Fall… the perfect time to “fall” into new releases. Despite the challenges of the year we’ve been graced with dynamic writing that has not disappointed us. Here are a few  new releases by Black authors that you should add to your never-ending TBR. I can’t wait to snuggle deep under a blanket with while sipping on a steaming cup of hot cocoa just in time for fall.  

If suspense novels are more your thing, check out my top three picks for suspense novels by Black authors this Fall.

Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi and Dr. Yusef Salaam

If you are looking for a story that will stick with you that it is written in poetic verse with so much grace that you will want to read it all in one sitting, this is it. Punching the Air brings together two dynamic powerhouses, award-winning author Ibi Zoboi and Dr. Yusef Salaam of the Exonerated Five, in beautiful lyricism that speaks to the youth but appeals to all ages. 

Ring Shout by P. Djèlí Clark

When I picked up Ring Shout, the first thing I thought was “my this book is slim” but although it is a quick read, it holds a powerful punch. In Ring Shout, readers are given a historical fiction piece that is darkly embedded in the past. You will be introduced to the ultimate sword swinging, confrontation bringing, problem solving Maryse Boudreaux. She enlists Sadie and Chef to help her defeat D.W. Griffith, a sorcerer who has the power to unleash Ku Kluxes. Yes, as in Klan members. In this tale, this posse of female warriors are out to the Klan once and for all. 

His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie

What’s romance without a little drama? His Only Wife gives you a balance of the two. In this book, we meet Afi who is consumed by a marriage that is nothing like she imagined it would be. Could you imagine being married away to a man who is emotionally invested in another woman just to make sure your mother is able to have financial security? His Only Wife will take you on a wild ride that is guaranteed to keep you on your toes. 

His Only Wife is a great Fall book club pick, too!

Master of Poisons by Andrea Hairston

 Any fantasy fans out there? Master of Poisons is a guaranteed mind-blowing ride into a world that divides the weak from the strong. In this book, we meet two dynamic characters. Djola is a spymaster of the Arkhysian Empire who seeks to save his empire by any means necessary. Awa is a woman who is tested through a series of events, people and worlds that unfold right before our eyes. Master of Poisons is told from alternating perspectives that will make you wonder how much more these characters can endure.  

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