This week in books, Elizabeth Gilbert responds to backlash regarding the announcement of her most recent novel set in Russia, the literary world mourns the loss of legendary author Cormac McCarthy, the adaptation of bestselling series Wool gets a season two of Silo and the first set images of Red, White and Royal Blue are released.

Elizabeth Gilbert and Team Halts Publication of Forthcoming Novel

This month, bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert took to social media to announce her latest novel The Snow Forest.  The book is set in Siberia in the middle of the last century and focuses its attention around a Russian family living there. Almost immediately, the announcement was met with backlash expressing disappointment that the story felt, at a minimum, in poor taste given the current state of the war between Russia and Ukraine. In reaction to this response, the decision was swiftly made to pull the book and Gilbert shared her feelings about it here.

Blood Meridian

Cormac McCarthy Dies at 89

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy has died. Best known for his works The Road, All the Pretty Horses and No Country for Old Men, all of which have been adapted for film, his passing leaves behind a legacy of iconic works. Most recently it was announced that McCarthy would be working with his son on an adaptation of his book Blood Meridian. While the status of that project is irrelevant in the wake of this loss, it is noteworthy that this legendary creator was continuing to work up until the final month of his life.

Silo‘ Gets Renewed for Season 2

After a well-received first season of Silo, the Apple TV+ adaptation of Hugh Howie’s bestselling book series Wool, has been renewed for a second season. The sci-fi drama starring Rebecca Ferguson hasn’t even completed its first season and fans can get excited for more story to come.

First Set Photos of Red, White and Royal Blue Drop

One of the most anticipated small screen adaptations of the summer has been teasing audiences for months. Now, fans of the novel can get even more excited as the first photos from the set drop. The movie will be released on Prime Video in August, but until then, these images will have to hold audiences over as they eagerly await the trailer.