Adrenaline junkies get ready! These summer thriller titles will have you biting your nails from the first page, through to the last.

Not Her Daughter by Rea Frey

When Emma is kidnapped on a whim by Sarah, they flee from a nationwide hunt and form a bond like no other. Amy, Emma’s unfit mother, never connected with her five-year-old daughter and has had a life of disappointments. As the search continues, Amy wonders if maybe Emma is better off not being found?

Our House by Louise Candlish

Fiona Lawson has just found strangers moving into her house… the house she never put on the market. This shared home is the beloved sanctuary of their children and the house each parent spends a few days a week in to soften the blow of their separation. But when both Fiona’s husband and children go missing, she must face the tough reality of the people who are trying to move in and the dark secrets from her husband’s past in this exciting new thriller.

Hidden by Kelli Clare

When Ellie James meets Will Hastings, she feels an intense connection she’s been looking for, but just days later, her sister and grandmother are murdered. She begins to fear the worst – is Will a killer or can she trust him? Pushing doubt aside, Ellie runs to England with Will where assassins of a secret society close in and the stunning truth about Ellie’s family is exposed.

Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Ellie Mack was the ideal high school student with a bright future ahead of her until she disappeared. Ten years later, her mother is trying to rebuild her life, meeting a new man at a nearby coffee shop. Before she knows it, she’s meeting his daughter who has a striking resemblance to her own daughter and with this information, she can’t help but dig into the case once again and start asking questions about the girl who could possibly be her missing Ellie.

Entangled Moon by E.C. Frey

Heather has the perfect life – a wonderful husband, a beautiful child and a job she loves. When someone she once fired is murdered, all that she has worked for will be at risk. She will call upon her childhood friends who can help as the past is now colliding with the present.

The Completionist by Siobhan Adcock

Gardner Quinn is missing and her pregnant older sister asks their brother Carter to lead the search to find her. The investigation leads them back to their father, who has hidden painful truths no one is ready to confront.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy

One of the most anticipated books of summer and soon to be a film starring Kerry Washington, The Perfect Mother tells the story of a mother whose baby gets taken from its crib during a night out with her friends. Doing her best to track down the abductor and find her newborn baby, Winnie finds out secrets that will forever change her friendship with the women she is closest to.

Three Days Missing by Kimberly Belle

Kat Jenkins worst fears come to life when her nine-year-old son disappears from an overnight camping trip. Ethan’s disappearance will also affect Stef Huntington, who only knows of Kat through the school gossip that swirls around. Not knowing who they can trust, the two mothers will race to find the answers they are so desperately in search of.