When the mood to read a classic romance tale strikes, author Jude Deveraux is always a great choice. But with over 60 titles to choose from and 13 series and trilogies, where do you start? From romance complicated by time travel to love stories embedded in murder and mystery, here are seven titles to choose from based on your current romance reading mood.

When you’re in the mood for books about time travel

In Chance of a Lifetime, Liam O’ Connor has to get Cora McLeod to fall in love with the man she’s destined to be with, at least according to a higher power. Liam isn’t convinced. Why? Because he’s married to her in 1844 Ireland and wants her all for himself. He doesn’t want to change their future. But the stakes are high if he can’t play cupid for Cora.

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When you’re in the mood to get tangled in a love triangle

The Blessing introduces us to Jason Wilding, who takes a break from his swanky CEO job to go back to his roots in Kentucky for a while. His brother David is dating Amy, a single mother, and Jason has agreed to babysit for her to give them more time alone. But when a mutual attraction develops between Jason and Amy instead, everyone has to make tough choices.

When you’re in the mood for forbidden love and secrets

Terri Rayburn runs a summer resort on Lake Kissel in Met Her Match. It would be dreamlike if it weren’t for her town’s vicious gossip about her. She mostly tries to keep to herself and ignore it. But when she strikes up a connection with Nate, a man engaged to the mayor’s daughter, Nate becomes determined to discover the truth.

When you’re in the mood for a do-over

As You Wish follows three women who arrive in Summer Hill, all under different circumstances. They soon find themselves sharing stories about their past. Olivia’s first marriage was an unhappy one. Kathy’s marriage is picture-perfect on the outside. Meanwhile, her husband is in love with someone else. And Elise’s husband has a pregnant mistress. So what will happen when they all have the chance to go back and take a different path?

When you’re in the mood for murder mystery vibes

In A Willing Murder, Kate accepts a promising job in real estate in Lachlan, Florida. She turns to her estranged aunt Sara, a successful, retired romance writer, for a place to stay while she gets her feet on the ground. Before she can blink, two skeletons turn up in Lachlan, and Kate begins to untangle old town secrets with her aunt and her other house guest Jackson Wyatt.

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When you’re in the mood for holiday love

In A Holiday of Love, four love stories will transport you. They’re classic romance sprinkled with old-world holiday charm. One story takes place in 1800s New York, where a lonely man gets a chance at love, while another puts the spotlight on an outlandish proposal in Regency London. Another turns to modern-day Colorado, where childhood best friends play matchmaker for one of their mothers, and another focuses on two highlander lovers in medieval Scotland.

When you’re in the mood for suspense

Eden Palmer’s daughter, who she raised alone, is married with a new chapter ahead. Now, in First Impressions, Eden has to figure out what is next for herself. She moves into Farrington Manor, the home she inherited, and soon finds herself in the middle of a mystery that has her questioning every move of the two suitors pining for her attention. With love at stake and her life on the line, it’s classic, suspenseful romance.

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