From perfect strangers, wives and sons, birthdays gone wrong and missing children, the suspense is killing us! Take a look at some of our must-reads in this collection of suspenseful books for fall.

suspense books for fall

The Missing Ones by Edwin Hill

When Hester Thursby receives a cryptic text, she knows she has to put her research skills back into action even though she is riddled with guilt over a previous traumatic case. A dilapidated home on Finisterre Island is a place where squatters, junkies and troubled people call home. And as young children go missing, Hester starts to make a connection. She’ll find that there are many secrets in the small community, and among those that live there, possibly a murderer. This twisted suspense read is full of mystery that will keep you up reading all night long.

suspense books for fall

Lost You by Haylen Beck

Libby is harboring a secret about her son, Ethan, so when they leave for a much-needed break, she can’t help but be paranoid. And her fears are justified when on day three of their vacation, Ethan goes into an elevator and disappears. As a search for Ethan intensifies, everyone begins to suspect he was abducted. And when the search leads to Ethan with a strange woman, she claims to be his mother. In a suspenseful read where two women believe they are Ethan’s mom, this is a twisty psychological thriller that will shock you.

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware

Rowan wasn’t looking for a live-in nanny job but the opportunity was too good to pass up. A luxurious home with a perfect family and generous pay. But as she tells her story later from the inside of a prison, accused of murder, will she be able to prove to everyone that she is not guilty or will she be locked up forever due to something that was completely out her control?

The Perfect Son by Lauren North

Recently widowed, Tess Clarke doesn’t know what happened when she wakes up in the hospital after her son Jamie’s birthday. She’s been stabbed and Jamie is missing. Her husband had died a few months earlier and now Tess must figure out what happened between then and now in order to find out the truth about where Jamie is.

Careful What You Wish For by Hallie Ephron

Emily is a professional ‘declutterer’ and her husband is a hoarder who has filled their basement with garage sale finds. In her business, she makes sure that clients are only allowed to declutter their own stuff, so she doesn’t throw out her husband’s finds. There is a distance growing between them as his collection grows larger. When Emily meets with a new client who also has a hoarding husband, the two commiserate and wonder what it would be like to not have husbands who collect so much junk. What happens next could cause Emily to lose her freedom, her husband and possibly her life. Be careful what you wish for!

Perfect Stranger by Jake Cross

Rose and Chris have been married 20 years when a teenager shows up at their doorstep, claiming to be Chris’s long-lost daughter. Both of them are shocked at the news, and Rose offers to let Katie stay with them despite Chris’s hesitation. As Katie settles herself into her new home, strange things that can’t be explained start to occur. As more of Chris’s past secrets come to light, Rose begins to wonder if Katie is a dangerous stranger, or if perhaps she’s been married to one all along.

The Birthday Girl by Melissa de la Cruz

Ellie has the perfect life despite growing up as a trailer-park teen. She’s got a handsome husband, a stepdaughter and three children of her own. A thriving career, great friends and a beautiful home complete her life. But as she ascends upon her 40th birthday and everyone important in her life shows up to celebrate, secrets that have been long-kept may cause Ellie’s perfect life to crumble.

The Perfect Wife by JP Delaney

When Abbie wakes up with no memory of her life, a man is by her side. It’s her husband, and he’s told her that she has been “brought back to the abyss” through a technological breakthrough in science. He claims she is an artist, a surfer and a mom to their young son. But as Abbie begins to recall her memories of her marriage, she isn’t sure she can trust this man who calls her his perfect wife.

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