A great psychological thriller is one that combines mysteries and the masterful way the mind works, even in its darkest moments. Whether it’s a terrifying crime, an unreliable narrator, or a story that makes you question reality, here are some of the best psychological thrillers that will keep you engaged in their plot and up all night long reading.

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Cover of Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Two sisters haven’t spoken since their teenage sister disappeared twenty years ago. When one sister’s husband is brutally murdered, the two sisters join together to see how the two cases could be connected—but neither one is prepared for the truth that destroyed their family.

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Cover of Final Girls by Riley Sager

Final Girls by Riley Sager

After surviving a massacre ten years ago, the media grouped Quincy Carpenter together with two other women who survived similar horror movie situations naming them “The Final Girls.” When one other survivor is found dead, Quincy gets a visit from the other woman and the two begin to wonder: is someone picking off final girls once and for all?

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Cover of Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman

Tell Me Everything by Cambria Brockman

When a young woman looks forward to a fresh start during her first year of college, she meets and bonds with the perfect group of friends. Not only is she hiding a secret deadly past, but by graduation every secret the group has been harboring will be revealed—and not all of them will survive.

Cover of My Lovely Wife by Samatha Downing

My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing

After falling in love and starting a family, a husband and wife begin to grow bored of the suburban lifestyle. While they may seem like the perfect couple, they are hiding a deadly secret: they know from experience they are capable of getting away with murder.

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Cover of The Last Flight by Julia Clark

The Last Flight by Julie Clark

When two women decide to switch plane tickets in an airport to help each other escape from their lives, they think it’s the perfect chance to start new lives. After one of the planes crashes, one woman realizes that by taking over the other’s identity, she’s also taking on the life she was so desperate to escape.

Cover of The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

A criminal psychotherapist has been waiting his entire career for someone like his new patient, a beautiful woman with the perfect life, who shot her husband in the face and hasn’t spoken a word since. As his determination to find out what happened that night turns into obsession, he finds himself in a position where things will take a shocking and disturbing turn if she speaks.

Cover of A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham

A Flicker in the Dark by Stacy Willingham

When Chloe Davis was a child, her father confessed to the disappearances of six teenage girls and was put into prison for life. Now, as an adult psychologist, she is trying to put the past behind her. When local teenagers begin to go missing, the crimes are eerily similar to the ones her father admitted to. Could a copycat be at work?

Cover of Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

Jack and Grace seem like the perfect couple—young, wealthy and attractive. But when Jack installs metal shutters on their windows and neighbors notice that Grace never leaves Jack’s side, they start to wonder what is really going on behind closed doors in this seemingly perfect marriage.

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Cover of Nice Girls by Catherine Dang

Nice Girls by Catherine Dang

Mary has just returned home after being kicked out of college, but she’s completely different than the girl she was when she left. Shortly after returning home, her old best friend goes missing and Mary begins to wonder if the disappearance is connected to another disappearance of a young woman from years ago that the police dismissed as a runaway.

Cover of In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead

In My Dreams I Hold a Knife by Ashley Winstead

Jessica Miller is returning to Duquette University for her ten-year reunion for the first time since her best friend, Heather, was murdered. Determined to show everyone, including her old friend group, that she’s a new person, someone isn’t as willing to let go of the past as Jessica is—and it’s only a matter of time before old secrets are resurrected when she connects with her old friends.

Cover of Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian

Never Saw Me Coming by Vera Kurian

Chloe is a psychopath and part of an unusual clinical study with other anonymous psychopath students, but she’s arrived at the university with one goal: kill Will Bachman. When one of the other students in the study is found murdered, Chloe begins to think that this is not an isolated incident and the other students in the study are in danger as well.

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Cover of The Night Swim by Megan Goldin

The Night Swim by Megan Goldin

Rachel Krall has the hottest new true crime podcaster who has  been brought to a small town that has been ripped apart by a rape trial. As Rachel begins to investigate, she starts to get mysterious letters signed by someone who claims their sister Jenny was murdered twenty-five years ago. As Rachel becomes overwhelmed with the double mysteries, she soon finds that the two cases have common threads—and may not be separate at all.

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Cover of Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

Angela, Georgina and Kaiser were best of friends in high school, until Angela disappeared. Now, almost fifteen years later, Angela’s remains are found in the woods behind Georgina’s childhood home, and Kaiser—now a detective—finally learns that Angela was another victim of serial killer Calvin James. To the world, Calvin James is a monster; but to Georgina, he was her first love when the trio was in high school.

Cover of The Kind Worth Killing For by Peter Swanson

The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

When Ted meets the mysterious and beautiful Lily at an airport, the two share a few too many martinis, and Ted tells Lily about his crumbling marriage to his wife Miranda, who he is sure is cheating on him. After Ted admits he wishes he could kill Miranda, Lily offers to help. Once back in Boston, the the alcohol-induced confession becomes a murder plot—but Miranda isn’t the only woman in Ted’s life hiding something.

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Cover of Bath Haus by P.J. Vernon

Bath Haus by P.J. Vernon

Oliver Park is a recovering addict from Indiana, now sober and living in DC with his wealthy partner, Nathan. One evening when Nathan is out of town, Oliver goes to a gay bathhouse and meets a man. When things go from steamy to scary,  Oliver barely escapes alive. Now, hiding the truth from not only Nathan, but also the police, Oliver has buried himself in a web of lies that could shatter his perfect life.

Cover of The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott

The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott 

Rebecca and Paul thought they found their happily ever after when they found each other. Now, twenty years later, the secrets of the past two decades are threatening to ruin their marriage and Paul’s mistress begins to stalk the couple. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s opiate addiction doesn’t hold her back from coming up with a plan to stop Paul from leaving her once she finds his intentions are to build a new life without her.

Cover of You by Caroline Kepnes

You by Caroline Kepnes

Joe Goldberg thinks he’s found his soulmate when the mysterious Beck enters the bookshop he works in. After meeting, Joe begins to stalk Beck’s social media, which snowballs into him trying to find ways to run into her in person, turning this chance encounter into a deadly game of obsession and love.

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Cover of Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding

Her Pretty Face by Robyn Harding

When stay-at-home mom Frances, desperate for a friend, meets the beautiful and wealthy Kate, the two women quickly become friends. As the two women get to know each other more and their friendship flourishes, a mysterious past is introduced as one of these women is not who she seems: one’s real name is Amber Kunik and she is a murderer.

Cover of White Ivy by Susie Yang

White Ivy by Susie Yang

As a young adult, Ivy’s grandmother taught her how to steal in order to fit in. After the plan works and Ivy meets the wealthy and handsome Gideon, her mother discovers what Ivy has been doing and sends her to China. Years later, when Ivy is back in Boston, she runs into Gideon’s sister and desperately tries to infiltrate her way back into Gideon’s life. But, someone out there knows Ivy better than anyone else and if exposed, Ivy could lose everything.

Cover of A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice

A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice

A group of friends is torn apart as they enter high school, leaving one friend as an outcast who deals with bullying and betrayal from his old friends. Following two deaths, the friends are reunited years later, but secrets and old feelings begin to bubble to the surface as deadly consequences jeopardizes all of their lives.

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