Cara Alwill Leyba is the author behind the popular and empowering Girl Code and is back this year with her latest book Like She Owns the PlaceWe recently had the chance to talk with Cara about all things books and got the lowdown on her latest release and the books she loves reading.

What inspired you to write Like She Owns the Place?

“In Girl Code I showed women that when we come together, we all win. In Like She Owns the Place I show readers that confidence is the first step in being able to do that. It’s no secret many of us want to feel more confident, but how do we get there? This was a question I searched for the answer to for years, and found many of my readers and clients searching for as well. My inspiration for writing this book comes from my own quest to find my own self-worth, learn to rock what I’ve got, and truly own it. And the path I took to get there was as unconventional as can be.”

Which authors do you admire?

“Elizabeth Gilbert for her ability to make the most painful experiences seem so beautiful.”

What books would your readers be surprised to know you love?

“I just started reading Scruples and I’m obsessed.”

What is currently on your #TBR pile?

“Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan.”

You’re going on a month-long vacation, which books do you bring along with you?

“The Secret, Bridget Jones’s Diary and Scruples – so I can finally find the time to finish it!”

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