Bridgerton is all the rage at the moment, and for those who have watched the series, then watched it again and read all of the Bridgerton books, here are some fun reads to keep you busy until Netflix announces the Bridgerton season 2 premiere date. See some of our top picks below and click here to shop all our picks on Bookshop.

A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore

The second installment in the League of Extraordinary Women series, this clever and entertaining romance features Lady Lucie, a suffragette who seeks to buy a publishing company to provide a platform for her cause. At every turn, she is stymied by her archenemy, Lord Tristan Ballentine. He is willing to sell her the shares she needs under one condition: she agrees to spend the night with him. Before long, both Lucie and Tristan realize they have each set in motion a dangerous game.

Recipe for Persuasion by Sonali Dev

In Recipe for Persuasion, Dev takes inspiration from Austen’s Persuasion to tell the story of Chef Ashna Raje, a chef who reluctantly agrees to join Cooking with the Stars to save her flagging restaurant. She immediately regrets her rash decision when she is paired with her first love Rico Silva, now a FIFA soccer star. Their romance ended poorly, and Ashna and Rico blame each other for the failed relationship. When they have a disastrous first meeting for Cooking with the Stars, the clip goes viral, and they become social media darlings. This one is highly satisfying update of a classic story with its own unique elements.

Mr. Malcolm’s List by Suzanne Allain

The Honorable Jeremy Malcolm is looking for the perfect wife who meets all of the requirements on his curated list and isn’t looking to marry him for his money. Selina Dalton, the daughter of a vicar, is unwittingly drawn into a plot to seek revenge against Jeremy by her friend Julia. Uncertain at first that she will participate in Julia’s scheme, Selina comes around when Jeremy starts judging Selina against his rigorous standards and turns the table on Mr. Malcolm.

To Love and to Loathe by Martha Waters

Constantly at each other’s throats, Jeremy, Marquess of Willingham and Diana, Lady Templeton alternate between flirtation and sparring. When Jeremy’s mistress tells him that he needs help with his skills in the bedroom, the two enter into an alliance that will aid Jeremy determine if the mistress was correct while helping Diana let other men know that she is out of widowhood and is ready for a new relationship. However, neither party to the wager realizes that they may be in danger of falling in love with the very person they are challenging.

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An Earl, the Girl and a Toddler by Vanessa Riley

Jemina St. Maur survives a shipwreck while traveling from Jamaica to London but suffers from amnesia as a result of the accident and is confined in the notorious Bedlam Jail. Daniel Thackery, Lord Ashbrook is persuaded to help free Jemina illegally but regrets his decision immediately because his one passion is the law. As Jemina works to uncover her true identity and Daniel strives to correct his mistake, the two find that they may have more in common than they think.

Heiress in Red Silk by Madeline Hunter

When the Duke of Hollinburgh dies, he bequeaths half of his company to a struggling shopkeeper named Rosamund Jameson. The other half is owned by the Duke’s nephew, Kevin Radnor, who is displeased with his new partner in the business. Bent on reclaiming the business for himself, he decides to seduce Rosamund into a marriage of convenience so that he can control the company. But as his plan unfolds he begins to wonder just who is actually doing the seducing.

Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams

Crazy Stupid Bromance is the third book in Lyssa Kay Adams’ incredibly popular series centered around a male book club called The Bromance Book Club. This installment features Alexis Carlisle and her best friend and computer savant Noah Logan. When Alexis faces a family crisis, she turns to Noah for help while Noah struggles with his feelings for Alexis while trying to help her with her dilemma. The book club steps in to guide Noah along as he navigates trying to move out of the friend zone.

A Duke for Diana by Sabrina Jeffries 

Geoffrey Brookhouse is self-made in his own right. He’s a civil engineer who’s just inherited the dukedom of Grenwood. His first order of business with his newfound role is to begin finding a suitor for his sister. With the London Season active, he hires Lady Diana Harper to help his sister make her debut. But Diana is becoming more than he bargained for, wanting him to become a presentable duke for the entire ton to see. Diana’s on request for the duke to find self-improvement, but she’ll also have to guard her heart before he captures it for himself.

Reputation by Lex Croucher 

Ever since her parents abandoned her, Georgiana Ellers has been living with her dreary aunt and uncle. But during one party, she’ll meet the wealthy and enigmatic Frances Campbell. She’s a member of the elite in-crowd, and since Georgiana is middle class and terribly vulnerable, she starts to follow Frances around everywhere. Her eyes are opened to Frances’ world of drunkenness, strange mysterious men, and the life of the upper class regency society.

The No-Show by Beth O’Leary 

 Jane, Miranda, and Siobhan are three strangers with something in common — they’ve each been stood up on Valentine’s Day by the same man. While Jane is soft-spoken, and Siobhan is quick-tempered, Miranda falls somewhere in the middle. As they begin to forgive their guy for standing them up, he sneaks his way into each of their lives, they’ll have to be alert and uncover his secrets or become brokenhearted all over again.

Never Fall for Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath 

 The Earl of Fareham, Hugh Standish, isn’t interested in finding a wife, but his mother wants him to have one asap. To appease her, Hugh creates a fake fiancee thinking she’ll leave him alone. And when his mother sets sail to meet his made-up lady, he needs to find a woman and fast. Luckily he bumps into Minerva Merriwell, who doesn’t want to get involved in Hugh’s schemes but realizes that his wealth could be what she needs to support her two younger sisters and stop their family from becoming penniless. But of course, they both slowly start to fall for the very scheme they set up.

A Duke, the Lady, and a Baby by Vanessa Riley 

Patience Jordan lost everything after she questioned the mysterious suicide of her husband. The West Indian heiress no longer has her fortune, her son Lionel, or her freedom. In order not to be persecuted, Patience disguises herself and becomes Lionel’s nanny, doing anything she can to be near her son. But once she discovers Lionel’s new guardian Busick Strathmore, Duke of Repington, and his military-like strictness, she’ll have to hold onto all of her strength not to reveal herself to her son or the duke who’s slowly but surely capturing her heart.

The Hidden Moon by Jeannie Lin 

With two favored sons, the young Lady Bai is used to being forgotten. Knowing she’s well-educated and clever, Wei-wei’s older brother, who’s on assignment investigating a high-profile assassination, seeks his younger sister’s help in the matter. Roping in the help of Gao, a shady street-wise scoundrel, they team up and begin the hunt that uncovers more than they realized. While Wei-wei wants justice, Gao is willing to do whatever it takes to solve her mystery if that means he gets to spend more time in her presence.

Something in the Heir by Suzanne Enoch 

Emmeline and William Pershing have a convenient marriage that’s a complete blend of their talents and goals. For eight years they’ve lived separate well-ordered lives in the same house. If either wanted more out of the other, no one spoke up. That is until  Emmeline’s grandfather, the reclusive Duke of Welshire demands they visit him along with their made up angelic children, a fact Williams had no idea about. Agreeing to his wife’s ploy, they assume finding two orphans and playing parents would be as easy as it sounds. But little do they know George and Rose, their new children, are bound to give them a run for their money, all the while adding some true love and romance to their marriage.

A Lady for a Duke by Alexis Hall

As a woman in high society, freedom does not come without a price. So when it’s announced that Viola Carroll is dead, she takes the chance to start a new life, leaving everything behind, including closest companion, Justin de Vere, the Duke of Gracewood. The latter Viola realized years later was a mistake. The duke did not take the news of her death well, turning into a brooding, lonely recluse. Needing to bring him back to life, Viola makes it a mission to show Justin there’s reason to live and step into the world again.

Always Be My Duchess by Amalie Howard 

Lord Lysander Blackstone simply wants to increase his considerable fortune, nothing more. Because after a series of betrayals, lies, and broken promises, the only thing the stern Duke of Montcroix can put his trust into is money. Now that he has a reputation for being cold and heartless, less people want to do business with him, something he refuses to let happen. His solution is to scheme and find a fake fiancée. He just has to find a lady willing to go along with it. Then in walks Miss Geneviève Valery and after accidentally saving his life, Montcroix gives her an offer she can’t refuse. But what happens when love finds its way into their plans? Will they choose love or fortune?

The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell 

Lucy Coover, a Royal Academy painting student, did what she thought was the right thing. She found a naked man passed out, covered him up, and sent for help. Her only mistake was leaving his muscular form inside of her head and then allowing it to flow onto her canvas. It’s not her fault that no one mentioned that her muse was the infamous Duke of Weston. Anthony Philby, the muse in question, wants nothing more than to burn Lucy’s painting as the scandal could sink his attempt at independence. When he meets her, Anthony forms a devil’s bargain instead — find his missing sister Effie, and he’ll save her aunt’s dressmaking shop. But we all know that schemes and hunts have a way of bringing people together even when they don’t realize it.

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