah while being devoted to Christopher. Christopher denies Janie’s issues while Hannah feels like she’s being manipulated. As Christopher and Hannah’s relationship is threatened, they need to find out the truth about Janie’s past.

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What Never Happened by Rachel Howzell Hall

Colette “Coco” Weber has just returned to her Catalina Island home for the first time in twenty years since she was the sole survivor of a home invasion. With her local best friend, Mandy, who owns the local paper giving Coco the job she wants writing obituaries, Coco soon gets to work but finds that there’s a lot of elderly people who are dying similar and unnatural ways. When Coco finds her own obituary in the mail, she finds this serial killer could be connected to the brutal attack she survived twenty years ago.

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Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface by Kaira Rouda

For billionaire CEO Richard Kingsley, a trip at sea is more than just a family vacation. His two sons and their wives are vying for the chance to become heir to the family fortune, but a twist is thrown in when their estranged sister arrives. For a family held up by lies and deception, a storm that threatens their voyage is the least of their problems.

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Couples Wanted

Couples Wanted by Briana Cole

Bridget and Roman are newlyweds who want to add a little spice to their relationship, so they jump at the chance to swap partners with Corinne and Patrick. One intense and steam-fueled night is all the couple needed, but now Corinne and Patrick have become obsessive and possessive of the couple. As Bridge and Roman try to avoid the other couple at all costs, they find themselves in a position where they are fighting for more than just their relationship.

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The Perfect Marriage

The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

Sarah Morgan is a powerful defense attorney who feels like her life is going exactly to plan, but the same cannot be said for her husband, Adam, a struggling writer who hasn’t experienced much success. With Sarah’s work schedule being as hectic as it is, Adam finds himself spending more and more time at their lake house, only to develop an affair with Kelly Summers. When Kelly is found brutally murdered and Adam is the prime suspect, Sarah finds herself in a position in which she must defend her husband in the murder of his mistress.

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Unmissing by Minka Kent

Merritt Coletto thinks she has the perfect life, until her husband Luca’s first wife, Lydia arrives at the doorstep for the first time in ten years. Ten years ago, Lydia had vanished and was believed to be dead. Lydia tells Merritt and Luca about her kidnapping and the horrific things she’s had  to survive in the last ten years. While the couple do all they can to help Lydia get back on her feet, Merritt begins to suspect there’s more to Lydia’s story than what she’s telling them.

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