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Love is in the atmosphere, including the otherworldly ones too. That’s what happens when you pair romance with fantasy, you get adventures set in space and love that defies the odds. So we’ve rounded up some of the must-read romantasy books that will take you out of this world and plop you into a new one. Enjoy.

Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin

Tana Fairchild’s life was planned since her birth. She’s to marry the governor’s son, Landon and secure the alliance among the witches on the island and the mainland. All she has to do is make the midnight ritual, where her coven releases their magic into the ocean. When Tana misses it, she meets Wolfe from a coven with dark magic. Instead of helping Tana push her magic into the sea, he teaches her how to harness the forbidden magic. But when her coven loses control of the currents, it threatens the alliance, and Tana will have to choose between love and duty.

The Scarlet Veil by Shelby Mahurin

Célie has just become the Chasseurs as their first huntswoman. Six months later, alongside her fiancé, captain Jean Luc, she’s ready to find her foothold and protect Belterra. Only whispers of her past haunt her, and with a new evil on the rise, she’ll have to put it all aside and vanquish it before she succumbs to the darkness.

These Infinite Threads by Tahereh Mafi

Alizeh and Kamran’s lives have crumbled. Kamran’s grandfather is dead, and Alizeh was stolen away to Tulan by Cyrus, a mysterious copper-haired royal. While Alizeh wants nothing to do with Cyrus, he’s made a deal that would require her to betray Kamran and reclaim the Jinn throne. But with no way out of Tulan, she wonders if she can put aside her emotions and do what it takes to fulfill her destiny and become the queen her people need. Kamran, on the other hand, is headed to Tulan to avenge his grandfather’s death and save Alizeh before she’s lost with Cyrus for good.

Together We Rot by Skyla Arndt

After a year, the police think that Wil Greene’s mom just skipped town and that there is no need for a missing person’s case. Wil knows her mom wouldn’t just leave, and she truly believes her former best friend, Elwood Clarke is involved. Meanwhile, for Elwood, he dreaded his 18th birthday because that meant he’d have to live at his father’s congregation. But instead, he turns out to be the sacrifice his father needs because something is growing inside of Elwood, and the woods in his backyard require constant blood. Seeking help, he runs to Wil, the only person who believes him, and together they unravel decades of dark cult dealings in their town and so much more.

To Poison a King by S.G. Prince

In a gifted line of healers, Selene is the last daughter left. She was born to serve the king as his royal physician. But family obligations have Selene positioning the very king she was brought up to protect. But when the poison doesn’t work, it only puts him in a coma and when he awakes he knows there has been an attempt on his life. With everyone on the hunt for his killer, Selene’s family flees leaving her behind to care for the same man she attempted to murder. Yet the closer Selene grows to the king, the more her secret weighs on her, and the more her feelings grow, she fears what will happen if she’s asked to kill him again.

Last Violent Call by Chloe Gong

Roma and Juliette are the heads of an underground weapons ring in Zhouzhuang. They have a quiet, peaceful life where they remain anonymous. When Russian girls go missing, they begin to uncover what’s happening. Roma then summons the elusive scientist, Lourens, but while on the week-long Trans-Siberian Express, someone else dies, forcing Benedikt and Marshall, called on by Roma to dig even deeper to solve the murder.

Twisted by Emily McIntire

To grant the dying wish of her father, one of the richest men in the world, who only wants to see his daughter married, Yasmin Karam, strikes a deal with his right-hand man, Julian Faraci. Her true love lies with a servant, someone her father would never approve of, so with the help of Julian, she can marry and give her father everything he desires. But Julian has plans of his own, he intends on being the most powerful man in the world, and he’ll stop at nothing to inherit what is rightfully his.

Back in a Spell by Lana Harper

Nineve Blackmoore, a powerful witch, is sick of feeling down for herself after the fiancée who all but ditched her at the altar. She’s ready to love again so she turns to a dating app. With the help of her best friend, Nina goes out with Morty Gutierrez, a mortal, who works at the Shamrock Cauldron, but things turn awkward and terrible, even more so once Morty finds out Nina’s family have been bullishly trying to buy the Shamrock off of Morty’s family. Then things take a turn once Morty gains magical abilities and his eyes are opened to the magical community. Nina’s own powers go on the fritz, and the answer could be her growing attraction to having Morty around.

Wildblood by Lauren Blackwood

At the age of six, Victoria was kidnapped by the Exotic Lands Touring Company who manipulated her Wildblood abilities, and she’s been a guide ever since. Now as an eighteen-year-old with a team of other magical beings, she uses her gifts to protect travelers in a Jamaican jungle teeming with ghostly monsters. Victoria must prove herself after she loses a promotion to her ex Dean. When they gain a new client Thorn, a renowned goldminer, her boss wants someone to ensure his needs are met, to which Victoria agrees. Soon Thorn’s kindness and handsome features begin to lower her guard. But as they enter the jungle, she’ll have to be alert at all times because the jungle is treacherous, and there may just be more than animals lurking around.

A Day of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

For fifty years, Tunuva Melim, sister of the Priory, has trained to slay wyrms. But as of late no wyrms have appeared, and the younger generation is questioning the Priory’s purpose. Dumai has spent her life trying to wake the gods. While Glorian, the daughter of the Queendom of Inys, living in the north seeks to stay in the shadows of her parents. And when terror and violence erupt across their land, these women will have to gather their strength to protect humankind from a devastating threat.