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Wondering what to read next? In this month’s Books On Your RadarBookSparks’ founder Crystal Patriarche raves about the books (shows and movies, too) that she loved this month. As an ultimate bookworm who reads across all genres, and devours all kinds of content across platforms, she definitely knows how to spot a great story. Here are the newest books (and shows) she says should definitely be on your radar.

Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim 

When Sophie Go moves back to Toronto after three years in Shanghai, she’s exposed as a fraud and her career begins to crumble. No one will hire her as matchmaker after it’s revealed that she never graduated from matchmaking school. Desperate for new clients, Sophie discovers a secret club of Chinese bachelors in her condo complex who call themselves the Old Ducks. Determined to find them their perfect matches, Sophie convinces them to hire her. But as she gets to know her clients, Sophie begins to question her ability to help them navigate the depths of loneliness, heartbreak and love.

Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood

When Bee Königswasser is offered the lead on a neuroengineering project at NASA, there’s only one obstacle that makes her hesitant to accept: Levi Ward. Levi is her tall, handsome co-leader, who also happens to be her grad school archnemesis. But as their project progresses and Bee runs into trouble, her view of Levi begins to change. His attention and support have her second-guessing the dynamic of their relationship, and ultimately forces Bee to assess the risk of putting her heart on the line.

Seton Girls by Charlene Thomas

Seton Academic High is well-known for its football team and their thirteen-year conference win streak. A streak that, according to the players, wouldn’t be possible without Seton’s girls. But what the girls actually do to help the team is a mystery. Scared of being outshined by his successor and Seton’s first Black quarterback, Seton’s current QB wants more than the regular win—he wants a state championship. But with big rewards come big risks, and soon the secrets behind the team’s success fall into the hands of a small group of girls that have the power to change everything.

Would You Rather by Allison Ashley

Best friends Noah and Mia are living very different lives: Noah is being considered for a promotion at a job he loves, while Mia remains stuck in a dead-end position while she awaits a kidney transplant. But when presented with the opportunity to return to school and pursue her goals, Mia knows she can’t quit her job and give up her medical insurance. Unable to stand by while his best friend suffers, Noah suggests they get married. That way, Mia can study full-time and still get the healthcare coverage she needs. With their jobs and Mia’s health on the line, the two must now convince everyone that their relationship is real. But the more time they spend pretending, the more the boundaries of the friendzone begin to blur.

The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie by Rachel Linden

After her mother’s death ten years ago, Lolly Blanchard gave up her dream and the love of her life to help her family. Now, as her thirty-third birthday nears, Lolly is still working at the family diner in Seattle, whipping up delicious lemon meringue pies while wondering what could have been. But when her great-aunt gives her a mysterious gift that allows her to experience one day in three different lives, Lolly discovers what her life would have been like—If her mother didn’t pass away, if she opened her own restaurant in England, if she stayed with the only man she’d ever loved. Throughout her journey, Lolly begins to understand the transformative power in letting go of the past and embracing the present.

Luck and Last Resorts by Sarah Grunder Ruiz

Nina Lejeune is the chief stewardess on the super yacht Serendipity, fiercely independent and always looking for a good time. But when her ex-coworker Ollie Dunne returns after a year off, Nina’s simple lifestyle gets a lot more complicated. Ollie, now working as the Serendipity’s chef, gives Nina an ultimatum: if she refuses to admit she’s in love with him by season’s end, he’ll go back to Ireland and stay gone for good. As their shared past threatens the life of independence Nina has so carefully built—and threatens the entire boat—their connection grows. Will Nina and Ollie successfully navigate their feelings? Or are they destined to be a shipwreck?