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Love spicy romance reads? So do we! And 2023 promises to be a strong year for romance fans. We hope you enjoy this list of must-read spicy romances of 2023.

Here are 26 sexy books like Fifty Shades of Grey.

A Long Time Coming by Meghan Quinn (1/10)

When Lia recruits her best friend to help with wedding planning and dealing with her future mother-in-law, Mrs. Beaver, he isn’t scared at all. But as the wedding draws near, he starts to see Lia in a new light, despite being her man-of-honor. Then it hits him, he is in love with Lia, his best friend, and not even the girl he’s dating, Lia’s angry fiancé, or the impending wedding can distract him.

Thorne Princess by L.J. Shen (1/12)

After flashing the paparazzi her nipple, a Hollywood princess finds herself in hot water with the tabloids yet again. This time, her father gives her an ultimatum. She can have a live-in bodyguard or he will cut her off from the lavish lifestyle she is used to. Enter Ransom Lockwood, the sexy glorified babysitter bodyguard who is capable of breaking spines. Ransom wants to save her, but she’s beyond saving. Part of her wants to tell him to leave, while the other part wants to do the saving.

Final Offer by Lauren Asher (1/31)

Callahan Kane is the brother everyone loves to gossip about. Only his childhood best friend, Lana Castillo, knows the real him. After breaking her heart, he vowed to never return to Lake Wisteria. But when his grandfather dies, Callahan must live in the lake house for a summer in order to receive his inheritance and sell the house. The only problem? Lana, not expecting Callahan to return, not only lives there, her name is on the deed.

Twisted by Emily McIntire (2/7)

An Aladdin retelling like you’ve never imagined. Yasmin Karam’s father, one of the richest men in the world, has one dying wish: for his daughter to marry a man of his choosing. But Yasmin’s heart belongs to someone her father would never approve of. A servant, a street rat. Desperate, Yasmin strikes a deal with Julian Faraci, her father’s right-hand man. With a twisted agenda to become the most powerful man in the world, Julian will stop at nothing to inherit what he believes is his.

Radiant Sin by Katee Roberts (2/7)

Cassandra Gataki has seen firsthand what happens when you trust the Thriteen. When the gorgeous and kind Apollo asks her to go undercover as his plus one at a week-long party, she reluctantly agrees. She only has one condition, when Apollo gets what he needs, Cassandra and her sister will be free to leave Olympus. Despite what the rest of Olympus thinks of Cassandra, he trusts her, but as their fake relationship takes a turn for the steamy, a new danger surfaces that threatens not only them, but all of Olympus.

Take the Lead by Alexis Daria (2/14)

Gina Morales has had four seasons on The Dance Off, and still hasn’t made it to the finals. She wants to make it big, and she’s hoping her new partner, Stone Nielson, star of an Alaskan wilderness show, might be her chance! Until her producer tells her they are being set up for a showmance. Stone will endure anything to help his family, including a celebrity dance competition. Even though fast-paced L.A. life has him missing the peacefulness of back home, he can’t deny the heat between him and Gina. Will love take the lead or will the spotlight threaten to ruin everything?

Highest Bidder by Sara Cate (3/24)

Ronan Kade has no idea who she is, or that he used to date her mother. But he’s the richest man at the club, and he’s just bid over a hundred grand for her time. One date turns into a trip to Paris, then an offer to move into his penthouse. Before she knows it, she’s reffering to the silver fox as Daddy. Will they be able to overcome the years that separate them and be happy? And what will Ronan do when he finds out what she’s been hiding?

Dante by Sadie Kincaid (3/31)

Dante Moretti is cold, calculating, and evil. It’s no secret that he wiped out his entire family-to-be on the eve of his wedding. Now, he’s looking for a debt to be repaid, and he doesn’t care if she’s not the one who owes him. She tries to escape, but he is everywhere. He is suffocating, all-consuming, and intoxicating, and even though she hates him, she can’t help the fire that burns when Dante is around.

The Nanny by Lana Ferguson (4/11)

Cassie Evans is left with two choices when she loses her job: 1) get a new job, and fast or 2) fire up her long ignored OnlyFans account. But there is a reason she can’t go back to OF. When an opening for a live-in nanny position becomes available, Cassie believes it may be the solution. But when she meets her would-be employer, executive chef Aiden Reid, she realizes he is a total DILF, and living with him feels dangerous. As the two get closer, Cassie realizes that Aiden may know her, or at least her body, better than he thinks.

King of Pride by Ana Huang (4/27)

Dante Russo is ruthless. He is arrogant, and he thrives on control. He never planned to marry. In King of Wrath, the billionaire is blackmailed into marrying his enemy’s daughter, the gorgeous Vivian Lau, a woman he barely knows. Despite his intentions to end their arranged marriage, he finds himself unable to let her go. Full of Ana Huang’s signature spiciness, book two in the series is sure to keep us coming back for more Dante Russo.

Beyond the Thistles by Samantha Young (5/2)

Walker Ironside has returned to Scotland, and he’s happy to be continuing his bachelor lifestyle as a bodyguard at Ardnoch Estate, an elite members-only club. Sloane Harrow is a young single mother. Having escaped her daughter’s dangerous father, the two have moved from California to the Highlands in order to build a new life. When the two meet, Sloane soon develops a crush, but the Scottish local is not so easy to win over. But when someone comes into Sloane’s life, trying to destroy it, Walker is the first to step in. As he tries to protect her, he also finds it hard to resist temptation, and soon he’ll be trying to protect her from his past as well.

Unfortunately Yours by Tessa Bailey (6/6)

Natalie Vos has returned home after losing both her fiancé and her job. After a few months of licking her wounds and drinking cabernet, she is ready to get back out there. She hopes that her trust fund will finance her new business endeavor, but she finds out that she must marry first. Not so easy considering she was just dumped. In desperation, she proposes to August Cates, a man that drives her crazy. Despite owning a vineyard, August isn’t an expert on wine, but he is determined to do his late best friend proud. What he needs is more money so he can turn his business around. When he meets Natalie, the gorgeous heiress, he can’t stop thinking about her despite their constant insults to one another, and the two agree on a mutually beneficial quickie marriage. It’s just a few weeks, how hard could it be?

Too Far by Sylvia Day (10/24)

Lily Black, presumed dead for years, has returned to the loving arms of her husband, Kane. And the danger has followed her. Kane’s mother Aliyah is powerful, and she refuses to let anyone, not even family, can escape her bitter ambitions. But Kane’s sister in law Amy has been a pawn in this family for too long. Tired of their games, she’ll stop at nothing to see their family crumble.

A Dance of Smoke and Steel by Milla Vane (11/28)

Saxen, son of a demon warlord, has recently been freed from years of torture. He wants to make amends with his people before he faces the wrath of the Krimathean queen’s blade. When a silent woman joins his band of warriors, wearing a quest’s cloak, he only wishes to get rid of her. But Laina is not so easy to get rid of, and she’s on a quest of her own. Determined to gain the strength to defeat the Defender, all Laina has to do is stay silent. And what she needs from Saxen just might destroy him.

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