If you’re a fan of thrillers, then Jennifer Hillier is a must-read author. Combining gritty and eerie plots with diverse and true-to-life characters, it’s impossible to put down a Hillier novel once you pick it up. From the chilling Freak and Creep duology to the harrowing serial killer thriller Jar of Hearts up to her latest unsettling, Things We Do in the Dark, Jennifer Hillier is someone you make room for on your bookshelf. If you’re like many other readers and binge her books the week they come out, then check out some of these stories that fans of Jennifer Hillier will have no problem sinking their teeth into!

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Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane

If the razor-sharp writing of Hillier combined with twisty plots is what you love, then check out Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane. Lila lives with her husband in a small college town where a college student has just gone missing. This makes the third mysterious disappearance as of lately. One of the other disappearances is none other than Lila’s husband, a popular high school teacher. The town is in full panic mode, with the exception of Lila. Lila thought she knew where her husband was, but now his dead body is missing . . . from where she left it.

We Lie Here by Rachel Howzell Hall

If you enjoyed the family secrets and domestic suspense aspects of Little Secrets, then We Lie Here will truly captivate you. Yara Gibson is returning to her hometown to host her parents twentieth-anniversary party and has just received an ominous text: I have information that will change your life. Felicia Campbell is a woman who claims she is a childhood friend of Yara’s mother, insistent on talking to Yara. When Felicia is found dead, she leaves behind a key for Yara to a lakeside cabin with a basement full of information related to an unsolved mystery from 1998. The more Yara learns, the more she finds that Felicia may not have been as crazy as she originally thought.

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Bath Haus by P.J. Vernon

Are you looking for a sexy and creepy thriller a la the Freak and Creep duology? Then Bath Haus by P.J. Vernon is a must read! Oliver is an ex-addict from Indiana who now has the perfect life with his husband Nathan, who is a doctor. When Nathan goes out of town, Oliver lets his curiosity get the best of him and finds himself at a gay bathhouse. When Oliver is attacked and barely escapes, he lies about what happened so he doesn’t risk being caught almost cheating. From the moment that first lie leaves his mouth, Oliver finds himself fearful his attacker is still out there looking for him and each lie digs himself farther and farther from the truth.

Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens

If you look for an unsettling setting in your thrillers like Wonderland, then Dark Roads by Chevy Stevens will downright frighten you. Based off from the real-life Highway of Tears, Stevens takes her readers to The Cold Creek Highway—five hundred miles of highway that travels through British Columbia where women have went missing for decades in unsolved crimes. Hailey McBride is a teenage orphan who’s found herself in the car of her aunt and her aunt’s controlling police officer husband. Hailey runs away, hoping people will believe she’s just another victim of the highway. A year later, Beth arrives in Cold Creek, looking for answer’s regarding her sister’s murder. The more Beth looks for answers in Amber’s murder, the closer she gets to the truth about Hailey.

A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham

Did the psychological thriller with a serial killer plot Jar of Hearts keep you up too late reading? Good luck getting any sleep when you pick up A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham. Chloe Davis was only twelve years old when her father confessed to being responsible for the six teenage girls that went missing in their small town and was sentenced to life in prison. Now, twenty years later, Chloe is a psychologist who has tried her hardest to put the past behind her. When local teens being to disappear, Chloe’s world spins out of control as she wonders if a copycat killer is striking, or if her past is coming back to haunt her after all these years?

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Nice Girls by Catherine Dang

If the character-driven and unflinching story of The Butcher was one you couldn’t stop reading, then the equally disturbing Nice Girls by Catherine Dang will surely beguile you. Mary has just returned to her hometown of Liberty Lake, Minnesota with a big secret: she was kicked out of the Ivy League school she was attending and will never tell anyone why. Shortly after she arrives home, Mary’s old best friend, the social media star Olivia, goes missing. While the entire town seems focused on bringing Olivia home safe, Mary finds that another local teen went mysteriously missing that the police just thought of as a runaway and Mary believes the two are connected.

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Real Easy by Marie Rutkoski

When a jaw-dropping prose and a gritty plot come together, it can be a stunner of a book. Looking for something like Things We Do in the Dark? Check out Real Easy by Marie Rutkowski. Samantha has been a dancer at the Lovely Lady strip club for years and while she doesn’t take the time to make friends there, something about the new dancer intrigues Samantha. When Samantha gives the new girl a ride home, it’s a decision that is a catalyst for a deadly string of events. Georgia is another dancer who is working with a detective named Holly to get information regarding the missing and murdered investigation. While the story focuses on their perspectives, it also features the perspectives of other dancers, guests of the club, and the killer themselves.

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