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Summers were made for reading. A good book here, some relaxing sun there, what’s not to love about the season. To make it even better, we’ve rounded up the hottest and most anticipated new releases that should land in your lap and never leave.

Ander & Santi Were Here by Jonny Garza Villa, available May 2

Growing up in San Antonio Texas, is all Ander Lopez has ever known, especially the taquería, a place that’s inspired Ander as a muralist. Leaving for art school means leaving it all behind. But after being fired from the family restaurant, Anders has the time to make the transition from server to artist. When an ICE agent shows up and threatens to take Santiago Garcia, the hot new waiter Anders falls for, it becomes clear to Anders what home really is and how powerful love can be.

Nigeria Jones by Ibi Zoboi, available May 9

Nigeria’s father calls her a warrior princess. He’s raised her to be a part of a separatist group based in Philadelphia. When her mother disappears, Nigeria finds caring for her younger brother and taking on a role she never wanted. And despite her father’s approval, she attends school with her cousin, Kamau. And as Nigeria begins to search for her mother, she’ll start to uncover shocking truths that lead her to question everything she thought she knew of her world.

The Luis Ortega Survival Club by Sonora Reyes, available May 23

Ariana Ruiz is young and autistic, and with her bold fashion choices is tired of being ignored. So when Luis, a popular boy at her school, gets her attention, Ari thinks she’s finally seen. After spending the night with Luis at a party, something Ari didn’t truly agree to, the rumor mill grows and everyone thinks Ari is an easy target. But a group of students reach out to her wanting to expose Luis as a predator. Once Ari meets them, she learns about true friendship and even forms a new crush.

The Garden of Second Chances by Mona Alvarado Frazier, available June 6

Seventeen-year-old undocumented mother Juana, in prison for murder, says she’s innocent. No one believes that she didn’t kill her husband, and her husband’s family wants to take her daughter away for good. Needing a refuge from it all, Juana makes a garden in the prison yard, and as she digs and grows, she’ll begin to find the courage to prove her innocence and save her baby.

Love & Resistance by Kara Chen, available July 4

Seventeen-year-old Olivia Chang has been to many schools. It’s why she’s a loner. But at Plainstown High, however, she can’t keep quiet when a racist comment. While she tries to let it go, she can’t. Soon she’ll join forces with a secret society who wants to make true change at their school.

My Week with Him by Joya Goffney, available July 11

Feeling unwanted by her mother and betrayed by her sister, Nikki leaves her house in pursuit of California and a music dream. With the persistence from her best friend, Malachai, Nikki stays in Texas for the rest of their spring break. Only Vae, Nikki’s little sister, ends up missing and the two go on the hunt with her difficult mother looking for Vae.

Worldwide Crush by Kristin Nilsen, available July 11

Millie Jackson is determined to cross paths with her first crush—fifteen-year-old global pop music sensation Rory Calhoun—but without a driver’s license or a credit card, she can’t even manage to get tickets to his concert. How far will she go to make her celebrity-crush dreams come true?

Play to Win by Jodie Slaughter, available July 11

Things in Miriam Butler’s life couldn’t be moving any slower. Her existence might be hilarious if it wasn’t so bleak. Then things change once she becomes the winner of a Mega Millions Lottery Jackpot. But as soon as it comes, it goes because her estranged husband arrives with a proposition that will give him the chance to win her back once and for all.

One of Us Is Back by Karen M. McManus, available July 25

The Bayview Four are back, and ever since Simon died things haven’t been the same. First they had to prove they weren’t killers, then they had to stop a copycat but now someone’s at it again. When a mysterious billboard announces a new game and a member of the four disappears, and old people turn up, it becomes clear that things are getting serious and that Bayview’s secrets run deeper than ever.

Unexpecting by Jen Bailey, available August 22

Benjamin Morrison is pretty content with his life, being in the robotics club and having two best friends. That is until something unexpected happens, he’s going to be a father. It’s unusual since he told his mother he was gay. But being a father is more than Ben bargained for because his relationships at school and in the robotics club falter. Then a boy from his past shows up, and Ben finds renewed hope to handle the tough choices of being a single father.

Monstrous by Jessica Lewis, available September 12

Latavia is spending the next six weeks before college with her aunt in Sanctum, Alabama. But her aunt doesn’t want her going out after dark or going into the Red Wood. Latvia doesn’t mind the rules as long as she can talk to the cute girl at the ice cream shop, and the local residents aren’t too friendly to her. When she’s dragged out of her home into the Red Wood, Latvia won’t go down without a fight, including making a deal with the monster who wants her for dinner.