I’ve been sharing my list of the most anticipated Fall books by Black authors with you, but would it truly be Fall if you didn’t read any novels that will leave your heart racing, chest pounding, and your mind a little on edge? I generally search high and low for suspense novels written by people of color because it’s a very slim market. This Fall definitely surprised me and sent me into sheer, utter bliss just thinking about these three Fall suspense novels that are guaranteed to feed your inner craving for an unforgettable, suspenseful read. 

When No One is Watching by Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole is generally known for her romance novels, but she has pleasantly surprised us all in this suspenseful new release. What do you do when the neighborhood you have grown to know and love suddenly is threatened to be taken over by a major corporation and the residents slowly start disappearing? In No One Is Watching, we are submerged in not only a page-turner that will keep you wondering what is going to happen next, but also a novel that gives you a little history in the same breath.

Grown by Tiffany Jackson

I would be out of order if I did not add Tiffany Jackson to my most anticipated list of suspenseful reads. Tiffany Jackson has done it again in her fourth novel. She is known for weaving together the perfect suspenseful tale and is the queen of placing her characters in uncompromising situations. In Grown, we are introduced to Enchanted who has big aspirations to follow her dreams of being a successful music artist. Little does she know, what seems to be the perfect career choice turns out to be a corrupt career field that has led her into a situation where musical icon Korey Fields is found dead and all fingers point in her direction. Tiffany Jackson takes readers on a wild ride that will leave us reeling and thinking about what is the true cost of fame and fortune.  

And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall

I don’t know about you, but psychological thrillers are my absolute favorite part of being a member of thriller reader’s club. In Now She’s Gone, Rachel Howzell Hall takes our breath away by introducing us to Isabel Lincoln who has disappeared off the face of the earth or so we think. Rachel guides us on a wild goose chase that will reveal secrets that have led Grayson Sykes on the hunt for a woman who may or may not want to be found.