While the summer may seem long to some, many are counting down the days until spooky season. With fall and Halloween right around the corner, if you’re looking forward to some spine-tingling horror stories that will terrify you, here are the horror books coming out this fall that are sure to chill you to your core!

The Stranger Upstairs

The Stranger Upstairs by Lisa M. Matlin 9/12

Sarah Slade is a therapist and self-help writer who just bought a beautiful Victorian home for an amazing price…considering someone was murdered in the house. Renovating Black Wood House is just what Sarah needs for her blog content and to distract her from issues in her marriage, but the renovations become a nightmare when the neighbors turn against her, her husband is sleeping on the couch, and Sarah begins receiving threatening notes as she begins to hear footsteps in the attic.

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Candelaria by Melissa Lozada-Oliva 9/19

Candelaria’s granddaughters are facing hard times. Bianca has to forfeit her life’s work when she is seduced and left stranded in Guatemala by her advisor. Paola just resurfaced from a brainwashing cult after being missing for a decade. Candy is a recovering addict now pregnant. When a dangerous earthquake hits Boston, Candelaria must get to the Watertown Mall Old Country Buffet fighting strange entities along the way in order to save her family and the world.

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Black Sheep

Black Sheep by Rachel Harrison 9/19

Vesper Wright left her family and the religious community she grew up in at eighteen-years-old and planned to never return. Now, Vesper has received a an invitation to the wedding of her cousin, Rosie. Vesper wonders if this invite is an extended olive branch or a trap, but soon finds that when she arrives home, she is reunited with her mother, Constance, who is a former horror movie star. Now, Vesper must face even more terrifying elements when a secret is uncovered after she returns home.

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And Then She Fell

And Then She Fell by Alicia Elliott 9/26

You’d think Alice’s life was perfect. She has a beautiful and healthy baby, a husband whose academic area of study is Alice’s Mohawk culture, and they just got a new place in a posh area of Toronto. But things aren’t great for Alice. She doesn’t feel a connection to her daughter, she’s having a hard time being the only Indigenous woman in the community, and she’s recently lost her mother. Then, Alice begins hearing strange voices and she feels like her neighbors animosity is turning threatening and she wonders if something sinister is on the horizon.

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A Haunting on the Hill

A Haunting on The Hill by Elizabeth Hand 10/3

Holly Sherwin has just received a grant to bring her play The Witch of Edmonton to life, but just needs some peace to tweak a few things before submitting the final version. When Holly comes across Hill House during a weekend getaway, she is immediately taken with the eerie gothic mansion. Holly and her girlfriend, Nisa, rent the house for a month with a group of actors and soon begin to see strange things on the property and hear scary noises within the house. When the tension between the group of people gets unbearable, they soon find themselves at odds with the house as well.

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My Darling Girl

My Darling Girl by Jennifer McMahon 10/3

Alison has never liked Christmas but is trying to appease her husband as he frantically decorates their Vermont home. To make matters worse, Alison has just received the call that her estranged mother, Mavis, has been diagnosed with cancer and only has a few weeks left to live. As Alison was growing up, she was subjected to Mavis’s alcoholism and violence and now Mavis wants to spend her remaining time with Alison and her family. Reluctantly, Alison agrees to let Mavis move in and soon after her arrival, strange things begin happening that test Alison to see how far she will go to protect her family.

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A Light Most Hateful

A Light Most Hateful by Hailey Piper 10/10

It’s been three years since Olivia ran away from home and all she has to show for it is a dead-end job and a best friend named Sunflower. When a summer night storm comes through the usually boring town of Chapel Hill, towing behind a mind-bending monster, Olivia knows she needs to escape. To get back home, Olivia must dodge the Chapel Hill residents under the spell of the storm and find Sunflower before it’s too late.

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The Reformatory

The Reformatory by Tananarive Due 10/31

In Gracetown, Florida in the year 1950, twelve-year-old Robbie Stephens Jr. is sentenced to six months at the Gracetown School for Boys reformatory after he kicks another child defending his sister. While Robbie was once comforted by his ability to see ghosts after his mother had passed away, he is disturbed after going to the reformatory where other boys have gone missing. While Robbie fights to survive, his sister is trying to get anyone she can to help her get Robbie out before it’s too late.

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A Girl Among Crows

Girl Among Crows by Brendon Vayo 11/7

Two boys have just disappeared, and Daphne Gauge believes the disappearances could be connected to her brother’s disappearance from 30 years ago. With this belief, Daphne is desperate to let everyone know another sacrifice is about to be made, but no one believes her, leaving her with no choice but to finally let the FBI interview her. If she talks to the FBI, she will have ot reveal her family’s darkest secrets in return for unmasking a killer.

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