Readers are always looking for new stories that you can’t put down! While traditional publishing offers a lot of blockbuster annual releases, there are other places for readers to get their fix. Combining the social media frenzy of spaces like #BookTok and #Bookstagram with a slew of talented writers, Wattpad offers an interactive readers paradise with tons of amazing diverse fiction at their fingertips. And perhaps even better, the writers are right there, ready to engage.

We interviewed a few of these Wattpad writers to get the inside scoop on just how expansive the selection is and what readers can expect when they join in.

Philline Harms is a writer of queer contemporary YA novels including Never Kiss Your Roommate and Love and Other Wicked Things, a sapphic romance between two teenage witches that hits shelves August 22nd 2023. You can find her social media handles HERE.

Tamara Lush is a Rita Award finalist, an Amtrak writing fellow, and a George C. Polk Award–winning journalist. She’s the author of Drive and Crash. You can find her social media handles HERE.

Tay Marley is the author of the Wattpad YA hit The QB Bad Boy and Me, soon to become a movie. Meant for Me is her debut adult novel. You can find her social media handles HERE.

What can readers find on Wattpad?

Tamara: Aside from fanfiction, Wattpad hosts a huge library of original fiction. They’re written by authors from around the globe and many of the webnovels are free.

Philline: With millions of stories spanning across countless genres, Wattpad has evolved into a whole microcosm that celebrates storytelling. The stories you find here are quick-paced, trope-y, and perfectly bite-sized. They feel self-indulgent in a way that not a lot of media does these days, and that’s because they are!

Tay: If you’ve dreamed it up, Wattpad has it written down. There is a story for every single person out there.

What sort of genres (or niche genres) can readers get excited about? What are your recommendations?

Tay: Sports with your romance? Got it. A villain who only has a soft spot for one girl? Got it. Small town, rockstar, billionaire, mafia, single mom, single dad, best friends brother, best friends sister! The list goes on and on. Perhaps you prefer horror, there’s that too. Do you read in Spanish, French or German? There’s authors from all over the world writing in their native language.

Philline: Since anyone can post their work here, there’s something for every taste, from cut-throat thrillers to spicy romance novels. Want a heart-felt young adult rom-com? Then How To Be The Best Third Wheel by summerbackthen and Until We Break by MatthewD_Writes are for you. Trying to experience a similar high to what you felt reading The Hunger Games? Brianna Joy Crump has you covered with Of Cages And Crowns. We have mermaids (Ocean Blue by Olivaughn), werewolves (Creatures of the Night by cloudedwithstories, Wolf & Witch by HicksScribbles, Bite Me by stayonbrand), and witches (Love and Other Wicked Things by writing00introvert). My current favorite subgenre is angsty new adult stories that revolve around the trials and tribulations you experience in your twenties; Where The Skies Are Blue by auronautic and Best Way Out by toxicvism both make me feel things.

Tamara: Looking for Muslim romance? A steamy historical gay romance? An edgy cozy mystery involving billionaire werewolves? Wattpad has you covered. There’s probably no better platform for diversity in stories than Wattpad. I’m constantly surprised at the global reach my stories have there. If you’re craving hockey romance: Most Hated Player by Avery Keelan. If you enjoyed The Hating Game and love rivals-to-lovers tropes: As Long as You Love Me by Marianna Leal or Whistleblower by Kate Marchant. If you’re in your werewolf era: Dominantly Yours by Cayleigh Kennedy or Into the Wild Dark by Sondi Warner. If you’re into bad boy mafia men: Diavolo by T.A. Fan or Sex and the Billionaire Crime Boss by Jane Peden. If vampires still live in your head rent-free: How Not to Vampire by Rodney V. Smith or Mermaids and the Vampires Who Love Them by Brittanie Charmentine or The Night the Vampires Came by Kate Lorraine.

Describe the social aspect of Wattpad.

Tamara: Wattpad is like a social media network for readers. Yes, you can read in silence, but that’s a bit boring, no? The joy of Wattpad lies in the comments. Readers can comment on each paragraph of a story and have conversations within a book with other readers. I know, I know, you’re not usually supposed to read the comments, but here, you should – it’s part of the experience. Wattpad readers are unusually kind and respectful in the comments. They’re also hilarious. It’s honestly one of the best parts of Wattpad, the ability to interact between readers and authors. I think it’s so fun for a reader to be able to interact directly with their favorite storyteller who can give more insight and perspective to the reader. It’s a different experience than reading on Kindle or in paperback, one that’s more immediate and interactive. I feel close to my readers and to other authors on Wattpad.

Tay: The best part is, these stories are interactive. If you’re anything like me and have an overwhelming amount of thoughts and feelings while you binge a book at three in the morning and wish you had someone to vent to, you do. There are comment sections on every paragraph! The authors love hearing when a character has made you swoon or made you cry or made you proud or made you laugh. Seriously, you can not leave enough comments.

Philline: Some of my best internet friendships have started in the comment sections of Wattpad stories. (Bonus tip: check out other readers’ reading lists to find some hidden gems!). If you’ve reached the bottom of your TBR pile or are looking for a more interactive reading experience, head over to Wattpad and start browsing the categories of stories that could lead you to your next favorite author.