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With long sunny days, warm starry nights, and romance novels that you can’t put down, it’s certainly the time of year for love. And this summer, some of the year’s most anticipated romances will add even more heat to your warm summer days. From courtships with royalty to budding love between best friends to surprising revelations of love between enemies, these novels tell every kind of story.

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Love Buzz by Neely Tubati-Alexander (5/2)

Serena Khan isn’t enjoying her estranged cousin’s four-day bachelorette party in New Orleans, until she meets a fellow Seattleite, and sparks fly. After their abrupt meeting, Serena is determined to find her mystery man, but her list of clues is not long. All she knows is his name is Julian, he lives on Chamber Hill, he works at a tech company, and he loves Lil Wayne and Nirvana. But the perfectly curated, stable life that her late mother insisted upon is within reach, and it does not include combing the streets of Seattle in search of her New Orleans’ flame.

The Last Word by Katy Birchall (5/2)

Harper Jenkins is the Celebrity Editor for a glossy weekend magazine, and she’s well known for getting Hollywood’s most reserved stars to open up. She loves her job, and she’s at the top of her game. That is until her boss hires a new Features Editor, and it just so happens to be Ryan, the fellow intern that she had a fling with ten years ago—until he totally betrayed her. Clearly it’s a disaster, but as the two are forced to spend more time working together, old feelings resurface.

The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren (5/16)

From the author of The Soulmate Equation, Felicity “Fizzy” Jones returns. When the beloved romance novelist is asked to give a speech, she suddenly feels like a fraud. She hasn’t been practicing the optimism that she preaches. She doesn’t even think she’s been in love. Maybe lust, but not all-encompassing love. Connor Prince is a father and a filmmaker, and he loves his job because he can be close to his daughter. When his job is on the line and he must make a reality TV series, he’s out of his element—but when he meets Fizzy, he has an idea to film the queen of romance herself falling in love. Fizzy agrees, but only if the contestants are from a list of romantic archetypes. But maybe Fizzy’s happily-ever-after is behind the camera, instead.

Famous for a Living by Melissa Ferguson (5/16)

Cat Cranwell is a superstar influencer, but when her business partner is accused of serious financial crimes, she just wants to get away from the internet trolls and paparazzi that want to document her demise. When her uncle offers her a job working at Kannery National Park in Montana, she agrees, despite it being way out of her comfort zone. Her accustomed life of “likes” and brand deals is replaced with freezing temperatures and tent-sized cabins. And then there’s park ranger Zaiah, and although he despises all things social media, she’s falling hard for him. As she bears the bitter cold, she also begins to reacquaint with her true self, and wonders if she’s capable of loving herself, even when the world’s not watching.

Wild Things by Laura Kay (5/23)

The Lavender House is a huge DIY, but it has the perfect potential for the queer commune of El, Ray’s, Will’s (the token straight guy), and Jamie’s dreams. El is in a rut and despite being secretly in love with Ray, her effortlessly cool lesbian bestie, she thinks moving out to the country with her friends will be the perfect escape. But as they start to plot out their bright future, El is forced to own up to her feelings. Is a chance at love worth risking a beautiful friendship, plus everything they’ve built?

Once More with Feeling by Elissa Sussman (5/30)

Katee Rose was living the dream as America’s number one pop star. Screaming fans always wanted to know about her and boyfriend Ryan LaNeve, hottest member of boyband CrushZone. Katee was in love with the music, not the stardom. But that isn’t what blew up her career, or her relationship with Ryan. One night with Cal Kirby is all it took. Years later, Kathleen Rosenberg is content with her ordinary life, until Cal reenters it, offering her a Broadway role that she’s always dreamed of. But their reunion is tense. They both hold grudges from the past, but neither of them can deny the chemistry between them.

That Summer Feeling by Bridget Morrissey (5/30)

Garland Moore used to be an optimist, until her husband served her divorce papers with Valentine’s Day dinner. Now, Garland is sure she isn’t meant to love again. When new friends invite her to a Summer Camp for adults, Garland and her sister take the opportunity as a sign to heal their inner child. And when Garland runs into Mason, a man from her past, Garland is sure the universe is trying to tell her something. But when she rooms with Mason’s sister, the charming and competitive Stevie, she’s confused by the way the stars are aligning as she finds herself more and more drawn to the blonde outdoorswoman.

Ciao for Now by Kate Bromley (6/6)

Violet Luciano is quickly approaching thirty, and up until this point, her career in fashion has cost her everything. When she lands an internship in Rome for an up-and-coming fashion brand, she decides to bring her A game, and beat the other interns for her dream job in New York. But then a coffee run ends up in the ruined laptop of her professor’s son, Matteo, and she’s sure he can’t stand her, despite them sharing a house together. But as they adventure through Rome, their chemistry grows—and so does Violet’s distraction. She must decide if Matteo is worth risking her dream for.

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monoghan (6/6)

Sam has a great job in Manhattan, she’s engaged to a doctor, and she’s about to tour a wedding venue near her family’s beach house on Long Island. But as soon as she arrives, she panics at the thought of Wyatt being there. Wyatt: the one she spent fourteen summers with, the one who broke her heart when she was seventeen. But Sam is engaged, so she shouldn’t be feeling this way—right? Yet the sounds of Wyatt’s guitar have the memories, and the truth of their split, flooding back. When they reconnect, the connection can’t be ignored and soon, Sam will have to make a choice.

Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood (6/13)

By day, Elsie Hannaway is an adjunct professor hoping to make tenure. By other days, to make ends meet, Elsie is a professional fake girlfriend. Jack Smith is a cold-hearted physicist who is the only one standing in the way of Elsie’s dream job. He’s also the annoyingly handsome older brother of her favorite client. Elsie is prepared for scholarly sabotage, but as she spends more time with Jack, is she ready to test her long-guarded theories on love?

Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens (6/20)

Bridget is sixteen years old in 1877 when her alcoholic father dies from a snake bite as they cross the Kansas prairie. When she arrives in Dodge City, penniless, she is quickly recruited to work at the only women-run brothel in town, Buffalo Queen, where the pay is good and she enjoys her new friendships with fellow “sporting women.” When the legendary Spartan Lee rides into town, Bridget falls in love. But when something shatters the peace at Buffalo Queen, Bridget must claim her own destiny.

Can’t Let Her Go by Kianna Alexander (6/20)

Peaches Monroe and Jamie Hunt have a lot in common. They share the same friend group, their both successful at their careers in personal care, and they both “Keep it Weird,” in true Austin fashion. They both want more out of life, and are starting to consider if that means more for their relationship. Jamie’s dreams will take her far from her hometown, while Peaches has obligations closer to home, especially since her mother’s passing. They are perfect for each other, but finding themselves comes first, and only then can they pursue a future together.

Business or Pleasure by Rachel Lynn Solomon (6/20)

Chandler Cohen’s job as a ghostwriter has her feeling just like a ghost. Especially when the author of a book that she wrote sees her at a signing event, and doesn’t even recognize her. Things are looking up when she connects with a man at the bar, but an awkward hook-up leaves her wanting to forget the entire night. Well, that is easier said that done, as Chandler’s new writing project involves C-list actor Finn Walsh. Chandler doesn’t know him from his character on the werewolf show—she knows him from their hilarious one-night stand, but now she’ll be writing his memoir. When Finn finds out that Chandler views their night as less than mind-blowing, he is distraught. So they strike a deal: when they aren’t working on the book, Chandler will teach Finn a thing or two about satisfaction.

Will They or Won’t They by Ava Wilder (6/27)

Lilah Hunter’s and Shane McCarthy’s characters are madly in love; they’ve spent years pining for each other as stars of hit paranormal TV show Intangible. That was until Lilah left the show in the fifth season to become a movie star, to no such luck. So she’s back for the super-hyped ninth season. But her and Shane despise each other, ever since their secret real-life fling exploded in their faces. Now, the two will have to grit their teeth and smile for the cameras, but as they get closer, a happy ending seems attainable—and not just on the show.

One Summer in Savannah by Terah Shelton Harris (7/4)

Sara Lancaster left Savannah, Georgia eight years ago. After her daughter Alana came into the world, following a terrifying sexual assault, Sara only wanted to get away. When her father falls ill, she is forced to return and remove the bandage of her old wounds. Sara is desperate to keep her daughter away from the Wylers, the family of the man who assaulted her. She is sure she can pull it off, with her assaulter in prison and his twin brother, Jacob and their mother unaware that Alana even exists. But Jacob is back in town, trying to piece his own life back together, and their worlds will collide in more than one way.

You with a View by Jessica Joyce (7/6)

Noelle Shepherd is living at home with her parents and grieving the loss of her grandmother when she comes across a photo of Gram with a mystery man, love letter attached. When Noelle makes a TikTok about finding the man (which goes viral) and his grandson Theo Spencer—her high school nemesis—replies, she won’t let his smug but sexy smirk distract her from learning more about her grandmother. When she learns of the honeymoon road trip that never happened, she decides to make the trip, Theo and his grandfather in tow.

The Duchess Effect by Tracey Livesay (7/11)

Danielle “Duchess” Nelson is an American rapper. Prince Jameson is just that, a prince. And the two have fallen in love, against all odds. Turns out, falling in love was the easy part. The popularity of their relationship is unmatched, but it comes with a price. Dani’s has been looking forward to launching her new skincare line, Mela-Skin, so when the cosmetics company tries to monetize the fame of their relationship by including Prince Jameson, Dani is pissed. And after another scandal, Jameson isn’t getting the quiet life he hoped for. Will love be enough to pull them through the scrutiny of international spotlight?

Hello Stranger by Katherine Center (7/11)

Sadie Montgomery is a struggling artist who just needs one lucky break. Landing a spot in a portrait competition, she thinks things may finally be going her way. But the competition lands on the same day of a surgery she must have. Sadie is reassured that the surgery is minor and that she’ll be unscathed, but while she’s in recovery, she discovers that she can no longer see faces. When she takes her dog to the vet, she meets Dr. Addison, who wants to take her on a date, but she is determined to keep her face blindness a secret. As she also develops a friendship with her obnoxious neighbor Joe, she soon finds herself falling for two guys, all while on the verge of losing her career as an artist and confronting her haunting past.

Play to Win by Jodie Slaughter (7/11)

Miriam Butler’s life is bleak: living at home, sleeping in her mother’s spare twin bed, and stuck in the same dead-end job. That is until she heads to the corner store and wins the Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot. If only it were that easy, right? Now, her estranged husband, Leo Vaughn, shows up trying to claim his right to her money. What Miriam offers him is a lump sum to sign their divorce papers, and say goodbye for good. But that’s not what Leo wants; he just needs to buy time to win her back.

Star Bringer by Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft

Best-selling authors Tracy Wolff and Nina Croft bring you a high-concept LGBTQ+ romance, which is said to be Firefly meets The Breakfast Club!

To Have and to Heist by Sara Desai (7/18)

Simi Chopra is down on her luck. On top of losing another job and other mundane problems, Simi’s best friend has been accused of stealing a multimillion-dollar necklace. When the mysterious Jack shows up and offers to help her find and steal back the necklace, Simi is ready to clear her friend’s name and claim the reward. All she’s gotta do is infiltrate a high-society wedding with a group of ragtag strangers-turned-heist crew before the couple says “I Do.”

Kiss the Girl by Zoraida Cordova (8/1)

Ariel del Mar is part of the Siren Seven, the band of sisters and pop-culture phenomenons. On stage, wearing her iconic red wig, is where Ariel shines. But the band is wrapping up their farewell tour, and she honestly can’t wait for a chance at a normal life. However her father, head of Atlantica Records, has other plans wanting her to pursue a solo career right away. The night before she’s set to make a big splash announcing her solo career, the sisters decide to have an incognito night out at a rock concert in Brooklyn. When Ariel meets Eric Reyes, lead singer of a new band, he spontaneously invites her on a road trip, not knowing her true identity. For once, Ariel disobeys her father, and finds herself torn between the life she longs for and the one she’s left behind.

The Roommate Pact by Allison Ashley (8/1)

ER nurse Claire Harper and her roommate, firefighter Graham Scott, have a pact: if they are still single at forty, they will take the plunge as friends with benefits. It seems safe enough; Claire could never see herself falling for thrill-seeker Graham, not after what happened to her father. However the deadline is way, way off, and things are heating up. When Graham gets seriously injured in a rock-climbing accident, Claire will do anything to help him heal. Even if moving into Graham’s bed and enduring his hateful dog begins to complicate their arrangement.

From Cold World, With Love by Alicia Thompson (8/1)

From the author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers, comes the story of Lauren Fox, bookkeeper at Cold World, the winter wonderland destination in Florida, of all places. When coworker Asa Williamson and her are recruited to create more revenue, a rivalry between them heats up as they try to come up with the best idea. For Cold World, the circumstances are dire, but as the two spend more time together, the love for their workplace may begin to spill over into their relationship.

Accidentally in Love by Danielle Jackson (8/8)

Samantha Sawyer has everything under control as the office manager of a popular luxury boudoir and pinup photography studio. She is getting the Buxom Boudoir “Photobus” ready for Chicago’s busy summer street festival season, which makes it easy to avoid problems in her real life. She’s sure that her busy schedule will help her keep distance from Russell Montgomery, especially, but when he is charged with the launch of a new food truck for the festival circuit, neither can deny the sizzle between them.

New Adult by Timothy Janovsky (8/15)

Nolan Baker wants to have it all together by the time he’s thirty. But comedy isn’t paying the bills and with his perfect sister’s wedding approaching, he is ready to quit and start focusing on his practical dreams, one of them being asking his best friend Drew Techler to be his date. But when Nolan is offered a last minute gig filling in for a famous comedian, Nolan disappoints everyone he loves. In his desperation, Nolan wishes on a set of magical crystals, wishing to skip to the good part of his life. When he wakes up, he’s thirty and a successful comedian with everything he thought he ever wanted—except the ones he loves by his side. Nolan seeks out Drew, who is hot, successful, and hates his guts. Can Nolan win get back to who he was and win back the trust of his family and friends, the ones he carelessly threw away?