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If you’re looking for thrilling adventures, nail-biting expeditions, and outer world experiences this summer, then look no further because we’ve rounded up some of the highly anticipated YA releases to come. So, add them to the cart, grab your beach towels and sunscreens, and read responsibly.

Here’s the most anticipated YA fantasy & sci-fi books coming in 2023>>

Cursed Crowns by Catherine Doyle, available May 9

Wren and Rose are both sister queens who’ve claimed their crowns. Only not everyone is happy about the twin witches on Eana’s throne. To win over the people, Rose begins a Royal Tour and soon she finds herself in the Sunless Kingdom where secrets are revealed, and her loyalties become divided. At the same time, Wren heads to the icy north to find their beloved grandmother, Banba. Only when she accepts a magical bargain from King Alarik for Banba’s freedom, little does she know it comes with a lot more unexpected consequences.

All the Dead Lie Down by Kyrie McCauley, available May 16

Marin Blythe is all alone in the world. No sooner after tragedy strikes her, she receives a surprising invitation from Alice Lovelace. Alice is a childhood friend of Marin’s mother, and she’s offered Marin a nanny position. When Marin meets Thea and Wren, Alice’s peculiar girls, she’s thrown into their world of buried dolls, dead birds in her room, and numerous pranks to drive her out.

The Byways by Mary Pascual, available June 6

CeeCee hates how different she feels from everyone around her. But she doesn’t know what being different truly means until she lands in the magical, terrifying world of the Byways, a place that does its best to save those who are different—but also exacts a steep price if you fail its tests.

Something Close To Magic by Emma Mills, available June 13

An overworked and underappreciated apprentice at Basil’s Bakery, seventeen-year-old Aurelie values keeping a job and keeping her head down without dreaming too big. So when a stranger, a bounty hunter named Iliana, walks into her life seeking stones and magic that Aurelie has, it’s an adventure that Aurelie desperately needs. Suddenly she finds herself on a journey of magic portals, trolls, and a dangerous palace.

Threads That Bind by Kika Hatzopoulou, available May 30

The Ora sisters are the Descendants of the Fate, born to weave, draw and cut the threads that connect people to the things they love. The youngest, Io, lives in the half-sunken city of Alante as a private investigator. Her latest job has her finding out who’s abducting women and setting wraiths loose in her city to kill. To stop the killer, she’ll have to work with Edei Rhuna, the right hand of a Mob Queen. And when things get personal, and her oldest sister gets involved, Io must rush to end it all before destruction falls to her doorsteps.

Sing Me To Sleep by Gabi Burton, available June 27

Soldier-in-training Saoirse Sorkova lies about being a siren in order to avoid an execution. She also lies about her true identity while working for a dangerous group of mercenaries. But her biggest lie of all, the ability to control her siren song, may cost her more than she realizes. When a mysterious blackmailer makes threats to her towards her sister, Saoirse becomes a personal bodyguard to the crown Prince Hayes. But when he turns out to be unexpectedly kind, thoughtful and charming, she’ll have to hold onto one more lie: that she’s the city’s deadly killer, if she’s to save her sister’s life and the crown prince.

Under This Forgetful Sky by Lauren Yero, available July 18

Sixteen-year-old Rumi Sabzwari only knows the inside walls of St. Iago, which hides its citizens from the outside world’s environmental devastation. But when a fatal virus makes its way inside the walls and to his father, Rumi escapes to find a cure. Once out, he meets fifteen-year-old Paz, who comes along for the journey. As they get closer, it becomes clear that Paz knows more about Rumi’s father—but has her own agenda—and he’ll need to learn to trust her if they are to find a cure.

The Lightstruck by Sunya Mara, available August 29

Vesper Vale saved her city from a cursed storm, sacrificing everything. Now three years later, all her work seems for naught, because the citizens are under the sinister force of The Great King and his growing army. The people are once again looking to Vesper, deemed as the goddess of sacrifice as their last hope. Faced with the pressures of a city near ruin, Vesper finds herself torn between the royal court and the growing factions within the city.

A Guide to the Dark by Meriam Metoui, available July 18

When Mira and Layla find themselves stranded during spring break, they end up at the Wildwood Motel. But, stuck in the middle of nowhere, something is very wrong about this motel—including its ability to allow Mira to see her dead brother during the day. Layla, on the other hand, assumes the place has a certain charm that she wants to capture on camera. And when they learn eight people have died in the very same room they’re sleeping in, they begin an investigation to find the connection between the dead and the hotel.

The Prince & the Apocalypse by Kara McDowell, available July 11

It took Wren Wheeler flying five thousand miles across the ocean to realize that not only does she hate traveling, but she already wants to be home. Her senior trip to London, which was supposed to be epic, flops disastrously. Her only hope is the last day, when she can make it to the World’s End restaurant. When she shows up, and the restaurant isn’t open, her only perk is meeting Prince Theo on the run from his palace duties. After Wren helps him escape, she assumes that’ll be the last time she sees him, but it turns out the world is ending in eight days, and she’ll need his help to get home if she’s to see her family ever again.

Damned If You Do by Alex Brown, available August 1

Cordelia Scott, a high school student and stage manager, isn’t quite sure, but it’s possible she just sold her soul to a demon. If she doesn’t want to spend all eternity in Hell, she’ll have to help neutralize a demonic rival, while navigating way too many pop quizzes, a disastrous Tech Week. Not to mention, she has to battle her hidden feelings for her best friend, who could also be a literal monster from hell.

The Library of Shadows by Rachel Moore, available September 5

If students disappear at Radcliffe Prep, people hardly blink with it being the third most-haunted school. When Este Logano lost her father, going to his old school seemed like the closest thing to figuring out who he was, but then she meets Mateo, who she’s certain is a ghost. Mateo, mischievous and possibly dangerous, frames Este and to clear her name, she’ll head down a dark path and into the library’s secret passageways complete with haunted halls and hidden tunnels. She’ll just have to be careful not to end up missing like so many other students.

The Meadows by Stephanie Oakes, available September 12

If the Handmaid’s Tale and Never Let Me Go mixed to create a YA novel, Oakes’ The Meadows would be that story. It’s centered around a government-sanctioned therapy center and a young queer girl pretending to be reformed. Years later, she can’t forget the girl she was and sets out on a mission to bring her back.