March may be the time of year the cold weather starts to go away, but some of these thrillers will chill you to the core. Lock your doors and grab your blankets, these hot releases coming to you this month are ones that you will not only be seeing all over Bookstagram and BookTok—but are sure to be fire hits to earn a spot on your bookshelves!

The Maid’s Diary by Loreth Anne White (3/1)

Kit Darling is a maid who entertains herself by snooping through her wealthy client’s things. It’s meant to be meaningless fun—until Kit sees something so horrifying that it could ruin the couple she works for, making Kit an enemy just by knowing it. When a homicide cop is called to a crime scene at a luxurious home, she finds a large amount of blood in the home, but no body. The homeowners are not here, and the maid is missing. The longer this investigation goes on, the more this cop finds that nothing is quite as it seems.

The Kind Worth Saving by Peter Swanson (3/7)

Henry Kimball is back as a private investigator and now, one of his previous students that he taught during his time as a high school English teacher is his latest client. Joan suspects her husband is cheating, but the case takes a wild turn when Henry finds two dead bodies in an empty home in the suburbs. To solve this case, not only does Henry have to revisit his past, but he also may need help from an old friend; Lily Kintner.

What Have We Done by Alex Finlay (3/7)

Jenna, Donnie and Nico are being forced to reunite after twenty-five years apart and it’s not for a happy reason. Someone is trying to kill the trio of old friends. Now the group has to revisit their past in which they were the survivors of the Savior House: a group home for parentless teens that was shut down after some mysterious disappearances.

I Love It When You Lie by Kristen Bird (3/14)

Three sisters all have one thing in common: they could do without the men in their lives. Tara is a pastor’s wife who has been stealing money from the church. June will stop at nothing to have a baby, no matter what her husband says. Clementine is having an affair with her professor. Then there’s Stephanie, their sister-in-law who knows all the family secrets. When the women’s grandmother dies, the three sisters return home to bury her, but not everything is as it seems. Deep in the Appalachian woods, someone else has gone missing.

Just One More by Annette Lyon (3/21)

Becca’s life has just erupted in terror when she finds her best friend, Jenn, dead in a bathtub. Jenn leaves behind her husband, Rick, who also has two other dead wives in his past. The more Becca learns about what Jenn was trying to hide, the more she finds that Jenn was investigating her husband herself for up to a year before her death.